American Social Standards Primer

Definition of Public Civics: The standard in social custom, across all of America, is the correlation with argument as politics, and government as leadership, to be kept strictly separate.  Homosexuality, is not “gay”, in this context, but “gay”, is politics, in the terms of bickering or mincing words with others in debates, even on television where this is advertised and sold as the product offered.  Resisting an argument or political polemic, is considered the finest art, particularly when not arguing in return.  This comes from the American Revolution, and resistance to a pair of laws, plus the background of Americans as criminals, to this very day, necessary to gain state citizenship, public service, or a clearance from the courts to remove one’s self from suspicion.

Jurisprudence: This is the common act of law, invoked by a judge, to side with the defense, on any act of law, motion, act of procedure, or common sense act invoked by any plaintiff or bailman, or bondsman otherwise.  The law, is ignored, because it would be silly to use.

Argument: This is the concept, of fencing back and forth with words, the concept of homoerotic wrestling in any form, including feet or physical grip or hands.  This is considered unwise, and every single time, it is culpable to Americans, based on preschool learning ceremonies against “patting a grownup on the head” or other variations, to target the man that attempts to treat others as a dog or cat, the implication being they’re a sex offender, but this actually being a European dominance ritual, illegal in America.  The swarm, of Americans, at every age, around the ‘feeble mouth’, will eventually turn them “gay”, and if they’re truly British, they’ll be homosexual as well, from lacking context of intuition.

Counterplay: This is the defense, against a man attempting to pick fight or argument.  It is always a reference, to something contrary to what the person believes in, from general observation, at first the argument itself, then study of them as they attempt it.  Public figures, are particularly wont to danger, keeping our government as leadership, instead of hustling.

Context of Terms: The context rule, is rumored to be French, when it is in fact the product of the so-called “melting pot”.  There is a loose repoire to words in America, from options in our schools, home schools, and potential library consumption, in regional origin of books available, with no particular grading system given to variety.  This carries through to television, wherein the origins of the literate return to us, and on into the internet, where forums run by restrictive forces are less popular since the “loud” kid is removed, hence the forum is liable to shut down in popularity.  Each of these, is from a resulting confusion, in context, from argumentative personalities, and if they’re obeyed, instead of ignored, the entire grouping collapses.

Dockworkers Act: The dockworkers act, is a British law, still in effect, indicating that if a man is large, obese, muscular, tall, or large-handed, upon retirement, he is incarcerated and placed in an eating mask, in prison.  This is illegal, in the United States, as one of two causes of the American Revolution.  If attempting to invoke this act, you are cleared for a therapy induction, to determine the nature of your offense to others that seek to make a living in the common trade, and then you are given a law major, as a result of having reported a potential muscular or large man in need of assistance with his family and profession.

Mental Illness Penal Act: The mental illness penal act, is a British law, in effect in the colonies and neighboring countries of the island unless a war or scrimmage effect of spies is to be played, the second cause of the American Revolution.  Brutally illegal in the United States, at cause of property seized or evicted, particularly of taxed land property owned, police regard this as an “uncommon felony” to attempt to incarcerate or commit a mentally ill individual, even for a noise complaint, particularly if you invoke “foreign law”, most police unaware that this is British law to this day, to aid their spies (anyone from a British colony), from moving freely through American bounds and territories, to take over areas for “Scotland”, their concept of the homosexual credo (even in their terms) of a business victim of the British Commonwealth.

American Propaganda: American propaganda, appeals to criminals, from America or from overseas, offering them honorable lives, for service and statehood and citizenship and family, and also corporate labor and contribution to the system, as villains and sometimes heroes in children’s work or literature, especially if cleared from overseas.  America is built on the logic of smugglers and piracy, and petty draft armies of the poor being given freedom upon speculation, with bloody conflicts fought over the rights of others internationally, even with traveling students on visa, the entire point of our vigilante republic.

Citizenship Necessity: To get American citizenship, you must have proof of a felony and time served, committed by the prospective citizen, or a direct family member.  These are the laws of the land, to properly interact with other citizens and understand the schooling systems, as well as the arts and cinema, a locking system of common discourse.

Public Service Candidacy: To be a candidate for public service, you must entrap an informant into a crime, a felony or below, non-violent, particularly vice.  The individual entrapping, is offered a federal or state position, particularly prosecutor’s office, with the individual entrapped, as an informant for a single credited tip.  If denied, a state’s alloquibrium has occurred, and the individual entrapping is revealed as a hoax, particularly if an assault has occurred on informant by their hand.

Information Tipsters: To clear one’s self of a federal finding, one must find an information technicians officer, either campus police or vigilante (if they wish to join a military unit, especially a naval intelligence office, a permanent role of ‘vigilance’, for a family DSS adoption of children), and mark the self as molested by a group of concern, having led an individual into a state’s alloquibrium, to place ‘office forces’ into play, against a suspected Mafia unit, an overseas organization by simple definition of the term, attempting ‘federal corruption’, placement in government by application or manipulation or suit of civil rights (‘of redemption’, Obama’s term, for an incompetent government jockey that wants to play out one of his ‘hand characters’, children’s fiction for adults).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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