Scientology Primer

Proper Terms Applied: Scientology, is not a religion.  They have no shared history of trade in antiquity used for crime in open admission to homosexuality for pursuing criminal background within religion intended for children’s conjoined morality inside community for foreign state contact.  Scientology, is not an academic form.  There are no academics to Scientology, in fact it is the lack thereof, a form of Maoist Chinese thought without Zazen (Lotus Position) applied, hence it is default pederast, a Hindi study of stolen scripture, intended for safe operand (mathematical task) in society by giving management information to common labor, lacking the Zazen necessary for this function to work, otherwise obsolete.  Scientology cannot sue you, in fact they rely on the myth of a lawsuit, a torte being a criminal or civil suit for applying criminal infraction of existing case statute to others as if a police or gendarme agent, a torte reform being the block of a criminal attack to attain advantage in courts or governments, or a lawsuit, a criminal attack to strip rights before court meeting, used by intelligence services such as the Mossad (Israeli State Defense Services or a corporate front such as the NSO) or MI-6 (Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Alternative Lifestyle or Church of Subgenius) to recruit Parliamentary muscle to defraud a family through recruiting a member to counter past bid of tell (a movement that disrupted a stock market trade of a noble, a petty Armbruster of a cuckold’s family however in money).  Scientology is not psychiatry, psychology, or business, in fact an art movement, designed for wealth through revenge.  So, let’s take each of these stages, working backwards, and explain to you, Scientology, the new Maoism, with no international support, besides the Taiwanese, Puerto Ricans, Israelis, Irish, and British Lay-Fains (IRO, the Irish Republican Order, the Fraternal Order of Police in official name, a Likud union out of Ireland).

Rogue States Governments: Israel, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Ireland, and American Irish Police.  All of them, engage in notarized fraud, for pride, having already lost their savings from the virtue of their origin, in some way or form, such as genome ethnicity (Jewish), failure to register for vote outside territory (Puerto Rico), failure to flee country and instead work in a factory (Taiwan), failure to negotiate and barter with British when a musical band is insulted by a British agent (Ireland), or failure to negotiate, schedule, or plan and instead trusting orphans of Asian, German, or Jewish variety (American Irish Police, the Fraternal Order).  They are needy, pursuing, and non-persuasive, refusing conversation unless gaining a personal market of marque, off the police, some promise to become a television or cinema role, often a Scientology role, a deadly combination.  Incompetent, inconsolent, and inept, their entire family is ruined, from an adoption clinic video, and their doting manner of giving the child extra toys in teenage years or adulthood, reserved for an elementary schooler, when their tastes are cheap.

Artistic Givings: Scientology’s work is the basis of its concerned wealth share, to fund rehabilitation clinics, for political patronage.  Anyone in press, news, wealth, or share, can find a film to show their son or daughter, to play a ‘confidence game’, with a rival, and place them in low income care, to fraud the entire family, such as a father with a son who is ‘inconselent’ in Scientology terms, they’re attracted to a woman the father doesn’t know about, or a daughter who is an ‘anti-Semite’, she rejected Church traditions after finding out that all despots are deeply religious as homosexuals, especially Adolf Hitler.  The father son link is severed, a bond to be made with stepfamily, cousins, or work relatives, always ending in a lawsuit in favor of the father for their legacy (a severed penis disorder of the father, that their son is no longer pissing out their mouth for them, the fantasy of a stalker or conjoined and forced marriage father) or a mother for her ‘come-uppance’ (she wishes a homosexual marriage for her son or daughter, she’s attracted to witchcraft cults, the poorly informed version of a drug user group).

Contradictory Movements Adjoined: Mossad, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Alternate Lifestyle, Church of Subgenius, and corporate Israeli corporate defense forces are the particular fundamental groups adjoined, hiring Scientologists are mercenary pay.  The Mossad is a teacher’s union, supplemented by the Sicariim (Mussolinist mercenaries), MoveOn.Org (Mengele technique anthropology programs), male domination funds and fundraisers (Jehovah’s Witness prosecutor entanglements with insurance fraud), male and female domination (lives of slavery from killing cop husbands or daughters with gang hits from homosexual men, typically Misfits fans, or bondage goth slavery addicts, methamphetamine users, sometimes Confederates or Neo-Nazis, often from the American South or South/Latin America), Church of Subgenius (defrauded children in crime because of a blown stock investment that embarrassed a serviceman cuckold from any NATO, Central European, Catholic, or Jewish watertide nation, especially Israel, Greece, Germany, or Turkish Transalbania, the Alps and Balkans), or the NSO or ISDF (corporate programs to catch criminals, posing as INTERPOL through film funding, or EUROPOL, through claims of United Nations status to Jewish criminals and pederasts, often teachers with bewiddling height, a tall man without shrimp allergy or a short Aryan Jew attracted to a Nazi film piece, like South Park).

Proper Suits of Court Contrary:  There are three forms of suits.  One legal, one with law enforcement status and supervision, one illegal.  Scientology specializes in all three, however inverted on per type, with a reversal on the first two, a confidence artist’s stand, the last one the specialty, hiring organized hitmen, out of ‘parties’, of homosexual men, such as bug chasing parties, with captive, live rape victims.  A torte, the legal suit, outside of Scientology, is for a criminal infraction to law, enforced by anyone, especially a police officer or gendarme or civil agent, also a politician outside of America post-9/11, being improperly applied, such as enforcing without proper office of insight of approved accreditation.  Inside of Scientology, it is failing to enforce the law as a civilian, not a civil servant, enforced through contact to law enforcement, often invoking a dystopian type of fiction, without informing the officer, such as DC Comics and Arkham Asylum as a theme novel concept, intended to be a warning as to the harshness to society of mandatory asylum stays.  A torte reform, outside of Scientology, is a contact to the police, to prevent an abuse of law, the third type, invoking law enforcement, military, and prosecutor’s gendarme agents, to prevent an abuse of the law from criminals, attempting to gain advantage in courts.  Inside of Scientology, it is a prevention of suit, on the grounds that the individual does not understand the law applied, despite having pressed suit with police and attorneys of law from state.  This is particularly vicious, with unjust rules, meant and intended to protect Scientology, and the free press dollars offered to a politician, often homosexual, wheelchair’d, or mustachoied, the terms for supporters (pederasts of southern or northern quality, supporting the disabled as slaves mutual with disabled, or a fascist with facial hair in German officer’s class tradition).  The last form, the criminal form, is a lawsuit, a vicious criminal attack by fledgeling gangsters, often Mossasd, cultists, hookers, or college ‘preens’, a class of ‘prep’, gangster collegiate, inside college programs, hired for support in a Jewish community, for marriage, before a humiliation in courts, if ever, since the funding is fundamentally pointless, the individual ruined.  Inside Scientology, this is production of artwork, for and from a Jewish source, with the license postured as being by a Jewish, mentally ill, or gay writer, actually a transgender press agent, a man who raped someone else in prison, or a woman who aborts babies and children for pleasure of political press token.

Maoism Without Buddhism:  Maoism, is a system, wherein common strategies of management, are taught to common labor, to avoid car accidents.  Maoism was created as an adaption to the modern automobile, as a safety device, in France, then spread in China, as a military system, for infantry.  Zazen meditation, is necessary for Maoism to function, making the entire system unnecessary, making you an automotive instructor, in China, after your retirement, from the military.  This is mandatory, in Communist China, as well as Taiwan and Puerto Rico, to join a military armored unit, if you practice Lotus position, for boxing, not deadly prize fighting (Islam).  It is a pointless system, without a Temple tradition, for military, police, and automotive instruction training, made and ingrained for centuries, perhaps thousands of years.

Scientology’s Religious Claims: Scientology, claims to be a religion, for tax-exempt status.  They are registered as Maoist, in Hollywood logic, with no backing from the People’s Republic of Communist China.  Tax-exempt status, indicates you have the backing of a foreign state, including Calvinism, the US Army.  Hence, Scientology is claiming to be Chinese, without the Chinese arbiting or backing them.  They have no tax exempt status, they pay taxes, like the Church would, based on grounds and aims.  The tax-emption, means they pay taxes, overseas, to a foreign state, through the embassy, through taxes paid overseas, on those particular business interests, such as the Catholic Church and Italy, through the Vatican, a tax exempt status through Rome, a unique object participle, legal in Italian law, not United States law.  Hence, systems work differently, often ignored by Scientologists, such as British Parliament and their systems of control over the West Indies, Canada, and Australia, as well as Papua New Guinea and Tahiti’s joint ownership claim with France.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Pursuit: L. Ron Hubbard was a licensed faith healer in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Berkley Music Institute, in Massachusetts.  He was diagnosed as a pedophile, of own will, castrated, then stole book after book, from musician stores, where gear was purchased, turning the pursuit into an international man of leisure principle, based on James Bond 007, meant and intended to be a dead spy’s calling, a Bond film with self as villain, and Bond as the flawed strategy before title credits, that induced the failing into the Bond villain, still the model today, the ephermal spy movie to burn an operative for being a ‘dumbass’ (you followed a movie), ‘jackass’ (you had poor friends, dumbasses), or a ‘rapist’ (you listened to a British film, meant for play).  L. Ron Hubbard grasped this, and designed his movie concept around the following: “Listen and Abet”, you cease an action someone finds uncomfortable, “Obey and Repeat”, you perform the government ardoured task, only face to face, and “Scan and Audit”, you look at your task dollars from your sheet of returns, and soder it, to return more to you, via a business interest, as James Bond’s character, M.

Scientology in Film: Scientology, has a simple substrate formula.  Each grouping, has a hero set, and a villain set.  The hero at the beginning, matches the villain at the climax, reversing order.  The villain at the end, matches the hero in the beginning.  The watcher, is the order itself, to always be selected, for eventually advantage, the press clear, only in Scientology circles, to support the movement, with a false-dais, a gossip circle to adjoin the movie and assess realty reviews.  Picking characters closing to the middle, reverses them, until the climax villain, becomes the hero, and the climax hero, becomes the villain.  These are meaningless, as there is an indemnity clause, placed in the title of the movie, that the movie gravitates form, transferring the topic matter, into the film’s name, by myth spread about construant alternate consumption of faith.  This Alanon, Narconon, or Criminon, now AA and NA as well.  It is a rehab movement, in primary capital investment, taking advantage of families, for past drug use, an anti-government act through improper handling of war, in the eyes of a soldier, spy, liaisons worker, cop, or politician, victimized by police, through own incompetence of police code obeyed, in a failing of civics instructor, not student.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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