Jesuit Primer

The Concept of a Homosexual Christian: What is, a homosexual Christian? It’s the fact, of taking past references to history, and recognizing them, in two people, of the same sex, switching downwards, across attractions to match a pair in Tarot (the opposite sex attractions, the Lovers, and the Jesuits, the adulterers in The Inferno by Aligheri, with the removed sets, as the Hanged Man and the Fool, the Lovers crossed into a rivalry set, the Hierophant in two cards, the Moon and the Tower, both supplying the same with one seeing the other as the Tower, and the self as the Moon). The Jesuits, meanwhile, as a reference to Alighieri, are the fortune tellers, with their heads backwards, beginning in life, from deference to the direct form of message of any religion, a degradation of the intent, with the downfall into the adulterers, having between two of a set separating the rivalry pair that descends from missionary movements, and the Jesuits ending in Virgil, being the pagan that will continue the set, from having existed in Greece before Christ, before the crime of psychiatry, Jesus’s sorcery, that being his reasons for execution by the Jews and Catholics, and his rejection by Islam. Virgil is the more perfect world, wherein the Jesuits did not exist, however stolen, by fortune tellers that become adulterers, the cross of two historical profiles of recognized trap, into the other, by past Jesuit lies.

Past References: A paired set of cards, the wild, are a pair of two famous figures, spotted together as children by the Virgils, the blind poets, the parents of each criminal, the Jesuit homosexual, those rejected by Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam, the systems of brokerage, rebellion, and law enforcement, at their fundamental root in all three societies of exchange mutual in agreed terms. They are crossed, at the stage of fortune tellers, those supplying art, then they are trapped away from prior lover set, all four inappropriate (mates of proper set resembling each other, and mates of approach by Jesuits, hence the closeted Jesuits will destroy historical references spotted, in a hexadecimal, a set of prime calculations, a single digit as a 6, for a multiplier to resemble an 8 or a 4, descending into a 12, a 144, the mark of a Damned, the term for a fair deal, Jesuits relying on trade commerce for free, to raise children, with their matching set, that out of a set of four pursuers that have matched across the two sets of references, to wed, to spot the next pair of references improperly matched and crossed).

Lovers: This is the inappropriately raised set, the pair of same sets, the past references to historical figures, matching a past reference of the opposite sex, before placement in a life of vice, by a pair of homosexuals, the first the trapped, the Jesuit, by parent, through orphan, the future Jesuit family, the open homosexual, not the trapped by parent, the Jesuit. The third, the orphan, is the Ferguzi, to be marked for such if displaying a shocker, the term of believing in handsigns as rigid meaning, to adopt an orphan, to create a line of pederasts, the term for a Jewish, Catholic, or Islamic inductee into orphanages, to denigrate the faith with vice trade, for the Jesuits, the Moorish order of Spain.

Moon and Tower: The Moon, is the emblem of the priest, and the Tower, is the emblem of the trap. Each of the references, once separated from the Lovers, their false emblem, sees themselves as the Moon, and their paired reference, as the Tower. The Tower, is not a trap to either, but bound across, both Moons are trapped, creating the concept of magic, the stolen implement of life, assassination and murder, the trade of the Jesuits. The Jesuits claim to be the Orthodox Jews, the Soldiers of Christ, or the Jihad, but in fact they are an Inquisition, the fallback of atheist society, that favoring no creed of diplomatic trade, when homosexuality, the halls of power given by advisor, the Cults of Law, are ignored, hence homophobia (the resistance to embezzlement, crossing of jurisdiction, and interference with family), has adopted itself, to maintain an Empire, the concept of a failed class as governorship of a society of barbarians.

Hierophants: The theft of both Towers, drawn together under a starless sky, a storm, Good Friday, without Moons (the two poles erected in illusion, the falling of the gold standard by Moses, the ocean of the sky, the bridge beneath the Dead Sea to produce the illusion of walking on water, Christ’s pederasty, or the sandstorm to erect a death, the false death by Muhammad to indicate his actual death to ban himself from name or depiction hence making himself an immortal legacy through contribution none-present). The Jesuits, pose as both Hierophants, the term of a false prophet, a resistance to Temple of Solomon, Pontifex of Rome, or Women of Mecca, in the slavery and chains of orders devoted to sound finance, protection of children, and soundness of academic, the three enemies of the Jesuit, those being the corrupt tools of state practiced by the homosexual, the serial killer, the homicidal maniac bound to speculation of land, sales of curios in exchange for art, and publication under false source for fame.

Jesuit Crosses: This was produced in the Renaissance period, after the banned forms of Judaism (Orthodoxy), Catholicism (Protestantism), and Islam (Chauvinism), were resurrected, the three pillars of homosexuality in all three creeds. The Lovers, are two references, passing through time, to create free works of crime, from Dante’s fortune tellers, the men and women who seek to steal mates with reference to arts crossed in reference, placing the references into the Moon and the Tower combined, for the adulterers to steal each Beacon as a wife or husband, heterosexual, before the Hierophants are turned into Virgil, the fundamentalists (Jesuits) thieving the Tarot to place themselves into blind poets, Greco-Roman figures to raise more Jesuits, and abduct orphans, for those that believe rigidly in handsigns effecting truth as children (pedophiles, in their future years).

Trinity of Faiths: The Jews, represent brokerage, the means of attaining a job. The Catholics, represent rebellion, the means of advancing technology. The Islamists, represent law enforcement, the method of removing from category or marker. Together, they are progress, an ancient code in rejection to homosexuality, homosexuality being the prime tool of the Jesuits, as networks (slavery, ancient Jewish beliefs), vice trade (prostitution, ancient Catholic beliefs), and homosexuality (pederasty, ancient Islamic beliefs). One should note, that they are fundamentalists, seeking to return to the original root of the religion, through Prophet, prior to death of Prophet, at hands of the faith, thus reforming the religions by creating them to outlaw practice, hence the purpose of religion, to ban the Prophet from practice, the Jesuits seeking the resurrect the prophets as Moors, descendents of prostitutes having stolen semen.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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