Hollywood Primer

Definition of Sales: Sales, is the advertising, promotion, and placement of concepts, not goods or labor or contracts or services or institutions. Marketing, however, differs, being the analysis of personality types for hire to a firm. A sales degree, is Communications, and a marketing degree, is Business. These terms are crossed to avoid hiring of embezzlers to a firm (those who regard literal label of study to be actual function, a gross oversimplification of workplace gender and privacy rules, spotted by simplicity of potential job specialization across region of potential hire, skills and academics included alongside library studies of fiction literature, biography non-fiction, and philosophy of sciences texts). Hollywood, however, is dependent on the flawed system, hence becoming a force unto its own. In otherwords, the culture comprising Hollywood’s sales, are homosexual, both at home, and in career and play, while being unaware of this state, leading to sexual harassment, boundary crosses, theft of property, and petty lawsuits for press agent as function of sales, and marketing for future hires.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant: “White”, indicates a Scottish heritage, a man or woman that speaks English (the language notable for always identifying view of a person outside of nation, unique to that individual, while in public marking as American or British or Canadian or Australian or an island collectivity, for nation of origin). Angles, are a tribe of Germanic settlers that came to Breton, during the post-Roman period, after the founding of Catholicism in Ireland through the kidnap of Prince Coccus (St. Patrick) and the resulting influx of warriors to Britain (Irish mercenaries, now the Welsch, a stolen property endemnity on local Pictish, the actual Scots). Saxon, indicates a culture endowed to nobilities of the world, including Arab (Saudi, Babylonian, Pashtun) nobilities, African nobilities (Congolese, Egyptian, and Gypsy – Zulu Greek, Agamemnon/Legba, the same figure), and Russian or Japanese or Chinese lines (Siber Romanovs, Japanese Komon, Chinese Sun, and Mongol Khanate).

False Jewish Identity: The claim of Judaism in wealth or power aligns with the myths spread by the Anglicans about the Bible, the Jews a brokered faith of care and poverty, being allergic to shellfish at the potential of easy death from a mere exposure to the stamen from the tail and back, dropping dead within moments of a severe chemical exposure, uncurable, even with allergy medication in an injector on hand. As a result, the proper Jews practice a rigid dietary, handled, linguistic, and passing culture. Jews can eat no food that is non-kosher (not prepared with a lateral thought process, thinking with both sides), nigro (a stolen patent of machine, potentially lethal in sales in congregant), and in a group (except for alcohol, on only one day, Purim, where they get blackout drunk, every other alcohol draught mandatory draught alone, even with family in house asked to leave). The Jewish myth of Hollywood, is a crossover with Italian culture, the false claim of Jews being wealthy, cunning, debonair, and liberal, when in fact they are run out of Synagogues (not Temples, the fake Jews), a Synagogue being a brokerage of services for hire of Jews for dangerous tasks, at a high price in luxury food and canine pets and toys, and of course, any marketing or sales on hire to Synagogue from Rabbi (defeated, in this case of logic), being grounds for a Midrash from that specific Synagogue, indicating they have received a residual, a weakening of that particular brokerage, hence the Synagogue specializes, to punish the hiring party’s cause in using advertising and hire profiling on the Jewish congregants at the Synagogue.

Sales of Product: Sales in Hollywood is of its own wares, films and media and light literature like picture books, children’s books, comic books, pulp novels, picture novels, and of course, slasher fiction. The sales produces its own market for free return to investor, through placing the consumers into a returned benefit of working for free, by endorsing the product, each one appealing to the villain, with the protagonist in the work marking destruction, as a suicide.

Hire of Market: Hire to market to produce Hollywood products are from the consumer market, using the same methods to sell, to hire, and of course, using families endowed to backing interests like Goldmann-Sachs, Loen Brothers, and John Hancock, to recruit drafted interests, out of slavers, of Arab or Iranian or Italian-false descent (Italian false being an English or Scottish devoted to Italy, maybe even with a last name or living there, marked by consumption of vodka, especially with soda water, as opposed to wine, of vineyard variety, ‘grappa’, sloe gin being the common slur for a fine product, consumed by shot, singular, unless ‘nig’, a command to drink under the table by a Statesman, their term for a Sigliere, a gang head of their cunning sophistication).

National Unions: Hollywood production is supported by foreign governments, to produce films and books and ‘funnies’ (spoff pieces, to doom a product that is ‘rekt’, they have been broken by Japanese kids seeking to make ‘knockoffs’, hand to hand games outside of fiction or gaming, actual physical contests to destroy ‘talent’, the potential consumers of the work while in academics at school, for wealthy clients and interests, ‘The Nipponese’ as Yakuza from Japan and Maltasia slur the wealthy families that enjoy art of this common attire).

Methods Taxed Through Profit: This is the stigmum fee, paid to Israel, the British Commonwealth (including Canada and Australia, same government, different Parliaments to manage levying of taxes on throne’s demand, no authorization required from charge fee), Italy, and Japan. It is a tax percentage on each and every employee in the actual production, if not robbed, otherwise a ‘gook’ (the origin of the racial slur), a method of stealing from one’s own pocket (called a ‘Nintendo’ these days, out of respect to Shigeru Matsumoto, who was offended by the term being used on college campuses by date rape victim males that were preyed upon by Asian women).

Purpose of Produce of Profit: This is petty funding, for Calvinist brokerage firms, to be used by ‘brokers’ (in charge of prison arrest sweeps and then releases for more ‘effort’, gangs to be hunted by police practicing for deployments overseas, or for drug informants, ‘prison snitches’, if they get raped on a ‘lockdown’, failures punished by non-release, successful resists killed as ‘resisting arrest’ and a badge for the sodomist rapist (a prison funk jive, a ‘saucer’ for a cat, a powerful broker’s wife, to use as a gigalo, the origin of gigalos and private male prostitutes), and of course, plenty of documentaries, about how life is hard if you’re kidnapped by a ‘pig’ (a clergy lawyer for the defense acting as prosecution, for bribe from home state).

Beneficiary: The petty money, goes to protect the families of brokers, from teachers, lawyers, and police officers, that may seek to protect others in the community besides the children of the brokers.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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