Protestant Primer

Typefication of Catholic Law: Catholic law, are certain provisional codes, the origin of a ‘complex’, this law creates a psychiatric complex if obeyed in a broker’s sense of actual torte or fiscal law, or the origin of a ‘syndrome’, this law if obeyed as policy upon history creates a psychiatric trauma relatively to self upon community observing if obeyed. Protestant, is a Hohenzollern Catholic term, for a man or woman, that wants to be an infant unto the law, they never want their pacifier, sucker, or child’s gum removed, they want to be a permanent ward of the state and the friends for the rest of their life, referred to as ‘losers’ by Catholics, unless defeatistly, at successful individual, by common petty ante rapists with slave wives on forced marriages for children, often with nursing degrees qualifying them for college professorships at medical schools (however forced humble, into a pharmacologist’s practice, being a field nurse or medical doctor, maybe a psychiatrist in an improper unit).

Lutheran: A Lutheran grossly oversimplifies their rules, and relies on direct print without error, hence they cannot grasp secrets outside their family, meant for the world at large. This endemnifies them to their family practice, the concept of ‘stock’, a marriage upon bond when sold to another family, the hire upon task of child mandatory unless a violent hate crime occurs. Hate crime, the origin of the term being Lutheran, indicates you have refused marriage, indicating the bond bearer’s family is homosexual, as is the daughter a ‘whore’, and you have ‘hagged’ her, for attempting to arrange a marriage through courtship. If you are a man, you are a pedophile, and required to grow a beard, and never shave it, and keep your hair short. However, a man refusing, may have long hair, especially with a bald head, and ‘rims’, if wearing glasses, never contacts (a pedophile) or shades (a dickhead), particularly with variable facial hair. A woman refusing, meanwhile, can grow a ‘bob’, a sign that she’s been raped, however grow bangs, never with long hair, meaning she hasn’t been raped, she’s told a man, ‘up yours, baby’, a Catholic tradition called Byzantine.

Episcopalian: A faith for Jews formed out of England for Jews, this is a faith of common discussion of civics as ethics, as demanded political points of construction, leading down into comics, board games, and petty literature, to purge any ‘traps’, particular techniques capable of academic insight for construction of new sciences – from all of society. An Episcopalian will attempt to ‘cuck’ a man or woman, and if returned properly, the man will trap another man with a sign of attempting to humiliate the man, making the woman a ‘genius’ for her discovery of a male trap, a man will ‘card’ a female by identifying the man talking about her, by making him ‘reunite’, making him a ‘fags’ (plural), and a man will take a woman that’s called another man a ‘cuck’, and ‘beat’ her, by providing dossiers worth of lawsuit documents, all based on mimicking the known past victim of the Episcopalian. A woman giving another woman a ‘tip’, will say, ‘he wants a baby’, making the woman a cuckquean, for consorting with “Jewish”. A woman will warn a man by wearing glasses, in front of a man, making him ‘gay, by looking right-sided at the man to the man’s right, the other man’s left. A woman will warn a woman about a man, by performing a ‘bait’, indicating the man thinks she’s a lesbian, to see if a male friend, is ‘play’, he isn’t a ‘kyke’, he observes the woman openly after she drops a rumor that she’s in fact heterosexual.

Presbyterian: A Presbyterian is ‘Scottish’, a faith for rapists, misogynists, pedophiles, chinamen, liars, pimps, and corrections ‘fuckfaces’, the human garbage that uses terms for their own sexual fantasies as punishments, as corrections officers watches in prison. A ‘Scottish’ is a homosexual stalk of another man, a ‘Welsh’ is a paired homoerotic relationship of kissing and groping between two men, stalking a heterosexual man, an ‘English’ is support of a British monarch, as an American, a ‘bulldyke’ is a lesbian that traps men in place to have sex with them by shaming them for farts, a ‘dickdyke’ is a woman that pretends to feel bad for you after wearing a fox fur on her shaved cunt (not a pussy, wait for it), and a ‘faggert’ is a woman that is a ‘boxcunt’, she had a clitorodectomy to ‘bust the Irish’, by masturbating in bed then blaming a Catholic, Hebrew, or Irish male. All of them are easily beaten, by snitching on them, in some form, for being ‘reverse racist liberal’, a yellow cake with a fudge inside; they are offended in a Democratic way, at assumed racism, towards themselves, all based on uniform state pride or national pride, assuming it’s their skin color and neighborhood. Once you do that, you can order a ‘knife and slash’ with their origin of state, that they’ll perform themselves, thinking you’re an Israeli or Irish soldier, maybe even a Marine if you’re marked as a homosexual and honestly are one.

Anglican: A pedophile cult for decrepid old women that have achieved themselves in the military, in business, and stage, these women are born to the molestation of teenage men and women as if they’re dogs on top, their fantasy of Gestapo rape plied in books about Nazis raping women protected by English soldiers in British wars, and molesting boys as priests, priests being retired police officers that went down for snitching on a police brutality cover. To counter an Anglican, you simply just go away, and remember their alias, and rewrite it later, as an Anglican woman by her claim of ‘Jewish’ without tan or bronze skin, making sure to spot the slick black hair, so they won’t be Native claiming ‘Jewish’ appropriate for a frame as a prostitute (you hug her after listening politely to her speech about ‘Christ’, a hunted asshole by Catholics, for inventing the psychiatric profession – a trade in opium called anti-psychotics, in exchange for free arts labor, termed in the Hebrew faith perjoratively as ‘Jewing’, the act of anti-Semitism lost on anyone that’s never mixed marijuana and a shot of vodka, the induction into the Israeli houses). Make sure you put the rewrite of the Anglican woman claiming ‘Jewish’, somewhere where Germans can see it, so it gets put in comic books, to free you from the masturbation fixation from being raped, and then transition into a context switch, a cop basher, to put women on the force as vice officers, to bust other cops, the purpose of vice patrol (to spot homosexual cops that cross jurisdiction or spy).

Baptist: A method of field slavery once used by white southerners to enslave workers, now by Democrat cops to enforce minority slavery for civic cause for election to oppress inner city factory workers. The house boy (under slavery, a black slave that had been raped by another slave, under modern Reconstruction, a business man of minority status that’s been entangled by a cop with an eating disorder, and a fecalphaliac bondage master preacher from ‘small rights’ families, of ludicrous cause taught in history class by improper teachers – free silver, small business, four poles logic) is held up as a leader, then assassinated, by the fecalphaliac’s slaved women out of his town, on orders of the cop, the man with the eating disorder. This used algebra, for wage slavery, the alternative to the more graceful paddy-so, Chinese labor for fair salary and wage, prior to Mao Zedong (caused by a famous Baptist theorist and fan of the work of algebra, Adolf Hitler). Algebra functions by trapping you in position with mathematical functions on the calender, to keep you from quitting, keep you in work, and keep you dependent on paperwork, when in fact you don’t need any of it, nobody cares as long as you keep a folder compendium, and a public lawyer’s rights on file – as long as you don’t raise your kid like he should care, you’re free, you’re no nigger on big white man’s farm. Sorry, Andrew Jackson.

Methodist: Methodism is the modern white form of bigotry from the South, the creation of product appearing to favor a particular subset or culture, but in fact causing riots and massacres, to create police technology or suppression of a sector of logic on behalf of a wealthy benefactor with no real reason for doing it other than wanting people to listen to them. The work of a poor man’s accountant and a partnered ‘humour fool’, Methodism is how you churn and crank out works of filth giving a group an abusable advantage, so police can understand it and counter it and build a pogrom. Inspired by the works of Abdul Suleiman, an Ottoman cleric, later contributing to Ataturk’s purges of Muslims (homosexuals), Kurds (Muhammadans), and Christians (Jews by his logic, actually staffers in hospitals).

Calvinist: A false religion by its own claim, Calvinism works on creating a support clientele market for overseas visitors, for trade deals in manufacturing, mining, and exports considered vice in foreign markets, but imports considered subsidized otherwise in domestic markets. The concept of maintaining a trade deficit negative to one’s own country, it relies upon medical schools in America, the home of the faith, and overseas, other exploitive trades, the foundation of syndicalist logic, the purge of individuals en masse and without reason, either the small parties of butchers, the professors and students and specialists, or the great traumatized masses, to remove currency as a factor and reduce society to barter between wealthy patrons offering housing and residency, exemplified in theory by the impossibility of the Sim City game – a direct critique of theology, but only once Calvinism has been created. Calvinism relies on paradoxes, created out of artifice of tool concept abstract, placed into concrete application, a structure of literal shape coming from the mouth and into the hands through tools of concept and through to purpose and down into combination to create a function task set.

Humanist: Humanism is a Catholic, that has placed himself in Israeli logic, by initiating himself with swing kids, before they all betray each other, as is purpose under Synagogue, even for adherent Jews of the singlest and swiftest sense. Judaism is poorly understood by Catholics, until one has walked a million miles along, like a Jew does, and come to prefer it, having fought all the Protestant faiths, and found the old priest to put him in the ground, the sick piece of shit that once brutalized him, before narcing, because his wife died of alcoholism, the Jew’s prime chief and trade, that being purim. You’ve lived your entire life with a priest, thumping you and slamming you, and Jews make sure to have priests too, that live the same life. The different is, that Jews deal in a margin trade, making them free from all the Protestants, Pontius Pilate’s last trick on Jesus, the enslaver of a nation to build a machine of military might to pay for his own kid, drowned in the womb in wine, from his own hand. Pontius Pilate, gave Jesus, the option, of recanting. Hence, Pontius Pilate, saved the Jewish people, since you cannot recant anything you have ever done. But Jesus killed his own kid. He believed otherwise. He wouldn’t just get hammered on booze, because the Romans whipped the ever murderous shit out of him, with metal whips and broke his fingernails with hammers and slummed him out on a cross, as King of the Jews, for trying to murder ever last one of the motherfuckers. All Rome wanted, was some nice roads.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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