Insurance Primer

Insurance as a Business: Insurance, the sole form of British finance, and the only business supported by Britain for commerce, relies on reckless behavior of children. Adjoined with predatory behavior such as Dutch-Holland sales of propaganda, vice, and police weapons, American sales of contracts to foreign countries for clearance properties of immigrant work in the military in refutation of residency support, and German social markets in production of goods based on guarantee of community endowed to industry, Britain’s prime market is media, from the French alpine model. The French alpine model, relies on investment in the ski lodge, while not skiing or snowboarding or sledding or tobaganing or luging, hence the stocks investiture is unstable, with a securities asset taken in the name of those in mortgage, the sold mortgages moving out of securities, responsible children, while the securities are purchased by the treasury, military assets.

:Layman’s Concept: The old bit, on Abbot and Costello, was the fat guy having food, because he worked for it, but the skinny guy, didn’t pay for the food, he was taking, from the fat guy. That was our last act of good will to the Jews, explaining relations in overweight culture. A homosexual man, starves himself, to feed off a fat heterosexual man’s plate. He thinks he’s making an insurance bonus, on his sale. His father was gay, his father works insurance. A lifetime provision in insurance, is what a gay man works. That’s the British dinner plate, the con artist’s industry, in exchange for villains to emulate, the victim of a genocide portrayed as evil. Hence, “cool”.

Bubbles: A propaganda, is distributed, describing children that use vice products (non-subsdized) as vice products, enemies in multiple past wars. Children are lured into vice, by agents of the prime investment, the easy prohibition target. The investments in the market are made, by parents, scared and confused, through stockbrokers, dishonest commissions tradesmen, attempting to return a margin to their firm through loss, instead of gain through mutual retirement, not mutual fund. The children are purchased by the state, through sale of police arms, the munitions contract.

National Security: The investment in act upon foreign union enemy to your country, not residential resource of investment with union upon housing to those working in the industrial sector of produce. Security clearance is given to those not informing to government, police, or law firms, instead trusting corporate security and petty money to handle issues. Any that are within family, are entrusted with producing petty money through sales of consumer product to future production, those creating property defrauded through dishonest mortgage agent and tax upon production to foreign state of dishonest conduit, to produce money for free purchase of goods or punishment of family, the function of a commissions agent however as broker, defrauding common customer.

Philosophical Judaism: The concept of a social market, that of reliable returns of investment to community for guarantee of completion of abstract task, therefore protection and liability from living in community. The community culture, is enforced by police gendarmes, therefore foreign police cultures are hunted at high stake, with interlopers appraised of rights through schools, and intelligence agents applied to hunt those of out-of-state bounds in savage hunts of life-or-death, having accumulated skills at school and in observation of crime committed within community consideration, of foreign government, the concept of community as broker to foreign culture. Completion of certification, is considered right of benefit.

French Lodge: The concept of reckless behavior, through engagement of sports and athletics, instead of common labor in community, varsity versus labor, having determined winners and losers. The losers, are those who engage in varsity sports, particularly volleyball and soccer, and the winners, who engage in part time jobs, particularly commodities sales and football. Commodities, links to cheer, future influence over markets, and football, links to extracurriculars, future espionage asset roles. Those engaging in ski, snowboard, sled, tobaggan, or luge, are ruled reckless, therefore incompetent to hold money, encouraged through children to defraud parent through prior culture, with joint ownership in securities, mortgage funds of guaranteed return from currency given, with children of ski lodge given proper role given heroic film role, or villain if parent is in service to foreign cause of any type unless allied, hero, to marry, and villain to destroy family with lawsuit grounds blocked by local courts.

Banking Securities: A mortgage, is a loan, based upon contractual purchase of a property, to be paid in return to tax upon town, from individual. This decreases the whole net worth of town, at any rate or size, the banked individual of home being present in town. This is unavoidable, as you are investing your children, in schools, unless in another town, a waste of money, indicating an inter-town arbitrage, to judge your worth as a parent (fiscal training applied to son, or daughter’s matrimony stakes). In the case of a “scumberg”, the Selectman’s term for a poor marriage of stakes, arranged by Girlscouts purchased by father, not by mother, a pedophile parent, this is the undertaking of a town to expel the family, and save the child, unless a Jew is present, a “basterdous”, a target for Spanish police to arrest, for defiling Catholic morals, through practice of Judaism against Catholic inter-morality. In Judaism, this is common, a “character” with “wet nuts”, a comic reader son having applied comics to life, unless a “cipher”, a Catholic, particularly a “Judas”, a man or woman born into role by betraying parent being beholden to Jews or their role, psychiatrists, Christ, having sold themselves to Christian labor, that of the uneducated, hence their role to fine a psychiatrist, and if cheated, the duty of the cheated to impeach the leader elected by the Jews, the dishonest ones, to the highest level, by frame as a Nazi, a German frankelfiglian, a man who is obsessed with the pork frankfurter as a penis.

British Media: British media relies on two traits. The villain, a victim of the people, and cool, a man open to a bribe. The villain, was a victim in a past war, sometimes defended by Britain, sometimes opposed, and cool, is a man open to a bribe, to be a hero, by an organization with a label on it, claiming to report to someone. The villain, is always gay, homosexual, male or female, and “cool”, always means you’re permissive, you’ll work for a free food posit, instead of trying to cheat or confidence grift a system, even in poverty, the intent of America.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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