Castlevania Primer

Definition of a Vampire Hunter: A vampire, is anyone hunting a Jew, a Gypsy, or a Noble, in the royal codes of Normandy, as well as Israel, and those displaying such disagreement through intent (fang),, shall be hunted, as demons, as well as those serving the vampire (a lich), to be slain, as are their pets (ghuls), such as cats, dogs, rats, insects, spiders, and other vermin (not to be confused with humans, playing the form of an animal).  Then, a fire will occur, a Majesty, somewhere in the vicinity, burning all ashes of remembrance.

Improper Definition of Witchcraft (German Transylvania and Dutch Old Country Netherlands Repeal): A misdemeanor or felony.

Noble Definition of Witchcraft: A Duid choosing a Noble and making them into a Warlock, a Demonist (a Tanych), by writing them into a story, making a fable or legend about them, or placing them as the subject of a ‘bauble’, a bloodsport bet favoring them.

Improper Defintiion of Schizophrenia (Napoleonic, Internationalist, or Apollo’s Creed of Theater Arts): A high functioning ability of atypical psychosis imbuing a residual imprint of a past noble bloodline that nobles have merged into in European history.

Noble/Gypsy/Jewish definition of “Schizophrenic”: A stage 1 break, being slain by a noble (a “ditch”), a stage 2 break, moving into a residual combat operative state by Noble/Gypsy bloodline (a “smile”), combined and unique to role opposed, or a stage 3 break, a sociopathic personality disorder (singular political economy of gender between work and home, instead of multiple disparate, the former being a “pig”, a chauvinist, the latter being a “narc”, a contributing adult to society).


Grecian Nobles (Gypsy Kings):

Invention: Judes (Police Undercover and Counter-Insurgency Tactics).

Smile: Musician.

Genome Mutation: Body bends and shapes of irregular genetics immune to mutation (Zulu genome, Legba, merged into King Agamemnon of Greek archo-antiquity, Stone Age period).

Genome Name and Origin:

Jokers (Mycenea, Court of Owls):

Figure: Heracles (agrarian champion), Hercules (Mafia Don, not Boss), Mormon Cult (Leadership of Federal Annexes of Any Requiring Assistance and Allowing), Judas Iscariot (Pontius Pilate mixed with Jewish Sephardic Farmer, Combination Now Illegal {No Time to Die, sirs}).

The Myceneans, Heracles, those nihilists that punish any making assumptions about their blood, and those that punish anyone stealing their title, a test of family values.

Europa (Neptune/Poisedon):

Figure: Phoenician kings, Kerioth.  Rules on gambling, slayers of pimps.

Thrace (Proserpina/Persephone):

Figure: Flanken kings, Simon the Canaanite. Rules on treachery, slayers of loyalists.

Tuscany (Vulcan/Hephaestus):

Figure: Etruscan kings, Paul. Rules on men, slayers of matriarchs.

Lesbos (Vesta/Hestia):

Figure: Oracle kings, Thaddeus. Rules on women, slayers of rapists.

Moldova (Demeter/Artemis):

Figure: Transylvania kings, Philip. Rules of assassination, slayers of police.

Troy (Somnabulus/Hypnos):

Figure: Trojan kings, James. Rules on migration, slayers of nationalists.

Corinth (Jupiter/Zeus):

Figure: Diana kings, Simon. Rules of medicine, slayers of psychiatrists.

Sparta (Juno/Hera):

Figure: Partisan kings, Mary Magdelene. Rules on education, slayers of remedials.

Macedon (Mercury/Hermes):

Figure: Alexandrian kings, Barabas, switched with Matthew, who died on the cross. Rules on domain, slayers of thieves.

Rome (Hades/Pluto):

Figure: Perseus kings. Rules on veterans, slayers of homosexuals.

Athens (Venus/Aphrodite):

Figure: Datian kings, Andrew. Rules on police, slayers of murderers.

Crete (Mars/Ares):

Figure: Minotian kings, Nathaniel, rules on leadership, slayers of politicians.

Royalty Lines:

Babylonians (Sumerian Tigris Euphrates Nile Dispatch):

Invention: Poverty of Endemnified Equality in Bailiff (Hieroglyph).

Smile: Politician.

Genome Mutation: Black eyes when afraid of being caught as a potential traitor.

Bangalla (Congolese East Africa and Indies Australia):

Invention: Forgery Spotted Through Forger’s Trademark.

Smile: Doctor

Genome Mutation: Placement of false business purpose or profession as self however in faith healing, for a homicidal murderer, resulting in complete mania as seen to others.

Belreves (Anglican Monastic):

Invention: Sports.

Smile: Notary.

Genome Mutation: Fair wages enforced by law of state in deference to international rules.

Borgia (Italian Socialists):

Invention: Absolution.

Smile: Finance Business.

Genome Mutation: Punishment of those attempting to abrogate measures by purchase of fiscal property.

Bourbons (Celtic Horsemen):

Invention: Lingerie.

Smile: Cavalry.

Genome: Support of those begrieved of honors at benefit of tax.

Canaanites (Jericho Lebanese):

Invention: Assumed Victory (Revisionism).

Smile: Nurse.

Genome Mutation: Brutal fighting, kicks and swings and strokes, despite being subpar at inhuman dietary reservations (insists on fair kill animals, unless birds, then maimed until death, for cerebellum fight-flight complexes).

Charleboy (Mervic Turkmen):

Invention: Islam.

Smile: Engineer.

Genome Mutation: Fluid Jungian Persona-set and engrams through self-hypnosis of view of self through others.

Chinese Wu-Tan (Imperial Concubines of Fate):

Invention: Imperial Culture.

Smile: Authorship General.

Genome Mutation: Mercenary contract work at free stipend of price for revenge set up against hiring party.

Dulchez (Corsican):

Invention: Weapons Grips.

Smile: Patent Clerk.

Genome Mutation: Theft of law litigation bearing previous non-safety by enforcing act among other royals to repeat segmented logic of past seizure of goods by non-royal act of measure.

Egyptian God-Kings (Upper Kingdom Egypt Sudanese): Nation and Continent as Bound Concept.

Invention: Nation and Continent as Bound Concept.

Smile: Summoner of Devils.

Genome Mutation: Shadow men and visual hallucinations when in range of masturbation fantasy.

Gonzaguas (Longshanks Line Tuatha de Danaan):

Invention: Hunting Reptiles with Insects (not Arachnids).

Smile: Witchcraft.

Genome Mutation: Maneuvers of games of chance into domino positions to end at the start, creating a love of wealth and bloom for the victor that did not touch the domino rest stasis position (the one that did not cause the reaction).

Hapsburg (Austrian Mountain Men):

Invention: Alcohol.

Smile: Real Estate

Genome Mutation: Negotiations of corporate properties within art, finance, and business, as a triumbulating failure of ethics to doom those trapped within system as financial peniters (those asking for free funds and wealth in exchange for breeding under brutal conditions of self force through control, ‘encomienda’ or alternately, ‘meunstres’.

Highgate (Moorish Madrid Marshes):

Invention: Casinos.

Smile: Gambler.

Genome Mutation: Understanding of morals and treasons given ownership of utility, device, or real estate property of finance.

Hohenzollerns (Prussia):

Invention: Seduction of Blades and Whips.

Smile: Pediatrician.

Genome Mutation: Understanding of breeding of culture in military.

Komon (Japanese Prehistoric Swordsmiths):

Invention: Execution.

Smile: Prostitution.

Genetic Mutation: Non-Asiatic, non-Caucasian eye (shiners).

Lennoxes (Anglo-Saxons Colorblind):

Invention: Thieving Guilds Coins.

Smile: Military Officer.

Genetic Mutation: Leadership from front of line while doing relatively little nothing, the term for standing in a boxed stance through one act of intrepid sacrosanct.

Medici (Italian Portsmouth Harbors).

Invention: Shrimp and Faddock Backed Fishing.

Smile: Psychology.

Genome Mutation: Placement of all within purview of choice of substandard option for personal career except for those choosing for others, then punished by requested option given on first ‘try’, origin of the term and usage.

Merovingians (Frankish Riviera Nazarene):

Invention: Fencing and Children’s Composition Thereof.

Smile: Inquisitor.

Genome Mutation: Telekinesis.

Mongols (Krygestani Gingers):

Invention: Suicide of Parent to Enoble Child.

Smile: Rapist Stalker Hegemon.

Genome Mutation: Claim of sexual assault as being sexually assaulted by woman, unless female, then brutal swinging arms to anyone attempting to enter sexual territory.

Noahim (Wasted Lands Survivors of Ice Age):

Invention: Wilderness Hunting with Wood and Yew.

Smile: Judaism.

Genome Mutation: Invention of a homophobic slur for self to be guessed as mystery by future male rape victim.

O’Neills (Londonium Caesarans):

Invention: Ambush.

Smile: History.

Genome Mutation: Writing of analog legend from law or personage or villified figure in other region and placement inside fiction of own country having victimized other region or area.

Persians (Iranian Immortals):

Invention: Playing Cards.

Smile: Thief.

Genome Mutation: Constriction of womb when carrying Persian infant during first trimester, release of testosterone turning female fetus into male fetus (as is standard with all humans), however the womb constriction results in Persian males being identical to each other (besides forearms).

Romanovs (Siberian Injun):

Invention: Cypher Linguistics of Practice.

Smile: Navy.

Genome Mutation: Use of scenario outside military warfare on ocean, to prepare allies for support.

Romulans (Moringo Tribesmen Native Alsatians):

Invention: Despotism.

Smile: Artist.

Genome Mutation: Rapid onset of weight when in pregnancy, rapid loss until menopause.

Rotheschildes (Swiss Deurmo-Juden):

Invention: Pies.

Smile: Banking.

Genome Mutation: Control of laws given finance recipe to punish region having attempted to abrogate territory with deal for investment in third interest of axis country national government.

Saoirse (Swedish Gremlins):

Invention: Narcotics Dealing and Prohibition of Narcotics to Police Custody

Smile: Cheat.

Genetic Mutation: Perfect control over gastric release unless asleep.

Sicilians (Norman):

Invention: Murder for Hire Upon False Emeritus

Smile: Priest.

Genetic Mutation: Understanding of fraud as committed by government when in false due of debt of taxes.

Tepes (Order of the Dragon):

Invention: Magnets.

Smile: Chocolatier.

Genome Mutation: False aspersion of self as murderer in order to commit actual act for country with little reprieve but bounty.

Tudors (Albian Pictish):                                                                                                   

Invention: Quests.

Smile: Spymaster.

Genome Mutation: Run through of government operations through devotion of fictitious legend however allowed to do anything wanted, as Tudor, minion forced to serve to break single rule in any form but literal.

Uighurs (House of Saud): Knife Fighting and Stalking.

Windsor (Tibetan Valkyrie):

Invention: Funeral Pyre Suicide.

Smile: Executioner

Genome Mutation: Sexual grievance of pederasty induced against self for rigid battle form, actual live combat.

Yorks (Lowlands Dutch Fenslings):

Invention: Property.

Smile: Espionage.

Genome Mutation: Blackout episode of fighting foes attempting to redesign system through manual of woodland grievance.

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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