Engineer Primer

Concept of Leadership in Engineering: Engineering, contrary to popular belief, isn’t erecting a bridge (unionized diploma of primary education), working with a hectare type of build (parochial school in architecture, carpentry, mortuary science), or designing a systems sheet for use inside a facility or outside a facility (descended skills raised upwards through promotion over family line, such as stage magic {prison design}, military intelligence {cards and games}, or mercantile politics {Grecian nobility}).  In fact, engineering is management, of the named type of concentration field described (design, industrial, mechanical, automotive, military, insurance, financial, or even institutional, for a standard economics civics degree, in creating a new science by merger of fundaments).

Managed Populace: The managed populace is at work, your prime source of retail, the concept of the labor and workers that sell your product, somehow, someway, whether they’re extracting raw material, fighting together on a ship, signing paychecks at a law firm, or even working at a deli counter at a farmer’s market.  The managed populace is your prime object of protection.  The key, is that workers fire themselves, or request to be moved on the factory floor, that nobody attaches to you unless you’ve been oustered, to keep you from repeating the same facilities mistake your boss made, and most importantly, to spread a vicious rumor about you that only reflects those truths about the individuals spreading the rumors, hence you’ve debunked a poor factory or store or firm or even an Oval Office or press affiliate staff under your control, as a minor aid or an international leader like a Secretary General of the Politburo.

Viewing Falsehood: The concept of always being managed, even in your home.  There’s a few functions.  If someone is masturbating, or having sex, at work, they quit their job, and you don’t have to do a single thing, they avoid you.  This makes workers know when it’s ‘okay’ to take a break, quit their job, take a new task, or talk to other coworkers, maybe even read a book.  You don’t have to do a thing to instruct them, you’re governing from afar.  The prime function, is so people like the boss, there isn’t a ‘Hitler is a Faggot’ reference going through the workplace, about the boss, the boss’s family, and the other coworkers, with members of the office staff and managed individuals trying to find out, who’s playing ‘child fucker’, who changed the workspace and got the prime boss demoted, for an ‘out of company’, a sale.  Disenfranchised workers will hunt forever, trying to find the family, then move your business a rank down in its placement in terms of importance, until the factory, store, shop, or design facility’s ownership gets fired.

Selection of Space: This is the least important space on your workshop bed, from a ‘design layout’ floor call function.  You keep this space, empty, on your management floor, so everyone crowds around it, and thinks they’re being watched, by management.  A poorly designed managed space, causes psychotic breakdowns, ‘feeling funky’, or a drug problem, ‘bad layopause’, or worse, women die and men lose their testicles, ‘mental midgets’ ran the store.

Fictional Allusion: The fictional allusion, is a story from childhood, or a video game if you’re brave and want Link, the new source of engineering mystique for college age kids (that’s getting the girl, matched per culture, such as Link to the Past and the Jewess).  You take this story, and retreat to it, every so often, on your mother’s culture of imbibed chemical, whether it’s a cigarette, a joint, or a bottle of beer, whiskey, liquor, or schnapps.  If your father gets a ‘danger signal’, you’re hitting the same brand over and over again, he knows you’re ‘dead, kaput’, and gets a management verison, on you, meaning you’re kow-towed on a refugee camp to a cop that’s a homosexual and won’t lay off your kid because a parson got him (the Church rank for a pimp).  That means, your kid gets hand and knife training, to take on the parson, and go to jail as the ‘strutcher’, unless he can pull ‘credentials’, he invokes other criminals, to ‘sink the ship’, meaning he swings an election, ‘Atlas Shrugged’, Ayn Rand’s legendary tale of JFK’s election.  Ayn Rand, was a Republican, and JFK died pretty bad, so keep that in mind.

Literary Dynamic: There’s always a literary dynamic, to the manager’s strategy.  This has to match, at level of intersection (not division, separate, that’s finance stage of paymaster, an accounting tipster’s trick from a retired cop that wants to ‘make it easy’, no ‘gun damage’, otherwise a paralysis case from fear, shock, or ‘God Help Me’, a wound on the force, you’re making guns and ammo and rifles, for tanks or some ‘clodhop’, a function for a temporary war to dump the economy into ‘the backdays’, for ‘the boonies’, soldiers coming back from an unannounced war, like ‘Cartegena 41’, the War on Terror).  The literary device, is simple.  You need a second stage, the villain, a goon misfit henchman, and you, the hero.  You switch them around, with you, as the second stage henchman, and the hero, as the other guy, the guy messing with you, without a chain of command to make him the goon, so the prince, is you, and the hero, transferring up to your boss, with you as being toyed with by the hero, the other guy in his mind thanks to you (and the second stage ‘strut’, the landing escarpment on a ski shack in Canada, laugh out loud, ‘God Help Me’), ‘for no good reason’.  The classic, in the Danish Kings of Charleboy, is Robin Hood, with the Sheriff of Nottingham being targeted, for not doing anything, by Robin Hood, so Prince John, is not both Robin Hood and the Sheriff, but in fact, the company labor supervisor, your own father.  At work, of course.  That way, the kid doesn’t listen to priests, and if he sees a hooker, there’s an immediate ‘failure of line report’, if a priest catches him ‘skimming the skiff’, the free sex for the priest from the hookers, and there’s a ‘family alert’, your own kid ‘bombs the major’, he dumps out of college hard, to become ‘the fairy’, ‘the killer’, or ‘the gorillas in the mist’, matching three skin colors of minority (Jewish, Sicilian, or African-Nubian), in the local gang slang of ‘Warehio’, the new home of your kid, who is now on a marketing network he created to ‘push the goods’, for another branch of the family, always a banker (poverty project), a made man (gambling arrest liaison to the police), or the intelligence agency of his choice (terror warfare mercenary duty through civilian attire).

Linguistic Hole in Own Logic: The first stage, is knowing a linguistic term of locality of region, kept separate from your own understanding of how to speak the language, or the language at all, if learned through athletics at the varsity, collegiate, or professional level.

Sponsorship of Style: There are three classic forms of management, those being unionized, counter-intelligence, or notary fraud.  Unionized labor is employed for a poverty contract, that being a production of a subsidized retail such as real estate, development of metropolitan capital, police dynamics, or particularly hard goods such as copper, oil, refined fuels, and plastics, wherein a gross sum of the good is necessary to be capable of production, therefore a long and quite broad range of specialized house labor is needed, their needs seen to in a very generous way with multiple fields of logic, particularly your bonding principle, food consumed in eatery from childhood age to adulthood at any stage of logic, especially the children of the CEO and banking magnates involved, the exact same ‘dupla-foie’, the roast duck, as the lowest worker on the chain, consumed after a funeral of a ‘plant accident’, meaning a firing or worse.  Counter-intelligence, is appropriate for a luxury good, produced in industries such as automotive, watercraft, avionics, and munitions technologies (ranging from a gun to a newspaper, even comic books and furniture, anything necessary to a community function in broad, simplified range of profession to upkeep personnel in a town, and all commodities and comforts completed in finished or particularly assembly stage of logic separate, non-cartel, from community need).  Counter-intelligence, is the concept of a sales team being attached to the factory, not the headquarters, and the headquarters, operating a franchised stage, through accounting, for a double spine, a brace of work, with nothing existing in between.  This way, you will have a forward stage of your work, everywhere, within two to three years of ‘product introduction’, upon review by local police, the entire system ‘sheens’ together, as if a varnish washed tile, so there’s a new recommendation of job function in your ‘per region’, your rebate.  Finally, we have the humble sweatshop, the warehouse, the fraudulent notarized industry.  This entire industry is supported out of a foreign capital housing, and is connected on national alliance, typically a neutral state, such as Spain, Morocco, or Mecca.  This supports temporary workers, hires, and intelligence training programs, to pick out new ‘goods makers’, the guys that supply your market with ‘the garment district’, the Freemasons market for wealthy kids that will eventually purchase something like ‘gum’ (note the ‘m’) supplies, their national needs and markets, through wearing the same ‘uniform’, both the concept of an outfit, and the concept of the same marker throughout a family unit or business location.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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