Foreward: Exit from Covid-19

Covid-19, promises to defoliate the flora that is the natural fauna of humanity, with an outlook of survival among five major peoples. Let’s look at them.

Jews: 19 million worldwide. A Hebrew is a superweapon, a living soldier, that will do anything they can upon their own recognizance, unless you pay them, separate in their regards with brokerages such as Synagogues, Temples, talent houses, and barrister firms of logic, and other structures, to seek their hire. When American soldiers took the death camps, American Jewish infantry and Holocaust survivors discussed American citizenship rules of incarceration in business-like, jovial, calm manners, the kibbutz, while Gentiles and Royals and other victims looked on, vomitting at the ruthlessness of a real survivor. They are not pets, they are not animals, and they are not butlers. They may prefer you to think that, if it is required for their paid gratuity, always with the line of work building up through family lines. They are mercenaries. Their shrimp allergy, the prime marker of membership, is countered by a hand-tell pair, and to reverse it, is to invite death.

Royals: 454 million worldwide. A Royal is a neanderthal ancestor, ranging throughout the Old World, populating Ireland, Congo, Egypt, Arabia, Mesopotamia, the Caucausus, Iran, the Steppes, Afghanistan, China, and Japan, all the great empires who still harken a call to curses and magic. A royal will break you to splintering pieces of agony for displaying childhood at any age, preferring soldiers to meal, just one of them seeing through the skies and the whipporwhirls with their sight, the ancient legends of Europe and Africa and the Middle East and Asia, those who have wreaked the most havoc in the world’s misfortune, for having offended the single act of the sacrosanct nature of heterosexuality. Arts, legends, authorship, gambling, and civilization, the systems they’ve built. And death follows with them.

Danes: 92 million worldwide. The long tailbone, gives them a posture suited for long stances standing, seated, or moving. Neither slow nor fast, capable of either but preferring to save their energy with combat shifts called ‘twitches’, nerve muscle reactions, they are long cargo haulers of vice, anything questionable or illegal or perhaps even legal but a poor bargain or barter. With this, they take information, the legendary sciatic gene, photographic recall, their gift to us. They are those that sense extraplanar entities, poltergeists and voodoo men and serial killers and ghouls and demons, and even the night vampires from the sky, their hardness having bred this in, instead of killing those who see them as witches, fearing retaliation from above, called blights. A Dane is a bastard mongrel, and always concerned with their own profit returned margin. Every racial slur related to a gesture or legend of telling of academics for combination or merger, is theirs, to allow you to separate your forms of academia and experience, observation in twine, to know this, if you become poor or destitute, and need to unlock the hidden lesson of your time, just with an act of bigotry, an admission of defeat.

Mesos: 4.6 billion worldwide. The New Worlders, they are China-killers, hunting Protolithic Asians, the Triad Five Colors, by ethnicity, as those who would disrupt a system to create their own. For 60,000 years, they worked Inja, Meso, and Taino, North America, South America, and the Caribbean Antilles, with a system called Wampum, from their Siberian roots. As soon as a system placed there, is moved, poverty comes sooner and harsher, and every time it moves, the poverty grows more despairing, for the entire world that relies upon these two continents and related island chain archipelagos. The more you move the Mestizo, to conversions and queerness and migrations and slaughters and customs, the deeper the pain comes to you, that do not share the blood, for you have attempted to alter a system that already works, by breaking it, instead of working into it and subsuming yourself to succumb, hence your entire planet grows poorer. They are immune to sleep, unless medicated, then they become savage when awake, and they are immune to pain, unless harmed, then they become more aware, and they do not feel hunger, unless fed, then they become more efficient in their tastes.

Fensling: 3,200 worldwide. The original German gene, this once numbered in the billions throughout Central, Southern, Western, and Eastern Europe, and has deliberately bred itself thinner, at great cost to those who would attempt to place them in ciphers and culture and arts. A knife fighter’s culture, laying down the knife is an expulsion from Fensling culture, meaning you are placed into a house that seeks peace and pacifism, then the Fensling will become a common maniac, a serial killer, through children, not parents, slaying anything that resembles the mother, within the cultural archetype viewed. Otherwise, should they betray the knife for peace, they are allowed to leave, unless stolen, then a maniac will eventually return, once the Fensling takes up the knife again. Notable for being squat, heavy, wide shoulders, brutal, tackling, and thick of arm and leg and thin of chest but with hard pectorals and thick inner core of skeleton of abdomen and back. The only thing that is German, and to destroy a Fensling, is to invite Germany into your culture, for a deusergrevil, a loss of peace inducing a civil war, with your side the loser, for having broken a Fensman’s blade, or a Fenswoman’s choice in marriage. The secret is in the right fingers, the forefinger and ring finger, where the blade lies, and once the hand is struck, there will never be forgiveness, for the knife will return as if simplicity.

Cause of Covid-19:

The frivolty in entertainment, finance, and medicine, used without homophobia, the simple concept of boundary of privacy and of ethic, instead of spying, stalking, and embezzlement, from conjoinment of funds and family and marriage broker and arrangement of humiliation in feature, all the marks of the common pedophile, reclassified as a homosexual by gay rights activists, to save classes of sex offender found in wealthy families.

Conjoining marriages, drug prohibition, rehabilitation programs, prison offender programs, social and civics guidelines for disobedient children in other families, conjoined wealth of family by force of patriarch or matriarch, chains of command that are enforced instead of being a test to see if invoked, and especially the military draft, all forms of pedophilia that are classified as homosexual due to utilization by families endeavored into corruption, gay families.

Meanwhile, crimes of poverty, all induced by these gay behaviors from the wealthy and powerful, are classified as homosexuality, pederasty, rape, disobedience, disruption, or other prison terms, never used in actual penal facilities or psychiatric wards, just rumored by those who want to molest children and men and women in real life, to attain wealth among homosexuals, eschewing the rightful share of others in society, due to their own fear and penetrating cowardice at having to perform at the level of others, having selected to compete, instead of achieve.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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