The Anarchist’s Cookbook (The Church Basement)

There exists a place where the original anarchist, Emperor Nero, rests, in Church Chambers.

His name is BINGO, B-I-N GEO. Draw your own conclusions, to this accursed name.

Church Bingo (Doc Savage):

Church Bingo is a simple game, with the concept of a raffle in for a donations ticket to the Church, in exchange for a prize. The lethal prize, is the cat, for a week, before returning it to the Church.

The point of the game, is to wait, for someone’s prize, off the rack, by not reporting your Bingo score, and laying low, but if you win the entire bracket and sit longest for the cat, you die, because you’ve nursed yourself into being a cat owner, for the rest of your family’s linear descent.

This means, you will eventually be very wealthy, and then lose everything, to your children becoming clerics, for being the ‘clown’, the child that mocks the Church however in seriousness, as if he was ‘spotting a naughty’, the priestly term for calling a police officer or lawyer, a pedophile.

Priests are cross-trained, at police forensics and legal defense of country, a diplomatic function out of seminary. Note the system above, on recruitment, with the cat, and the incipience of the disorder spotted by Bingo, for the training down the line.

The cat, is the clown child, that becomes the priest.

Charlie Chan Cheats Bingo (Batman):

Charlie Chan has a cheat existing in his raw cinematic form, where you posture as if you have been framed for the cat, endemic of the ethnicity of stereotype chosen for play by the lead actor by name (in this case, Charlie Chan is Chinese-Cantonese, a deliberate posture necessity to take advantage of the game).

He uses meters and lines and yardsticks, the term for references to measure of status, the implication of a reaction, and the useful view of his work when measured between two people on either foot with the center being the closing space, the police or legal assumption of status.

Hence, the clown, ‘the naughty child’, is now a frame between a man and a woman, using a Charlie Chan sketch (from one side of the yard, the user, to the other, in the implication of the ‘bit’, to the status as being a meter of descent, to invert the cat into privilege).

This means, a Chinese-American, using Cantonese linguistics, can acquire any woman on the planet, as if they have been framed for the cat, but it is a prize, hence they have removed themselves from scrutiny. It’s a pickup guide, to shame people outside of the deliberate targeted set of us, for sex or marriage or business.

Charie Chan is racist, isn’t he? He teaches you to hold a cat over your head, which is not a hat.

Ted Bundy Puts Bingo on Trial (Superman):

Ted Bundy’s Church bingo technique, involves the ‘axe lay’, wherein he places himself at the raffle tell of the Bingo prize quarry, where there is no cat, hence every prize is assumed to be the cat. However, in proper sense of physics exercise, the cat is invisible, since it is not inside the box. Ted Bundy, is the cat, and gives you the cat, however there is no cat, there is only the box.

In this terminology, perhaps difficult to understand given the stage magic involved, we can analyze him as beginning a debate, wherein a personal culture of crime that he understands (the raffle dealer) and the other person understands (the player), has been inverted in usage, to law enforcement, or vice versa, and either way, there is no cat, Ted Bundy is invisible.

Hence, there’s a crossfire, looking for the cat, Ted Bundy.

Where is Ted Bundy? He’s nowhere in sight, everyone is fighting over the cats, when they’re just the boxes, thinking they’re Ted Bundy inside, the cat.

This is called a judge’s privilege trying a case – a divorce attorney judge, judges wearing a cape when acting as privileged attorney, by law only pro bono (‘for good’, free of charge of influence), and since it’s a divorce attorney, you’re assumed to be running from Bundy.

This seems innocuous at first, until you consider that the technique invoked, by trade linked to technique, means the trade is the bonding form, not a potentially unique technique, hence the technique’s fingerprint is on the crime, within the trades targeted discussing.

A bunch of people kill each other, as Ted Bundy, within the trade, using the technique, hence Bundy has framed himself, as the opposite side he appears to support. Is he prosecution, or defense? Either way, he’s both, an ‘and’, however it is a simultaneous ‘or’, from approaching from the judge’s culprit, however within a divorce proceeding (an empty box, and he’s the desired prize, the man).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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