9/11’s Tactical Situation Report (From the Trenches, Ketchup on a Hot Dog)


The mystery of the 22 Hijackers.

A) We have 22 men, working in a seafood restaurant, on a debit exchange credit to direct deposit plan, out of liquor store ATMs, to transfer money to pizza shop owners, for a plan from university students overseas.😎 We have Black Friday, Herbert Hoover’s enraged responsed to the Harlem arts movement using the n-word to confuse economists attempting urban gentrification, giving him a stammer speech. Black Friday, was the placement of the urban poor African, inside stock trading, to cause the Roaring Twenties, then the Great Depression, guaranteeing Hoover’s entry and exit into and from politics. This was based on the principle of attempting to seed a business from investments, while retaining the cash sum income inside a single venue of neighborhood, to enrich the sole families of investors. In other words, the investors, born from poverty and lacking access to proper physical inspections of investment sites, were attempting to network the entire structure of American capital, into their own view, for their own businesses to expand, buy stock from stock market share, then promote their family into more real estate inside neighborhoods.

Layman’s Explanation: Batman jumps out a window, Superman flies to the bottom of the building, Spider-Man climbs up upside down. Notice that Spider-Man, is Marvel, hence it is an act of crime, the crossover comic.

3) Bloody Sunday, the Israeli experimentation on the Irish, to cross specialization of civilian and military job role in psychiatric systems, resulting in individuals that believed they were spies, while trapped in military modes of constant activity and medication simultaneous appropriate for those recovering from being homeless (the purpose of the mental health system). A civilian job, is a broad type, a specialization, a subclass, a region, and a unique aptitude from childhood, town, school system, class and extracurricular, and college and college elective, plus internships taken in any method of proper career or otherwise hobby. Meanwhile, a military job, is a deliberate placement of a weakness, in the same unit, so everyone becomes identical. The program resulted in riots and police shootings, of mentally ill Irish rioters. The British were blamed, as with Ballinhoe, a French-Semitic Iranian-Jewish study program in Ireland, for lobotomies for anyone with any special aptitude at tests, sciences, and math, for ‘cheating’ (spotting a homosexual African male).

Layman’s Terms: The simplification of job roles, into mass panic and poverty, of educated adults, from teenage years onwards.

Sum Body: There are going to be a lot of great movies, after this 9/11 think, thinks Bollywood talent czar, Dawood Ibrahim.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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