Prostitution Primer

Devil’s Advocate: What is, a devil’s advocate?  That’s an argument made by a politician, not an attorney, towards the higher good, that being the comfort and wealth of citizens by performing a whole function of a system that is natural, not based upon poorly acquitted members of society.  An attorney, adjusts poorly acquitted members, and a politician, caters to proper members of a social grouping.

Bad Boyfriend: A woman, in any stage of life, can suffer a ‘bad boyfriend’, whether a poor husband, a failed marriage, a mistarnied son, a dead husband, a wife’s aid and advocate in a lesbian relationship without notice, a social cause that’s poorly acquitted due to restructuring of gender moralities, or especially an abusive relationship because of an inexperienced man’s advice (obesity, a woman puts on a little weight and a man has sex with her, turning him into a pedophile and trapping her in weight gain, jokes about various bodyparts resulting in social anxiety for women transferred to men as rape accusations for respecting women’s rules in an area regarding same topic of function, or social slurs of terms applied by athletes that have to adapt to a system purged by police cordon due to same preposition of problem as displayed).  This means, somehow, some way, she decides to ‘hook’, find a boyfriend that has ‘something’, as in money, clothing, advice, support, access, drugs, alcohol, police referendum, career, or particularly politics, and she has a temporary ‘john’, referring to the Biblical book of Apocalypse, now structured as Revelation, although older Biblical texts can still be found with the original translations, a man who gives a woman a financial awakening (she goes back to dating) instead of a spiritual one (she develops schizophrenia, sobriety, instead of spirit, alcohol ritual, either one bad, but a passing of age from the original social rite, altered consciousness, exploration, the sisterhood being the prior stage, the schizophrenic being the low man’s lyric of loving this woman, and the social ritual of alcohol being the club).

Cultural Predator: The cultural predator, is a man, who is not a bad man, far from it, an accomplished clubster will tell you that, a low man’s lyric will tell you a slur, and a sister will tell you a lie.  He has a woman, who is trying to manage him, or a son, or a daughter, or a parent, instead of a task.  This means, you are not necessary, at this stage in your relationship.  It isn’t a divorce, a separation, an annulment, or a police officer’s career.  This creates a man who is gay, in some way or form, and if you stay with him, you turn him into a pedophile, and you become a lesbian.  A pedophile, treats everyone as if they are children, and a lesbian, encourages the behavior in others, called a ‘patter’, an ‘old mother’, or a ‘roast duck’.  A trial separation, is always meaningful, to ‘try new things’, to seek a man, who has some of what you sought to bring to your husband, but you cannot.  Once you are wed, it is not a matrimonial vow, nor is it a guarantee of children, but to a pedophile, it is an oath of masturbation, and to a lesbian, it is an act of rape to separate, postured towards the husband.  Instead, you must simply seek another man, even for conversation, an ancient ritual often interfered with, by the cultural predator, the man you’ve created by being a ‘bitch’, the woman that other women reject, for believing the type, of a campus page, instead of your own instinct.  You have sought insight, before instinct, meaning you have to move back into the cycle, by a trial separation.  If you seek resources, children, clients, material, silence, or control, you have failed, and you are now a female pederast, rumored by yourself to be a powerbroker, actually a suicidal female.  And you have turned your man, into a psychopath, an espionage broker, with a foreign cause, not your own country, and he’ll kill you, every single time, from understanding your fear.  So let’s break this down, women, to your social predators.  You have yourself, attempting to govern a unit, the man has not governed.  You have your governed subjects, fighting you, into separation.  You have the other women, warning you against this, separating you from them.  You have your pederasts, the men that go along with you, because of poor advice, from male friends, courting you.  You have the lesbians, offering you riches, actually a relationship of rape, until you recruit a woman to top.  And finally, you have the courts, fighting any man, that is willing to listen, to you, personally, otherwise, they will topple a homosexual male, the beginning of the problem, a man in ignorance of his own error, a beacon.

Pimps and Priests: What is, a pimp?  A pimp, guarantees license, over you, a woman.  He is a low functioning individual, barely arisen from a pedophile, by his own father’s guarantee, at his father marrying a woman for show of marriage, from pressure from his extended family, not his own unit, for inheritance, used to punish his family, for creating a cultural predator, male or female.  A priest, is the product of the pimp, a stolen child, an undercover cop, a beaten kid, or a nun servant’s victim, forced into priory, to recreate the entire system, as a test, by the orders that produce munitions education, through various forms and variations of monastic orders, for police.  The police, listen to monastics, the priest, on their orders of protocol, and from the pimps, they learn how to ferry and trade women, into trades of hard labor, as wives, to support economic systems that shouldn’t exist, from past failures, of women’s rights, such as salt labor, mining, and coal, also oil, diamonds, and gold, and any other metal or gem or fossil substance, including oasis water and animal husbandry.  The onward march of civilization, is in the crushing of women, and so is the threats from the skies, at scientists inventing methods of contacting substrates, things that are meant to be unseen, since we have never meant to be beyond our stars, and they are presumably having failed this test, far more savage than us in our young years, themselves also having failed the tests of logic of their kinder genders, whatever they may be.

Circus Arts and Show: The circus arts, and the shows of design schools, are from children, inhabiting juvenile corrections wards, as a lifestyle, for the sociopathic gene, the heavier bone density to the right of the spine, the police ablative’s gene to the left of the spine.  A police agent, will always take in a woman, if she hasn’t been failed by her on cultural set of predatory behavior, as having acted as a male predator, and a sociopath, will always take in a female predator, as having been a subject of corrections, slowly reduced to the arts, to circus, to magic, to lies, and to design of systems to trap the same shape, descending throughout lines through the left armed gene.  This is the women’s insight, that the left arm should be more powerful, and the right arm, should be weaker, anyone striking either arm being considered a homosexual, by mark of own confusion of fact of state, and anyone with the right arm broken, being considered an ideal mate, any indication otherwise being an admission of homosexuality, in terms of withdrawal of currency function, of trading in currency for a woman, an exit from prostitution, and an entry into service of the arts as a functionary of the sociopathic gene.

Fashion Tastes and Styles: A woman, adjusts her husband’s fashion, to fit their rank and role of society, in terms of her observation of the man’s skillset, upon canvas of his workplace.  If she is not allowed to mingle with his coworkers, he is a criminal.  If she is not allowed to understand his role, he is a homosexual.  If she is not allowed to understand his rank, she is a pedophile.  If she is not allowed to adjust his fashion, he is incestuous.  If he has married a man, he has no rights in courts given the vast weight of heterosexual couplings.  This way, men are kept to check of women’s rights over infancy, the right and necessity to bear children, hence the spread of the human race over the biome, that is Earth, a superior species, from their ability to spread their own husbandry of evolution, through selection of the female sex, instead of other species and shapes of terrace, being shaped by humans, a continual sign of the male’s function, to erect  staging platform, for women to act as male husbandry, establishing bloodlines and cultures, through patronage.  If a woman is not allowed to adjust any of those things, the severity scaling upwards, the male attraction, potential liaison of affiliation, sexual congress, or wedlock into ownership of male’s semen, is judged infertile, hence she has to resort to established case of prostitution, to resume, the male having been judged an idiomatic control-oriented personality, from refusal of his wife, once established in raising ranks, to severe from her relationship to her, the rising ranks of severance reflecting poorly upon the woman, not the man.

Transitions Between and From: The transition into prostitution, is female dominance rituals among women at taverns and lowlivies, religious transition into the arts, placement of self as an abused woman in entanglement, engagement in retroactive sex where the man is removed, an arts career if this is failed, finally female domination with a non-incumbent mate, and movement to the glass, the dating scene again.  If she selects a recreational john, someone who prefers prostitutes, she is failed, and may not try again, she is now a professional trades worker.  If she selects a bondage submissive, with money, she is now a professional scene-set, an artist.  If she selects a police brutality victim, she is now a vigilante, unless unable, then a rape victim, for the flesh trade, at having selected poorly.  Otherwise, she moves back into the dating scene, with a potential rape charge, against any man who fails, aside from the police brutality subject, an art subject, unless she applies psychology, non-belief or disbelief, a lesbian, born to the psychology arts, however having failed at trend, from not identifying him as heroic in proper sense, instead having chosen a powerless role for him, through her own self-delusion, at being infallible, the natural state toward pederasty in her, hence her selection at improper mate was incorrect, she is a line bred to be weaker by various reasons, hence she was attempting to mate outside her potential circle, due to homosexuals, men who offer poor advice.

Permanent Lifestyles of Living: If a man, rejects his placement by a woman, he is a fascist despot, a petty little man who has failed and rejected his qualms with women, and has married out of race, without prior hazing himself homosexual, to do so.  If he has hazed someone else, to marry out of race, and they have refused, he is now a malignant personality, a media titan in his own mind, the term non-existent, actually a satirized term in the arts.  This man forces women into submissive postures, to be animals, often collecting animals, dogs, or ‘spare parts or junk’, fetuses, for a living, and is now transgender, a tactic or trend established young, through desiring a female sibling or relative, and placing the onus and shame on at least one male, his future target.  Constantly referred to as slurs, gifts, or gabs, mocking his foul language and alleged poor understanding of sex, he is a rapist, who is destined to power as an easy mockery of anyone who would pose as him, producing poor cassettes and tapes for men to deaconize and posture as, for power, so any woman approaching with the figure, will be insulted by the male, for improperly guessing their character (nobody).  These women that guess characters, are responding to an improper type of method, called a facsimile, having been improperly raised to be against prostitution, hence they are livery barns, a type of woman devoted to herself, her mother having judged her improperly young to have sexual intercourse, for better or worse, reasons devoted otherwise.

Fascist Referendums of Politics: These are the funnest movements of all time, until they end, violently and brutally, revealed as supporting their own purge victims, besides a select, inner circle.  Made up of ‘plutocrats’ to themselves, the term of a closed and silent system of control erected by ‘campus homosexuals’ as rumor, actually children schooled by their mothers to ignore and avoid the community by reason of the mother’s deficits revealed as the target in purge of the circle, they are unstoppable, since a man or woman, has dated or married a lesbian, and his spermicide, the women’s term for a man being erroneous in seeking a fictional or media idea of love, has poisoned his entire race, for allowing him to exist.  Pogroms, purges, criminal syndicates, massive nation-wide laws, accusations, exiles, plagues, torments, obnoxious media roles, they are all created by one man of talent, who marries outside of law, unwilling to take his own death, by the simplest matrimony of fact, a veteran’s daughter gets whomever she wants to marry, because she’s a ‘twit brain’ in women’s culture, she makes a brief yelp whenever she feels angry, and her father gets enraged, because he beat her into it, and now an entire culture blames their children, for their own faults, and moves out of pattern logic, into schizophrenia, replacing police with confused social workers.

Arguments for Living Welfare: What is, a homosexual?  A homosexual, is carried malignantly, due to their mother, having carried the male child the wrong way, from her not passing an anal expungism, through her cleft of vagis mons, due to her engaging in anal sex of penetration, at any age.  The male child, does not hold properly, because the woman does not pray, she is a ‘Christian’, a rude term for someone illiterate to societal, cultural, or social boundaries, she thinks prayer is a polymemonic, instead of the act of passing expungiating cords of built up saline from holding in feces into her upper intestine, the colon.  This is a man, a homosexual, rumored to be a leader, actually a flunky, they identify ideas that don’t work through their patronage, and if he poses as heterosexual, you have someone that victimizes men into positions of being ‘scabs’, a winner posed as a loss, for wagers logic, a law enforcement clandestine term for an informant.  The scab, the man on living welfare, will rig an entire selection of fact, to fail in terms of antiquity system, antiquity being outdated law enforcement prior to a ‘share’ being developed, a rising class of professional division in an underlaid sect to press sects upwards having prior developed literacy in a topic, hence monetary income that makes them submissive to system, the most freedom at the bottom, the least freedom at the top, the common refrain of the ‘scab’, the traitor.  The scab, sees prostitutes, or broken women, of any type, with impunity from any man on the planet, since they are ‘atheist’, not in the official sense, however they do not engage in sex, unless broken by a ‘bareback’, a homosexual claiming heterosexual marriage, hence they have reduced themselves in efficacy because they are expected to catch a ‘corruption figure’, someone interfering with the lives of families, the scab the natural pick to disrupt the strategy, with ‘games’, wagers logic of gaming or bets, applied off of the monetary sum board.  The wagers logician is easy to spot, he will never, ever gamble for money, and will always select a woman based on mutual compatibility, and will never hire a prostitute except for literal dispensation of fund, a proper law enforcement spy, a Judas Sicariim, the Knights Templar.

Stigma of the Circus and Magic Trade: This is the topic, of the transgender, the man who desires a woman’s bosom, or the woman who desires a man’s penis.  A juvenile corrections family that has betrayed to a foreign envoy in contradiction to law enforcement by virtue of being an informer to a foreign bureau of national territory through mercenary agent of crime, the circus and magic trade is a eunech, if devoted to the police trade.  People who create feminist propaganda (acrobats), design prisons (magicians), or invent lethal techniques (clowns), are all juvenile veterans of incarceration (right bones, denser from spine), that are hired to represent foreign firms of logic, from within police or government bureaus, with contact to criminals, the common petty ante scum that is a cheat of these rules above, men who treat women as if prostitutes and prostitutes as if wives, or alternately women who treat their rights as if empowering in courts, and the courts as if their right to manipulate.  They are the typical fascist supporter, the flip of definition during times of a pogrom, an impossible notion to conquer the world with one due to the simple invention of the human husbandry of family and the terraced system, placing them in the role of a remedial man or woman in poverty, someone who can’t express themselves but their own simplified polydidactic of observation, an insistence upon spelling or code, as opposed to a polydidectic of individual identity, not family tradition of demand.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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