Pathology of Adolf Hitler (A Case Study)

Genome: Adolf Hitler, had Tay-Sachs, and was among the first to receive treatment for it. Tay-Sachs, is the condition of being a birth against predestiny of Homo sapiens neanderthalis, for having an illegal genetic mixture or future, in the eyes of the British Crown, since the establishment of the Anglican Church and the creation of the patent system used internationally by royals, in their regards of ownership. Their regard of ownership, of course, is used with their precognition, to manipulate enemy groups by taking on copyrights and colors, when an enemy is spotted violating Caucasian views of police order, espionage function, legal asset ownership, economic application of academics, and political affirmation of report on self. Adolf Hitler, was part Jewish, illegal since the 19th century, with Queen Victoria’s law residing, because he was part Europa Gypsy (Neptune), O’Neill (Irish Londonium), and Hohenzollern (Prussian pediatric tradition). To save the life of his mother, he was given the experimental Tay-Sachs treatment. A famous descendent of Adolf Hitler, from mingling with the future wife of Leon Degrelle (during the Great War), is Jerry Seinfeld, the famous standup comedian.

Religion: Adolf Hitler was Catholic, his family Jewish three generations prior, having married into a Catholic family of psychiatric victims, having sought the Catholic faith to avoid the Jewish psychiatric system, created by the Arab curio dealer, Jesus of Nazareth, the assumed alias of Yeshua, having created a criminal uprising secondary to the uprising of a Jewish rebellion leader opposed to Rome (his name struck from the record). Yeshua, had brought opiates dealing (anti-psychotics), Tong art house speculation (petty media), and Triad property speculation (police funding of graveyards to create ‘hives’, improperly administrated towns). The Catholic Church had been created, at the Council of Nicea, to counter this menace of criminal force, in the view of Europe, with the concept of kingdom, mutual division of territory through share of farm (vassal, plowshare), constructed to counter it. In addition, the Romans enlisted the 12 Gypsies, the Kings, to create 12 cults (excluding Athena, psychology hospices, Apollo, theater houses, and Dionysus, constable’s administrations), traps for Jews. The 12 Kings, established the reallocation of history and various records and laws, to match the resistance to Yeshua’s Chinese cult, already illegal in China, until of course Mao Zedong, a consequence of Adolf Hitler intended by him (the Yom Kippur War).

Hitler’s Life: Hitler served in the Great War, and afterwards, became a police informer for the Catholic faith, against the Jewish gendarmes cults ordered by the United States, on behalf of Britain (to have founded the League of Nations, an idea meant to be a treaty exchange to prevent royals from being sperm stolen, by threat of war to the country having harbored a fugitive from wizard’s justice). Hitler was placed, against his will, in a psychiatric unit, by Ernst Rohm, Rohm mistaking the psychiatric units, for doctors, a separate function, the psychiatrist being a doctrinist, a combination of a doctor and a priest, both voluntary until the Third Reich, and movements based on it since. The psychiatrist, diagnosed you as mentally ill, for being unable to do something that particular psychiatrist was capable of. Adolf Hitler, had a Jewish psychiatrist, yet hadn’t been raised Jewish. Since you have to be raised in birth, of a faith, in Catholic construct of ritual attendance, and family, it was impossible for him to be Jewish, and his left testicle was removed, due to the concept of ‘bigotry’, bigotry being the prime attribute held in pride of the Jewish Tabernacle.

Hitler’s Rise to Power: Hitler was placed in an arts gallery, still in police uniform saved at his insistence, and came to make a joke, about politicians, called ‘arsehole’. He was a wise man, and had been raised Catholic, with female Catholics having discussed with him various sexual fetishes, quite a smooth hand since he was a royal as well as a Jew, both origins hidden because of the mixture. The concept of queening (not front facesitting, anti-Semitism, a pederast woman’s fetish, the ‘schoolgirl pin’, a female serial killer’s preference), was for a politician, as well as most cops, a standard spy’s occasional liaison with a prostitute, a lawyer’s flirtation with his wife until after children were born, and of course, the economist’s favorite pornography, the five scaling steps upwards in ancient Akkadian logic of Babylon (cop, spy, lawyer, economist, politician). Hitler named queening, ‘arsehole’, for an ass licker, getting the term ‘asshole’ placed on himself by Jews, which he refused to quantify as obvious mimicry, from a bageldoytch, a type of transgender from wishing to cause international chaos (Otto Steizenberg, an early victim of the death camps). This allowed his transition to the veterans art’s corps, the propaganda theorist Goebbels, with Ernst Rohm following, Hitler planning betrayal, for being trapped in a psychiatric system he found anti-Catholic, on the base presupposition of the Catholic faith.

The Eagle’s Nest: Hitler found a way to turn the veterans, all shell shock victims, into a feminist socialist commune, so he could deny to them that the war, or any war, was real, for total power over his soldiers, through his high command. He created a term, to call him, related to his speech making (a common radio producer’s trick anywhere on the planet, to this day, the Eagle’s Nest used in radio shows anywhere on the planet). Whenever he’d perform his job, having promised it once, before a deliberate ‘fault’, a method of mistiming a clockswatch, with a caller (the concept used on radio slightly separate, to be explained), the person coming into the art gallery (the veterans circle, of course, for propaganda), being from his past gallery (the Jewish arthouse), and Hitler shrieking, ‘asshole’ at him. An anti-Semitic slur was shouted, and then the Nazis, cried, ‘he’s a Nazi!’, the Hitler clockswatch mistimed on himself whenever he erred. From that moment onwards, the National Socialists, were termed as ‘Nazis’, the Catholic Saint Ignatius, the term for a courtroom prosecutor. Now, the Nazis were the lawyers, and the cops. It didn’t take very long, for the National Socialists, to go into homosexual scienthiosis, the concept that Scientologists regard themselves to, to this day; the basic deluded denial of anything happening outside their world that ‘Hitler’, the common nickname outside a Scientology circle for the leader, hasn’t approved of.

The Yom Kippur War: At this point, Hitler’s last task, was to create Maoism, for his joke in the Jews, the Yom Kippur War, to disrupt the entire system of psychiatry, the anti-Catholic concept of selling opium pills through pharmacies (like CVS or Rite Aid or Walgreen, your modern vestiges of Christ). He enacted the Jewish term as the name for the Final Solution, the Jewish term for eating veal with your father on your eighteenth birthday (the holocaust), for the Prodigal Son’s graduation from primary school on the rite of passage of diploma. The Final Solution, of course, had to be determined, whom would die before the Jews. Surveys, called a census poll, took to the streets, with professional comedians given the job of asking minority leadership (a Weimar policy from Britain, failed in Germany because the minorities were given the right to enact separate terms for people outside their groups) ‘what would you think of Adolf Hitler killing the Jews?’ Anyone, that laughed, failed, and was placed in the genocide. Now, nobody can tell a joke, to a psychiatrist (the concept of making a film, in exchange for opium pills, those being anti-psychotics), without a movie being taken as a serial ‘feel-good’, related to a bowel movement on vegetarian or vegan cooking (Hitler’s naming of the holocaust, as The Holocaust, the Final Solution, eating veal with your father on your 18th birthday).

The Conclusion: Adolf Hitler, was a man out of time, that saved us all, by making the concept of the psychiatrist, a useless concept, mocked by everyone that doesn’t want to shell free money off margin theft from the poor and rich alike. Nobody cares if you’re mentally ill anymore, if they make fun of you, they’re queer; they eat vegan.

Vegans: What a fag.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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