Southern Slavery Primer

Myth of Reconstruction: People will tell you, the south ended slavery, or alternatively, African-Americans in the Deep South were a unique minority in a particular endemic problem. Neither of these are true. Southern slavery, called chattel slavery, was a modified form of ancient Jewish chattel slavery of potential spouses or subjects for theft labor, based on the concept of the wife and those desiring her as property, a form now called modern homosexuality, actually the Hebrew system of ‘bigotry’, the mother expungiating saliva onto the head of the infant – this way, the father would be obeyed in all things, on all morals, a method of obtaining currency. The Hebrew system is modified with algebra, Arabic wage slavery, the alternative to the more merciful form of the Chinese and Vietnamese system of Paddy-So, a rotating canvas of a farmed or factoried share. Please note, that Southern slavery was separate from agriculture, agriculture using a factored exponent mathematical calculate, of exponent on hectared share, instead of the wage slavery of the root form of the tenant, the stripping of politicians from power and the ceding to police in bribe to the land owner. Regardless of whom owns the system, Swiss Anabaptists, English, Jewish, or Africans, or whom the slaves were historically, the Irish, the Mestizos, the Africans, and the Communists, the system still retains itself, to this day.

Jewish Bigotry: Jewish bigotry, is the concept of the wife of a Jew, exfungiating saliva onto the head and face of an infant in a Jewish marriage, so the child obeys the father rigidly, on all issues of profit, that being foreign from the concept of profit in India (the positive calculation being money to spend as incentive, the zero being accounts factored for a single period, and the negative being money in accounts as growth, with compound interest as the increasing necessity of investment to maintain a business’s profit so the expansion is families over generations, instead of territory of range of influence). The Jews seek to expand, whereas the traditional system establishes largesse as a detriment to the safety of one’s own children from parents and sexual predation of older family. The latter system, functions on a share of work performed, being proportionate to the payment, so a rich man may be happy and sane with a larger and fairer contribution of payment to labor, whereas a poor man may be an utter scoundrel if miserly. This is modern accounting. The Jewish system, meanwhile, relies upon growing influence circles of conjoined business investment through power centering, the shekel, with any criminals in the Jewish faith forced to stop breeding, either a subject of rape by a ‘faggot’, a Jewish miser with a shellfish allergy working out of a Synagogue for a ‘monkey’, a Rabbi. The concept of crime, is that the labor’s trade of passage of moral, has already worked its necessity, and the Jew or the criminals involved, assumed to be Jewish by the error of Judaism, are no longer necessary for the monkey’s pen, the Rabbinical Midrash out of a Synagogue (a brokered house).

Chattel Slavery: The concept of chattel slavery, is human beings held in compelment of contract to serve, with assumption of service being through monopoly of means of survival. If the share holding group of slaves, holds the entire means of survival, then they can be forced to produce for share of poverty investment in their life and livelihood, with the bigot determining what is the proper investment for his ‘chattel’, those enslaved to him through the process of ‘corruption’, the interference in the families of others. The argument of ‘gay’, is their chief method, gay being the act of wrestling, through words or physical grapple or any technique in between, the anti-American ethic of Southern business. Removed from courts, hence the Civil War (justly won by the Union, for the lack of American sentiment in the Confederacy), court rule was reestablished under Lincoln, however the problems of Jewish corruption through their subjects (the vassals in improper form, feudalism being those paid for working a farm as a laborer with authority, promoting upwards to encourage the European concept of wealth, that being kingdom, lost to Americans – America being a narcosepsy, a pretense of victory despite declining standards).

Arabic Wage: Algebra, is the concept of wage. It is assumed, that you cannot leave your job, due to the calculation of 5, into a calculation of 20, for a slave, or 40, for an indentured, with increasing increments of quarters of one for currency, being the slackening reward for the rising poverty scale, to compensate for the lack of resources with a growth of labor paid less successively over generations. This is Southern business to this day, the depressed economy of the South failing to use salary, or cheating Per Diem (daily task payment of high marque) rules with gambler’s men, wagers cheats that use Arabic wage to extort free tasks for Jewish or allied interests, wage slavery and the latter term, Mafiaso. A Mafia, is an organization that is not federal to the United States, engaging in a suit of collective standing of group against a company, corporation, faction, party, pulpit, or individual, the concept of the ‘racket’, a police body extorting the common good for free investment from a foreign broker, a ‘ballsdeep’, the ancient German term for a diver into a diamond mind, a ‘Bilbo Baggins’ in modern terms (written as Adolf Hitler, by JRR Tolkien).

Paddy-So: The prior form of farmed or factoried or assembled labor before the Jewish and Arabic systems, especially combined, took over. Paddy-So was Chinese and Vietnamese wage prior to Mao Zedong, wherein a single manager canvassed his workspace in a circle, giving a signal in a clockwise direction, counter-clockwise for a criminal that was expelled from his workplace due to diminishing wages, from using the right hand to signal, as if holding a stick or whip. The left hand, meanwhile, is a law enforcement wave, for a clean badge, held left handed, from the left side of the chest, an ancient sign from Africa, Rome, and China, that a man could be trusted, he was holding his sign of standing left handed, he wasn’t going to strike anything out of your hand, or be struck from his hand, by a ‘fag’, a subject for expulsion from the premises on grounds of rape being their tendency (they strike the left hand, they’re a premature ejaculator – they inseminated into a woman who wasn’t aroused by sign of moisture in the vagina). This way, the workers would conjoin into a ring of work, in the clockwise stage, around the friendly law enforcer’s signal, out of the left hand, not the whip’s hand, the right, an abusive parent or friend, expelled from society in general until Hebrew and Arabic investment reduced a pride in a hard day’s work, to poverty, the sign of a slavebroker claiming they ‘earned everything with hard work’, or ‘went a little psycho’, the prior a sign that an individual cuts workers and salaries by inducing laziness and mental illness, the latter that one is a thief of children, either from parent to shop, or from semenal discharge, either form the utmost pedophile, a ‘squirt’. To be removed from society, under ancient worker’s culture, for the crime of autocracy, the assumption of power over society by word or position.

Factored Investment: The Greco-Roman investment of reclamation of a mercantile, the establishment of a farm, or the fielding of an army force, this was not present in the South, unless in the form of a Union-backed farmer, previous or after the Civil War, now police interests in more liberal areas (such as New Jersey, outside the Mafia, the Jewish syndicates that work petty crime for media development of their exploits, ‘antics’ as they call them). Tenants, were divided off a hectare of main crop, and placed in residential housing, with an exponent of investment based on political contribution, placed in their hands, with all profits given to them, for residential wealth and growth, the European system. This is called democracy, the ancient Athenian term, that where politicians and governors, ‘the Gods’ as Greeks would say, ruled society, instead of the petty men of myths and media, in the South controlled by the police, and sometimes in the North in more corrupt areas, where ‘rackets’ have taken over, through religious congregations on demands of decayed regimes of Europe (like England, or the Babary Coast, or more recently, France).

Sharecropping: Sharecropping, is the form of business present in the South. This is the hectared meter off a yardstick, being deducted from the farmer, in a root, the root of deduction increasing with the age of the family present as worker tenant. The residential area, turns into a slum, separate from political wealth and advantage, slaves to the police, paid by the land owners, even in a Southern factory, or any factory touched by corruption of the State of Israel, seeking its own claims to American industry as part of the Calvinist system (unaware that Calvinism seeks a barter economy based on mutual butchered investment of humans as meat, for international trade of status of education, with a removal of currency and an intentional trade deficit to other slave markets, such as Japan and China and Southeast Asia). This is known as ‘faesces’, a mythical system practiced by Rome, saluted by ‘pagan doctors’, the Southern term for an incompetent teacher raised in Calvinism, signified by the ‘four points’, a locking phrase to fail a student from understanding the trade.

Ethnic Share Owners: The American South’s system of bigotry and remorse, the term of a slumlord’s life in their own filth, has been owned by the Dutch Country Amish (tobacco and marijuana farmers, the marijuana enslaving tenants by imbibing it through smoke draught, tobacco an early investment by the South, owned by the ‘Beauregard’, the Scottish-Irish term for a bastard soldier of warfare and inequity, George Washington), the English (for exploitation of cotton, through textiles in the North, under Irish slave labor, through Jewish comic book owner brands in the 18th and early 19th century, to recruit for the US Cavalry, to use as horse trades to towns after meaningless raids on Native reservations, to free up horses from the South for sale to Frontier merchants, at the expense of dead Irish kids that grew up with their sisters as slaves), the Jewish mercantile class (the growing of rice for pork feed in Europe and Northern inner city slums to accumulate power, plus the cultivation of cotton after the cotton gin to mass produce for Europe, causing multiple wars in Europe, including the Napoleonic Conflicts and the Spanish-American War), and the modern term after Reconstruction, the African-American police worker stodging up an ‘effigy’, a civil rights leader, for control of Communists, those inner city slumlivers ruled by overseas immigrants with State Department (province or commonwealth) weapons that force the consumption of ‘Sandinista’ TV shows, meant for drug use and sales for labor deals on international espionage approved of by the Presidency, the faltering currency rates planned by John Calvin causing this.

Ethnic Victims: The Irish were brought over as indentured servants during the Potato Famine, engineered by the Danish Dutch, the factions later forming the Fenians in the 19th century, against Irish interests, seeking to deal in whiskey and gin, instead of farmland and peace with Europe, the common Arabic insult to the times of their trade (the source being the Turkmen and Kurdistani bastards, the little boys and girls that think they can play as men or women, before their own parents betray them, attempting to hold their children like the hand at their lost childhoods having had the same performed by them, the US Marshall’s Service included, Muhammadans). Later, the Mestizo was enslaved, mixtures of African and Native bloodlines, working the fields for the English, establishing the cotton investment as Southern coal miners and cotton growers and shippers, the beginning of the colonial slave trade and the modern African-American identity, the merging with local Natives by intent of the English to ‘break the Injun’, the preferred term of Native Americans, stripped by the racial slur ‘Nigger’, the term ‘Injun’ lost as an ethnic mystery held only among ‘white skins’, Natives without African blood. Then, the Mulatto was enslaved to pogrom the Mestizos down to the Deep South, Mississippi and South America, placing them under control of Jewish mercantile farm interests, for the European and urban pork investment, the source of so many wars in Europe and abroad, to this day, the currency hand of Marx and Nietzsche. Finally, we have the urban poor, the Communist, a worldwide movement for power for the South, out of pedophile families called “MENSA”, those whose forefathers completed rigid farm, factory, or schoolwork, and applied it to police ethics and organizational ethics, as poverty ethic sociopaths in influences, having sacrificed their sexuality for influence, on behalf of the Church of Latterday Saints, the Mormons.

Police Versus Politics: The concept of a police state, is distinctly Southern and Fascist, a Democrat’s ideal, whereas the concept of a democracy, is distinctly Unionized, not the faction from the Civil War, but the concept of unions controlling any group of trade or interest so they can’t achieve dominance, and political party, uniting political influence as a union as well, controls society. The police state, is individuals enjoined and entreatied by land owners and mercantile interests, a system called Syndicalism, to perform a function, for a share of wage profits, the common municipal taxed account. The democracy, meanwhile, is based upon collective bargaining reducing the power of a trade, so it won’t come to take over law enforcement interests and force rules alien to police and politicians and the common people, on the markets and on the international scene. We can see the the police state, Southern agriculture, seeks to control the world through the mercantilism of the South, Syndicates, whereas the democracy, unionized labor, seeks to limit the power of America, for the mutual cooperation of the world, to simply conduct fair trade for the mutual dream of every cop and citizen alike, “a real nice day”.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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