Celtic Loresheet (The Tale of the Neanderthal)

Celtic Loresheet: 

Roughly 10,000 to 80,000 years ago, Celtic tribes bred into Iberian neanderthals, creating the modern European mythos that good and evil are based on.  Applying these myths, is how one remains moral, in society, and violating them, is how one follows norms, in society, the concept of neanderthals.  Fermented grain (alcohol), masks and hoods (cowls), and legend (gossip), were the three central compositions of these tribesmen, spreading all over the Old World. 


Tribes of Homo sapiens neanderthalis: 

O’Neills (Irish). 

Yorks (Fens). 

Tudors (Alba). 

Rotheschildes (Swiss). 

Lennoxes (Scotland). 

Gonzaguas (Tuatha de Danaan). 

Canaanites (Lebanon). 

Uighurs (Arabs). 

Chinese Wu-Tan (Sun Family). 

Mongols (Khans). 

Komon (Japanese Imperial Emperor). 

Medici (Southern Italian Lowlands). 

Borgia (Northern Italian Palmach). 

Hohenzollerns (Prussia). 

Grecian Nobles (Romani). 

Romulans (Roman Senate). 

Romanovs (Russia). 

Bourbons (Northern Celtic French). 

Clannaboy (Transylvanian German). 

Sicilians (Sicilian). 

Dulchez (Corsican). 

Belreves (Anglican Monastic). 

Charleboy (Danish). 

Hapsburgs (Austrian). 

Merovingians (Frankish Riviera). 

Babylonians (Uruk Iraqi). 

Persian Immortals (Iran). 

Egyptian God-Kings (Upper Kingdom Egypt). 

Noahim (Caucasian Mountains and Plains). 

Windsor (Wales). 

Highgate (Spain). 

Saoirse (Ulster). 

Bangalla (Congo). 

The Paired Set (Bluff and King, Schuzster and Joker): 


The Tanych, is The Bat Symbol, properly spelled uppercase, if you prefer.  A king or queen, the authors of legends and laws, has selected this man or woman, or boy or girl, sacrilege if an elder, to become the Holocaust, the Genocide, the Pyre, the Funeral, or preferentially, the Wiccan.  They have taken a live human being, and turned them into a Warlock.  The author, a Wytch, has taken the Druid’s Rite, and written a story, about one of these men or women, of tribe, deliberately from their personage, placed as an authored set, even in a small space. 

The Circle of Druids, grows tighter as the Warlock ages, the Wytchcraft, the ancient Set of Elders, having lost power, for their work grows complete.  Each time a Warlock receives a written Tomb, proper spelling, they have the power and opinion of the Druid, however performed ‘evil’, in the mind of the King or Queen, the legends scythe (Irish term, the originator of the trade, in Eire).  Evil, is the term for disobeying the moral of the story, but the Tanych, shall select the proper course of action for the Neanderthals, ‘good’. 

It is evil, but done right.  A Druid is the Covensmythe, giving the Warlock an additional tool, per Druid writing, not per part written, the actual part itself inconsequential, perhaps for fun or money, or better, the Holocaust, the death of one’s generation of thought, not particularly life, unless someone has been truly Mad, and figured out the riddle, of the Jew, listed below, al-Schuzem. 


The Sultan, is The Smile Symbol, properly spelled uppercase, if you prefer.  A Jewess, no matter which sex selected, has turned a neanderthal’s hand gentle, so they cannot strike the opposite sex.  And then, should a man or woman stalk, harass, strike, assault, rape, beat, or rob the neanderthal, they will have a psychotic break.  All people have a psychotic break this way, but it is particularly deadly to perform this Rite on a neanderthal, even and especially a Tanych. 

That creates the Jester, someone whom the other neanderthals will yield to, as the King of Ruin, or the Queen of Pyres, for a girl has seen her heart, and wished the death of her father, and supined how to perform such an act; by the placement of a neanderthal, in the military, as a spye (proper spelling, not a spy, different context labor). 

The Smile will go on, with his or her proper inclement of military study or trade, dying over and over again, screaming the only slur to express themselves, ‘nigger’, the calling ferry and trade of the African community, the bond between the Irish and the Africans, the word ‘nigger’. This is the signal for dominance among submissive brethren, a simple signal the combined need and wont of the community, the insight from the Black, combined with the skin of the White, together what the Chinese call a Crow, a recent legend reborn, the Tengu. 

The Trickster, the Injuns call them, the Coyote.   

The Academic Conjoinment of the Schuzem: 

O’Neills: History. 

Yorks: Espionage. 

Tudors: Spymaster. 

Rotheschildes: Banking. 

Lennoxes: Military Officer. 

Gonzaguas: Witchcraft. 

Canaanites: Nurse. 

Uighurs: Prophet. 

Chinese Wu-Tan: Author General. 

Mongols: Stalker Rapist Hegemon. 

Komon: Prostitution. 

Medici: Psychology. 

Borgia: Finance. 

Hohenzollerns: Pediatrician. 

Grecian Nobles: Musician. 

Romulans: Art. 

Romanovs: Navy. 

Bourbons: Cavalry. 

Clannaboy: Murderer. 

Sicilians: Priest. 

Dulchez: Patents. 

Belreves: Notary. 

Charleboy: Engineer. 

Hapsburgs: Real Estate. 

Merovingians: Inquisitor. 

Babylonians: Brewmaster. 

Persian Immortals: Thief. 

Egyptian God-Kings: Summoner of Devils. 

Noahim: Jew. 

Windsor: Executioner. 

Highgate: Gambler. 

Saoirse: Cheat. 

Bangalla: Doctor. 

Situation Red: 

You sir, are under attack.  Prepare for a Mass Psychotic Break. 

Joker is online, sir. 

MI-6 inbound, friendlies. 

Break out the grass. 

In the Event of War, Break This Glass:

Reprint of Past Material:

Jewish Philosophy:

Cop: A cop has to understand that right and wrong, is a measure of arrest, but law, is a measure of reciprocal right, meaning that a cop, in the wrong, is as open to any assault, that you are capable of giving, without being a cop. You can be breaking a law, but it you know it’s wrong to break the law, that’s not incarceration. If anyone breaks a law, they are open to reciprocity of scruple, meaning you can break a similar felony of rule.

Spy: A spy, has to understand that law, is not whole of reciprocity, meaning that if someone is allowed to do something, under law, it isn’t necessarily correct, hence you can take a contract outside of law, free of any politics or loyalty, as long as you have been aggrieved by obedience of law expected of you, at any age. You may have the legal right, to draft or conscript or demand, but that doesn’t mean they have to listen to you, they could become a spy in a service without conscription, and if conscription occurs, there is a shift of loyalty, regardless of style of intelligence employed, the style from a young child’s insight into toys.

Lawyer: A lawyer’s insight, is that the presence of assets is not ownership, hence the use of assets, does not demand nor allow monopoly over assets. Whether it be public commons, or intellectual property, it is open to public consumption, by virtue of being placed in a reputable source window, the view of public. You cannot demand control over any property, when it is being used, therefore you cannot draft labor.

Economist: An economist, has to understand the act of crime and criminal profit, as separate, therefore a crime committed, does not necessarily benefit the criminal, if you are applying academics, instead of criminal insight. You can put the best criminal scheme into play, but it’s legal, because you got it from school, not from a criminal’s view of nobility of their society in antiquity. The criminal world (the antique noble substrata, the enemy of democracy) the scheme is in, fails.

Politician: Politics is the simplest and hardest. When you are in a community, you have to realize when and how it’s queer, and save someone else from the community being queer, by label of self, therefore brother and sister gentry of community. You have to pass it, to a military operative, a soldier, to make them an intelligence officer, not a spy. You figure out how it’s ‘queer’ (you’ve been molested), therefore it’s reporting as others being molested by you, and first on report, gets the politician’s rank, with their own intelligence office.

Irish Philosophy:

Grocery: The grocery store is the exchequer of the people, regardless of what a petty video game says. We’ve been using them since the Babylonian Church, the monetized benefit as a penalty for consuming luxury and comfort, paid out in fermented toxic wines (vineyards) to family if they wish to become a management figure, as opposed to a petty worker, a gay man (a demon). To have children, you must accept monetary blandishments, such as promotions, raises, or bonuses, or else you will become a pedophile to your child (a homosexual in care of child), the term known as a ‘super’, a profligous figure that holds themselves above others to interefere with the lives of all (a fat lard bimbo, the Irish term for it).

Bakery: The child’s vanity, this is the concept of the holiday, to be discarded in adulthood, unless by orders of a ‘fasces’, a false symbol invented by Rome to be taught by homosexual men, and to be upholded by lesbian women that have turned transgender (a man who has ejaculated in a woman’s vagina without fluids of arousal present, or a woman that has fallen victim to this, a lesbian, however having born children of semen, even in caesaran section). The bakery is the test to see if there is a criminal in the community, someone who holds holidays sacred, past age nineteen, a twentieth birthday with a holiday indicating a gang leader, to be ‘shot’ (worked to death, the gun hammer switch a recent invention to get them to shave their heads, for a prison weakling, a bitch, punk, or primo, present as a ‘jacket’ the entire life, by evidence of them having used a buzzer on their hair, the hair never regrowing properly, man or woman or female child).

Savings: The concept of an account of payee, the corporate entity allowing stock into your margin, and a separate tracker of account, your margin of spending, to properly track your obedience to the system. This way, a conjoined family account, town credit union, counterfeited exchequer of checking to rogue political cause, or alternately, an abuse of the system by signal of disingenuity, a parent’s desire to control children, or alternately, a banking spy, a child molester deputy or sheriff’s agent, desire to spy on banking and accounts and parents and children, for ‘hired hands’, the concept of a ship’s crew raised on slavery.

Weakness: The one flaw in your culture, your form of anti-Semitism, your lethal attraction. A particular dish, of grocery if a law abiding citizen, a bakery if child molester, or a vice if a rogue or renegade agent, is here, to indicate what law enforcement should do to recruit you, by offering the particular item. Everyone has all three, because a law abiding citizen always has the concept of a woman that has attempted to forcibly seduce them (unless married, criminal), a man raised on feasts always has a hated grandfather (unless a real child rapist, your grandfather was gentle, you don’t despise him for teaching your flaw in a fight, also your advantageous move), and your savings account credit debit, your sign that you have selected a vice that is legal (what is draining your account, since you aren’t a criminal apothecary, a doctor, the Irish logic firm and sound).

Violation: The violation, is called ‘God’, your form of violation being the salute of ‘God’, the choking phlegm and bile in your throat choked to death when taken on the right rib, with a left handed pike, a dagger, from a Devil, the Roman Senate, the neanderthals highest office, the Bastards of a Sitting Family, the Night’s Court (the Owls). These are the most prestigious gamblers in the land, and to know what God is, means they’ve slain and taken blood, in any form, now a man out of childhood forever, having found some way to get you to die apart from your father, in the culture of the man killing hoped to save them, the admonition of ‘God’ in death, last rites from a priest, a man sworn to God, murder, so he or she may have a child. They have killed ‘God’.

Cuban Philosophy:

The final contribution to the Celtic Folkore is Cuban, invented by Fidel Castro.

Each child, as a toy when they’re young, that they cheat, unless a twirler, a Joker, a child that’s stolen another child’s toys, and now plays within the rules, but with someone else’s means of access, the ritual meant for them and covered by parents, town, and community, to mark another child as Vain, a hapless victim of the system; a gold bullion, a top agent, with the Joker coming into place to become a counter-terrorist, only if his father approves, which means ‘never’. His father has been slain.

This is the Celtic myth as well, having created an al-Schuzem as a child, with the man creating him, not a Druid, Wytch, Warlock, Schuzem, Night, or Owl, instead a Ruth, the man who would beat a country for just being there. He was always excellent at art, they say, but he never quite understood the point of a painting. It’s not for an art gallery, it’s for your home, as newlywed. Perhaps it may be in a gallery some day, if you be a rich man, and you have made work of the painting, but this man, the Clown, never understood it, and put his green bush’s head, on top of the Jester, to steal him. All a Clown does is steal, from an honest circus performer, a clown.

The Coon, the man who robbed Cuba, Bautiste. A toy thief.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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