Pimping Primer

The Dummies Guide: What, is a dummies guide? Well, a the “dummies guide”, was an invention of Adolf Hitler, when he was young, after the Great War. He invented a method, of teaching anyone to paint, while also developing the “cookies and cream” flavor of ice cream, now a yogurt and candy confection treat concept. This is a paired method, wherein you take your movement of origin at late teens, early twenties, that failed in some way (in Adolf Hitler’s case, the Schleiffen Plan), and place it inside a simplified concept of creation, of your method of creating the “dummies guide”, to produce and then distribute, for your own profit. The movement of origin’s simplified method, is called a ‘formula’, that has to be removed, for the dummies guide to function, the dummies guide being a representation of poverty’s most archaicly embaressing form for you (in Adolf Hitler’s case, using the toilet, after moistral cramps, from eating ‘wieathein’, Jewish painter hall’s sniffing candy, for a toil acquesette, the paint flump flatter to bond paint to the ‘chalk’ of the easel’s candle – the method of placing wax on a painting). Pimping, is the creation of a dummies guide, with your own formula, removed, when offered to a woman, and then, the simplified term of concept from your formula’s profit margin, even unreal or assumed, is then offered, to your lass, your lady of a date, perhaps for scandalous pictures. You are never to try to create your own formula from these women, as this is the act of the actual Adolf Hitler, whereupon his intent to distribute paintings, and his dummies guide, from the investment of cookies and cream, created Nazi Germany (a socialist feminist commune, the Eagle’s Nest, whereupon he had already received police training, and was the only individual aware that there was a war happening, within the Nest itself – Hell, such as being a radio producer on a talk show on a radio station, the only survivor of the Eagle’s Nest model).

Selection of Formula Profession Genre: How, do you figure out, where to find your prime formula, offered to women, to make them ‘yours’, the formula your brief source of profit at whatever you did to fail into the real life of a man before the times of shoe leather (the foot), going about and looking at women while rambling inarticulately, ended by the invention of the priesthood, upon advance of the shoe allowing superior modes of conviction (penetration of the phallus into the vagina when moist). You must analyze, your teens, look at your briefest success, and then move into your downfall, where you felt you were a famous despot, perhaps even Hitler, unless Hitler was hunting you, then De Gaulle. If you did not have this, you are not a pimp, you are ill advised to attempt this. A standard despot, has to take their job, only if managed by your father, hence this role. If you are a woman, you have a male despot, unless a police agent, a female pimp being a broker, for the circus, the conjugal term for the ‘freak crowd’, watching and laughing at the men, while cutting a standard profit from theft of formulas, published as a contracting agent in the genre you’ve selected. Otherwise, sorry ladies, you’re a cop. Hitler, has to imagine he has been victorious, in which case, he’s been defrauded by the Jews, and attempted to play the plot of a Jewish film, your advice, to attempt, in creating your formula, the most powerful formula, the bondage submissive. De Gaulle, meanwhile, is a priest, who has no place being a priest, because he’s created Hitler, yet another man who existed before the time of the shoe, and while masturbation is an option, De Gaulle sees it as illegal, hence his issue, at remaining the vow of solemncy (i.e., being able to go to work in the morning, the night time jack off, the realm of mortal men, not the accountant, a priest, your masturbation, before you go to work, maybe even shower if you’re in the clergy). De Gaulle’s entire job, is sending gifts, to women, based on his own assumption of someone else, that he’s sent it to them, to tell his father he’s supporting his friends, with his newfound wealth, as a pickup artist (a professional contract cleaner, for downsizes{firings}, downcloses {markers of a less competitive firm}, and patent theft to venture capital for universities {genius boy}).

Advice Mode Offered to Women:

So here’s where you begin to understand, how you pimp, that is, how you place a mark on a woman, so she somehow dooms a john, a man who is otherwise a nice, normal guy, but he could be you one day, the pimp. You have the standard pimp, the rubberneck lady, the female police agent, the bondage submissive, and the pickup artist.

If you worked for your father, you have to pretend you’re married, to each woman, that actually has sex with you, with a photograph offered, of you together, and of course, her origin city, that you traveled to, to have sex with her, and her father’s money (she’s rich, of course), before you went back to your real job. Your father, thinks you’re gay, sir, and you have to avoid him. That means, you give her business secrets, from your father, on how to buy land in your town of origin, in highschool. That way, you can crush them, crush them all, and turn your entire town, into pimps, working for your father. But he’s old, and you know the secrets of his business. Do this to your son, if it works, that’s how you build yourself to selectman, mayor, or pediatrician, depending if you want to be a law agent, a finance agent, or a medical agent. Just smash town, over and over again, until it’s poor and festering with low wage labor, so your family can join the Mob (the police department’s funding apparatus, the cemetary).

Are you a woman, that resembles a male despot? That’s the rubberneck lady, the ‘player’. What’s a female player? She’s a real hot lay, created by The Devil, a man doing a ‘nege’, the term for mimicking Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (but without money), but as a famous serial killer, murderer, or rapist, especially a recent one. Any woman can get sex (it’s in a book, called the Bible, such as the campus guide to the student union {as in, the walking directions to the office, to join an activist cause}, or perhaps your city’s map to find the Chamber of Commerce, or even the location of Provincetown, Massachusetts, to buy advertising material for the town {the whaling museum}). All of these tricks, create new pimps, namely bondage submissives. But more importantly, is your line of revenue, how to mark other women, as yours. You need to pick a specialty of woman, called ‘the wife’, and tell her, who to listen to. That means, you have to spot your class of player creator out of the Darcy you had (make sure he’s poor, otherwise you pick the alternative, mentioned in a moment), from the nege they used (if he was rich, you create a copycat criminal, from a relationship). The guy she listens to, matching your specialty, takes advice, for real life money, and you just watch and learn, and write it down, and sell it to a major firm, always publishing, for your life staples. Then everyone, is your back alley bitch, and now, you’re a lesbian with a kid (and a husband, with a cock and balls he was born with).

Are you a female despot, ladies? Welcome to the police precinct. This is a special type of pimping, called busting cops. You may think a female police agent drives a speeding fast super interceptor, rides a helicopter into a building with an assault rifle, or even arrests dangerous pedophiles. I’m sorry, ladies, that’s the cop you take off the force for doing drugs, the man you recruit to the military out of the police pool, and of course, your husband, another pimp, your choice, unless you’re open-minded, then split a man, like a Star Trek cake, with the female player. Your job, is to spread a ‘porno secret’, upon observing a man, that has a masturbation error, from one of the three pooled above, any more added and you’re getting promoted to combination plays (and in your husband, rowr), with pimps sequencing into your potential husband pool as combination spouses, hence the ‘perks’ of the job. The porno secrets, are all for their female partners, when the man is young, to mark him as a pimp, to ‘push him deep down’, into a fetish, he no longer enjoys, hence he has to stop masturbating and ‘get out there’, into pimping, offering advice. You tell ‘the ladies’, how to have sex with a man, based on who you want your husband to be, but there are far more criminal offenders, than husbands, so naturally, Malthusian rules take over, and there’s a circle of life (clever girl).

If you got Hitler, you have been so destroyed, by a priest that didn’t know what religion was (the one he was raised in, Frenchman – classified as “Data”, if you’re a male cop reading), that you are now trapped in a Jewish spoof or satire or comedy. Pick a single one, and pick one episodic installment, film, book, issue, or even an academic text, just one, and pick the Nazi, that tricks the Jews. If it isn’t in there, you can’t do it. Now, keep in mind, without assistance of fellow pimps (even the Jews, if you want to get this printed, to become ‘major player man’, and get a ‘dropline’, that means a humiliatrix who wants your formulas), this is going to be ‘imaginary’, your accomplishments, but with the right pimping team (this is now a publication), you can get all the ‘pimping’ advice you want. Just go around, messing things up, either analyzing it, or otherwise, letting other people take your stuff, then figuring out what you did, and write extensive notes, private, public, journals, notes, crazy contraptions, anything you want, and then tell women, completely unsolicited (as long as it’s the right forum for it, like a brothel, a strip club, a bondage parlor, the internet, a website), all the crazy shit you feel like, and if they don’t talk back to you, they may not have liked it, unless you get a ‘stalker’, which means, there’s an entire crop of slave men that have been brutalized by you, and now, there’s a madame that wants to marry you (don’t do it, unless she’s honest with you, up front, and just get to know her, and never a transgender, someone killed the madame, and now they’re a crossdresser, and they know you did it).

Finally, we have the perpetrator, of all this, the man who created pimping, De Gaulle, a renegade priest (and just sick enough, to be totally confident). Maybe they just didn’t raise him right. He wanted money, and he didn’t have any, because his parents were rich. Maybe he wanted to join the Mafia, and found out that it was a priest, telling a politician, to be nicer. Maybe he just wanted to put you on TV, like a jackass, for thinking you had money, but your house was financed on credit. It’s all of that, one after the other, until he’s created Hitler, and then the female vice agent tries to arrest Hitler, and then the dream girl Hitler had is turned into a Nietzschean Superwoman by the incident, and then there are scores of small businessmen, calling their sons gay, for not getting that ‘special lady’, the Demon Bride, because ‘they smoke pot’, and she told their fathers they did, because she didn’t get ‘the free deal’, a full steak sandwich and a bag of grass. De Gaulle, you’re a super pimp, and you know it. You don’t need shoes, you need flip-flops, maybe even sandals with a boot heel, a proper Centurion. You have to find a pickup artist guide, and give the woman advice, to be a pickup artist, with yourself, as the lady, and her, as the man, switching them, even in your deepest mind. That way, your father doesn’t find out that you’re ‘Johnny Hatchet’, the man who fires you, for sex, with ‘the wife’, and not your wife either, but your own mother, who is her, as your son. It gets confusing, De Gaulle, but you invented armored warfare. We know you can do it.

Reception of Generosity from Men: Other men, can be generous, to a man, for the price of a bride, you know. Now, a dishonest trade, ‘The Master’, has stolen the name of the pimp. That’s a man, who places his woman, in a relationship where she has sex with other men, to pay him money. But you sir, are a pimp, you have a small penis, or if you’re a woman pimp, the player or vice cop, you’re into small penises. If you’re a woman, stuck with a Master, look up the pornographer artist, ‘Whizzer Black’. I assume he has a large penis, making him a bottom, to all the tricks here. But moving on. A man shows his love, to a woman, by making love to her. That’s why you share your formula, from your list and nest of trinkets. So he’ll make you famous, in your career of dummies guide. Whatever you specialized in creating, for your body of dummies, will turn men into teachers, creators of more whores, as they watch women, attempting to teach them ‘their arts’, ‘their wisdoms’, and ‘life’, while they secretly sob at night, married to the true catch of a teacher, ‘the bondage dominatrix’. If you want to marry that man, ladies at school, just see whatever male teacher, says his room mates are gay. If you want to be that woman, married to him, because a teacher flunked you in a class that a pimp has now touched, just tell him to say he has gay room mates, because you’re ‘against the homophobia’, when you lure him into a sleepover to miss a day at work, to tell the principal that ‘your friend was a victim of a hate crime, for being gay, but you’ve gotten the police involved’. Pick something from Dick Tracy, the comics, buy an issue, they all love that if they’re a pedophile teacher you’re about to create, then dump on the side with charges once you’re done with him. He had sex, with a gay kid, now that kid is going to be Sheriff? Dick Tracy, you cad. Remember that Sheriff’s name, and when you’re a college professor some day, with that little writer’s title, just make sure to sit down with him, for a cup of hot coffee, and some Earl Gray later, when you submit his stories to your favorite publisher, contemplating that sweet man’s smile, working the vice scene, just for you, saving men from fates like your husband, by making sure pimps want to be teachers, not a man with a job as a teacher.

Own Requirement of Pay Determined: What do you need, to be paid? You need, sex. There are plenty of johns, with a lot of money, but you’re a pimp, the sheriff caught you masturbating, to a pornography actor or actress, or maybe a girl with a thong, or if you’re a player, you joined an activist group, or even the dread vice police agent’s fate, you flirted with an older man, because he had an erection, and you didn’t know it was wrong to snitch on a pimp, in front of his boss, whose son is now gay. The deed, of a job well done, whether you’re a kid, and you can apply a trade, or if you’re a college man, and you want to pose for pictures, or if you make it hardcore (you’re Jewish?), and you attend fetish shows with photography, or better yet, you’ve been heroin bombed by the Triads (wu feng shan, she not pretty? No lawyer, Mister Teacher, for your wife?), and you needed Suboxone, the good feeling of a job well done (she has a scanty photo, and may share more, so just give her advice, and once she figures out you’re a time waster, your trick worked on a john, his mind is blasted into eternity, and now he can’t pimp, he’s going to become a teacher, a real one, like the kind you couldn’t measure up to – what, no lawyer wife?).

Eventual Stagnation and Decline: Where does a pimp go, anyways? One day, you’re the Joker, a major feature in a comic book, and then you spend years, as Eric Cartman, and then the end, Dick Tracy gets you, for being the Brow, a Nazi spy, working for a foreign government. Sorry, kid, you were an international spy all along, but you never joined the CIA, and manned up, and married a Senator. Just didn’t work out for you. Now, Dick Tracy has all the hard work you want, in the can, not prison or jail or even a work program, but married to the bottle. Dick Tracy teaches you kids not to drink alcohol, just have a fine, smooth, marijuana joint, and maybe a hard cigarette, a Marlboro Red, while you’re at it, if you like Jewish sitcoms with your kids. The kids you can’t have, because you listened to Family Guy, and learned a lesson, from Glenn Quagmire, on thinking you were a talking dog, instead of beating it in court, and going to anger management, and using a racial slur on your instructor. The last one that counts, to a pimp. “You know, sir, you’re right.”

How to Date ‘Obesely’: What’s a proper date, in the low man’s lyric? A chat, with a woman, another pimp, a player, a rare commodity, maybe even rants and raves in your apartment, to the neighbors, how to dodge an ‘off duty cop’, somebody that isn’t a cop because they live in a building that allows cigarettes, or otherwise, going out for a nice meal, ordering in, or talking to women and sharing your stories with them. If it’s not a real woman, she charges too much, she thinks you’re in a movie, or otherwise, she is a woman, but she isn’t meant for the life, of professional influence, in the alternative lifestyle, she feels bad for people, and nobody has ever felt bad for anyone, not a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a priest, or a cop. It’s not that world. Otherwise, we’d all be dead, because the priest, never invented the shoe – hot pussy. That’s why everyone wants it.

What to Avoid: Gay men, lesbian women, newbie cops, psychiatrists, gangsters, people who don’t know where they are, crossdressers that got messed up by a madame, bastards, people who are lying about their religion, and the worst danger of all, a female that wants to steal your kid to ‘make you an honest’ man (she’s a serial killer, like the kind that married Phil Hartman and killed him). Learn to fight with a knife, that’ll do you good.

Cop Dodger: Let’s look at the standard rules of the vice industry, that a court follows, unless you’re in a gangland, wherein, the police don’t run anything, just guys in police uniforms. You need, for an arrest, an exchange of money, between one person, and another person, and one of them, has to be a police agent, an undercover, with a badge. Otherwise, there’s no arrest possible. And if the police don’t need that, there’s no point to having police, so who cares, you’re getting busted anyways, just for being poor, and not paying a salary on a mercenary piece of shit drop bunk jaw faggot, like a little child molester tries to grow up to be when he reads a comic book as a toddler, for his All American football team and his crooked dick bent pud, like his father showed him to wank off with, leaning over him while looking at a picture of a gay man, President Ronald Reagan.

The Man in the Hand: The pimp’s best friend, is a police agent, that isn’t dirty, but he’s been drafted. If someone drafts a cop, you have a clean cop in all auspices, except for one, and that’s paperwork. He goes out of his way to help people, with paperwork, and goes above the common standard to achieve, at being a police officer. If he goes dirty, it’s because he got raped, by a female serial killer, or a Dick Tracy fan, the worst nightmare to any adult, a kid who still reads comic books and takes them seriously, even a child reading comic books being an introverted ‘sally’, a wuss that needs a dentist because he chips a tooth every time he’s angry. Or, your father shat his pants because of his wife, she doesn’t approve of prostitution, and now, he’s hiring private detectives to watch you, he’s a pedophile. It’s your job, to make them pedophiles too, so they can’t do their work. Get onto a publication, a campus activist group, or a ‘prison chain’ (they find you, unless you’re a punk or bitch, you snitched to a pedophile, someone who wanted to be a ‘cop’, they wanted the cell clean like they were in the military, or if they were in the actual military, they have a ‘busted face’, a beard, a skunk scab – someone that dropped out for raping someone, and claims it otherwise).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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