Anti-Semitism Primer

Original Sin: Original Sin, is the concept, of Lilith, entreating Adam, the first man to suffer the shellfish allergy, to govern in marriage as equals, without ownership or property of human, merely their shared goods. Adam, however, rejected Lilith, and took Eve as a slave. The concept of the contract, is Adam’s work, replied to by Eve’s offering of goods, herself, as a sexual token. There are myths among Jews, that this is the way of everyone. This is not the way. Everyone in the world, knows that the Jews practiced slavery first, and through observation, we know, as a people, watching Jews, studying religion given to us by Jews, that the Jews are the inventors of chattel slavery, marital slavery, and worst yet, assumed contract towards themselves to provide labor without good returned. So where is it from?

Trade: The concept of a ‘trade’, not the act of exchange of goods, is central to the Jewish experience. This is passing down, from parents to child, the concept of work that may be performed in exchange for reception of goods. It is not a job, that is a task to be performed with logic that is solely yours. It is not a profession, that is an established class, sub-class, specialization, and region of a line of work in exchange for currency. It is not a career, that is a concept of achieving a life’s work with your parental structure of bonds of family, achieving forward. Trade, in fact, is the concept of a pattern of bigotry, the term of a concept of the assumption that one’s parents are correct in terms of statement of morals to children (morals being the method in which to acquire currency), passed to child. This is the Jewish experience.

Contract: A contract, is the function, of something being transited, on a pass of exchange, between two or more groups, individuals or large groups, for mutual survival, the benefit of the deal favoring the expanse of the parties mutual. To the Jews, a contract, is the assumption of rights from view of individual, giving to self, by taking from other, allowed by those who serve Jews, listed below. It is the mutual observation of society, that Jews do this, otherwise an individual is placed in the classes below, to the Jews strictly, otherwise the Jews will attempt to acquire the human relationships for their own power, as their own bridal property, the term for a horse’s child in breeding with castration as threat upon disobedience.

Slavery: Slavery is the concept of indebtedness to Jews, by virtue of the Jewish bigotry in trade, passed to them by their parents, in assumption of their own infallibility from having served their parents. The Jews take on others as children, open to sexuality, discipline, housing, theft of materials, free labor, and transport or movement, their own sign of their stigma given to others in the desire to mark with urine, feces, phlegm, or spit. This is a Jew’s life, and servants of the Jews, duplicate this property and mimic it, with the vast portion of people, encouraging abolition of the practice, yet unable to do it, because slaves have been offered their own authority, and seek the pederasty from their peers, from betrayal, a slavekeeper a traitor, in service to Israel.

Marriage: Marriage is the term of mutual binding, where the man, treats the wife as property, otherwise she is marked as a whore, and he as a cuckold, for running a household in equality, for the mutual concept of law respected and honored, divorce being the concept applied to a man when he applies Jewish concepts, entreatied by the priesthood, the keepers of the Gentile beliefs, and striking down any society that takes on women as property, hidden, or unfree, an Israelite belief, mimicked and duplicated in servants of Israel, unless refusing to serve a Jew, then the Jews will be the first to attempt to seize the women for their own gain, from the men applying the law, for the combined cockels of their society to ejaculate semen in peace, without their own father, the Jewish bigot that raised them, viewing the act in their mind.

Homosexuality: Homosexuality is the state of accepting Jewish morality, Jewish trade, and Jewish bigotry, without pursuing revenge, in monetary, financial, and police form, the trade of Gentiles, not an act in exchange for goods, but in fact a concept of exchange of services and commodities, to protect the Gentile community against molestation, the act of rape in Jewish terms, same-sex marriage, a forced compliant policy of Jews through their misbegotten concepts of their own rights to touch, kiss, view, laugh, mock, portray, and apply their own brand of justice or law to others, instead of proper expulsion from community for entreating others into lives of rape as submissives, on orders of those approached by Jews, or those freed from the illusion as Jews, having been beholden to Jewish forms of corruption prior in terms of degradation of self to a Hebrew, the mutual term from African culture for a rapist, now having saturated the world in rejection to Jewish moralities, their bigotry.

Illusion of Power: The Jews believe they have power, in the secrecy that they invented slavery of women and men as women for free property, and that they are civil rights leaders, men of stature, important people, or otherwise an attractive man or woman based upon cheap products purchased and shown and displayed, as opposed to actual worth or merit based on a profession or career valuable to a woman in shared household of mutual power. This is revealed by the Bible, professions, careers, law enforcement, the military, governments, democracy, and other institutions, as a statuatory hoax and law, resulting in surgeries for those revealing this as true, the lie of Jewish faith, carried out by Jewish doctors and those who are moronic enough to follow them, having failed their lives due to Jewish drug dealers and other criminals, selling cocaine, crack, heroin, and rohypnol, the prime specialties of the Jewish criminal structure.

Corruption: Corruption is the act of entering into honest partnership with a Hebrew-American, or any structure enjoining them to retreat you in Biblical terms they find appropriate, instead of the Bible’s purpose as a lie being made open to Christians, the design and structure of the faith. It is Islam as well, attempting to establish a contrary form of Judaism, still the same lie, benefitting and serving Jews by establishing an influx and siphon of slaves and other corrupt and victims above into the Jewish chambers of masters, Judaism being their curse, Islam being their method of growing more powerful, by attracting allies, instead of gunshots into their homes, which they believe is their power, but it is not, it is the only thing that scares anyone.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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