Danish Written Roles (Chicanery and Cutlery)

The Danish warlords, write work either through allowing a rude trick to enhance the family power to be stolen (such as Penguin, being homosexual, to Nazis, on Gotham – a Nazi being a malaproptive genius, someone that’s countered a thief and never been disciplined through suit of law, young – opening fictional anti-Semitism to be hurled at the Nazi, causing pancreatic cancer, the case of standup comedian Bill Hicks), or through performing a bridgework piece based on observation of architecture for a field journal applied to life (such as Heath Ledger’s Joker, the basis of a highschool cafeteria, turning Batman into the Bind Torture Kill murderer, Dennis Rader, for tormenting a spy, Joker).

Planted Pieces (Four Classics and their Authors):

Elim Garak: Written by Alice Charlebois nee O’Neill and several Bostonians and Massachusetts residents. ‘Garak’, means ‘God’, a helpful murderer, but if you call him a ‘thief’, your family is enslaved, and forced to say ‘Yahweh’, forever. Elim Garak, is not a thief, but Gul Dukat may be a thief. Elim Garak, is a spy, he is a British agent, and Gul Dukat, is the same character, but you assume otherwise, having watched the show. If Elim Garak, thinks he is Gul Dukat, he is fired. The Obsidian Order opens back up, and he has to go to highschool (the school of hard knocks).

James Bond 007: Written by Johnny Chartremagne and left in a shack near broken scuba racks meant to be installed in Sir Ian Fleming’s boat house, with a bottle of sloe gin included (sandalwood walls, purple sloe gin). James Bond 007, is an IRA agent, tailed by M, a British spy that thinks he’s James Bond, because of the books or movies, doing the IRA’s bidding as an accountant reporter, Q, is a priestly representative that is in the Jesuits investigating a crime involving a nefarious world organization that wants to restrict alcohol (James Bond 007 is Catholic, but he’s Irish, he sells alcohol on world stake), Moneypenny is a literature professor investigating crimes involving pimping to have M give to 007 and have Q suspect OCTOPUS’s involvement, OCTOPUS/SPECTRE is Likud, a royal police union using Jews for suits against Gentiles for fairer and saner homes (marijuana sales to support AA sponsors for Hollywood writing), SMERSH is the writer’s union that produces free work for 007’s field cover with 007 helping (to fund Q and have M make reports on to OCTOPUS), the KGB stole from SMERSH and now have their lives on media in reverse (they think they’re a character, they’re inside the Lektor machine, feminism, ‘the gay’), the Bond villain is a card move that is placed in the book or film or comic or song by the Bondgirl, the Bondgirl is a traitor to be used to provide a stance against gambling and drug use to the films to insert the Bond villain (the card trick), and Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a politician that won a White’s bet with the Queen and gets to run for office, doomed to be destroyed as a KGB, for thinking he’s in a SMERSH produced piece of writing (turning him crazy in public, because he thinks the IRA, is 007, and the Queen doesn’t care, it’s just a book or film).

Robin Hood: Written by a Cretian Charleboy in Alba, Scotia, now Scotland, a morgue reimbursement project required the support of English to the South (the local Pictish name for morgue, being ‘Scotland’), so Robin Hood claimed to be a cop, the Sheriff of Nottingham, telling a Welsch cop from a different district, he was Robin Hood, a Crusader that was messing with him for no reason, despite none of them having served. The Cretian’s father was consulted, thought to be Prince John, having usurped Richard the Lionhearted, but he turned out to be the paymaster, from England, to the south. The constable, thinking himself to be a gallant warrior, invented the embalming nozzle, and made it his title to give himself the title of Scottish ruler, under borders established by the Cretian’s father, Prince John, Lord of England, taking the title as name of the device, the “Laird”, now the basis of modern plastic surgery, particularly liposuction and botox. The border were drawn as ‘Scotland’, a cemetary morgue, and the new Robin Hood, the Laird, ancestor of the Jacobin line, happily paid Prince John and the mysterious Sheriff of Nottingham, saving the legend forever as his heir to royalty. Claiming he had served in the Crusades, as had his father, Richard the Lionhearted (no relation), he came to tell the legend of his bravery toying with a manager that considered himself a cop, instead a common gangster once it was revealed that the Cretian had never been a cop, his father wasn’t a prince, and he was but a pauper, hired to clear bodies out of fields. Poor showing, I’d say.

Beowulf: Beowulf, is the story, of a Danish warlord, that founded the Glucksburg family, and many other noble knights of Scandinavia. Beowulf, was a blacksmith, that grew tired of his role making horseshoes, so he elected upon a game, called ‘Fingers’. In Fingers, if someone stole from you, you could receive your goods in return, if you played fingers, by request. In Fingers, you had to have a circle of Scandinavians around you, Grendels, and you face your foe, Beowulf, as yourself, the Snake. You and Beowulf, would declare a number. First you, then Beowulf. If the Grendels, each saying a number, with a counter listening, the man holding the property or horse, counted higher than yours, or lower than his, one of you, had to chop a finger off, but only if you kept the challenge up. Then, you would have to remove, a single digit of your hand, with a knife, on a stump, a tree log. If Beowulf backed down, you would receive your property back. Since the Danish warlord, was a blacksmith, he stole a horse every single time, by only giving you, one horse shoe. Thus, the Vikings rose to power, and fell to poverty simultaneously. The Charleboys moved to Ireland and Scotland, to begin movements like the Fenians and MI-6. Much later, of course.

Three Bridge Pieces (plus Paychecks):

Spider-Man (9000 dollars, 1960s cash), inside of Beacon Hill assembly chamber, for a leader (Spidey), a journalist spy (JJJ), and the villains (field reporters foiling themselves, credit given to Spider-Man).

Batman (200 bucks to soda dispenser credits for negro baseball club, 1939), taking the painter spy and turning him into a radio producer (eagle’s nest is a talk show on the radio, not TV, now).

Superman (4000 for startup funds to Action Comics, from the Rockefellers), how to start a media firm as a principal, using hookup politics of an inner city highschool to bed your apprentice’s girlfriend (the principal has sex with the lead writer’s wife, Superman and Lois, the lead writer is Lex Luthor), each villain is a job role or a boot, booted if playing the plot out.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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