The Raconteur’s Guild (Spies, Batman, and Leadership)

If you want to return to Anglican tests, we can examine the concept of the raconteur’s hall, the gambling and bets parlor used by spies in some old shanty or tavern, where there’s a single sucker, the guy we put in leadership, and there’s all the old villains. The Batman, one of us we prefer, and the villains, the spies in service to country, friendly or foreign. To be a spy, you can’t kill a spy. It’s not some technocratic mages guild from a roleplaying game, or a battlefield with rifles, or a police precinct with lockup in a foreign prison for a bad cop. Being a spy is a society, we’re afraid of those guys, the nerds and dorks and geeks, the guys with a lockdown and the guys with the guns and the guys with the prison belt. Spies don’t kill spies, it’s the concept of an office worker, that wanted to serve. We all read Batman, but you don’t get who Batman is, unless you understand nationhood.

Mad Hatter: Spain’s Batman. We get to have an easy tactical demonstration of priority intermesh. Each board game, is worked out, longingly and painstakingly, with careful precision and tactical objective. The field follows Mad Hatter’s orders, regardless of raconteur’s belt but within skillset, with a custom set of diverse instructions from literature, just for you. Mad Hatter is your father, at home, and he wants to protect you from the Devil in the Woods, Pan, the concept of disobedience.

Scarecrow: Italy’s Batman. Scarecrow has no sense of fear, but a strong sense of aversion. An Italian has to backstab their entire allied unit, to smuggle the east route/root into the Levant, that’s the Holy Land. They have the Vatican, and they tip the Vatican, to put them all into atheism as believers. Scarecrow will have direct evidence of an incoming battalion, and not believe it, just to position his men.

Riddler: Russia’s Batman. Riddler is a piracy family, and Russians control the Navy from infantry far away. Russians hire the Riddler, through the Okhrana. Riddler is placed on a bunk unit, in production. He bunks out the entire unit, towards a peacetime production run, a series of weapons, that are all experimental. They step up in a vanguard, as a breaker unit, in Ukraine, not Poland. All the spies work production, for vanguards, to get broken, by the foe, before the real workers, the farmer Soviets, are touched.

Joker: Ireland’s Batman. Joker sets up a complex ruse and riddle game, to serve a small part in the war, with a concept of signals contact, to bring in his entire friendly unit to him, one by one, to establish different drop spaces, and acquire more mercenaries, using ‘trades’, restructured pieces of popular enemy fiction. Joker’s references are for watering holes, not bars and taverns, each with a considerable element of theft from the author, to mark it as Joker’s sign. The author is the enemy, and Joker’s sign is himself, offensive to his own sense of national loyalty.

Britain: Catwoman’s Batman. Catwoman is a professional thief, a monarch, they serve everywhere with dozens of husbands, all of them dying not for her, but to kill her. Catwoman expects to be loathed, and even taunts her direst supporters, and if you are polite to Catwoman, she knows you’ve betrayed her. Catwoman has a life outside of sex, and that’s her family, her God given life of this Earth, having cursed her father with a daughter, a great man of some criminal background, especially a royal family, the scummiest bastards you could ever meet, with every sort of criminal behavior tolerated.

United States: America’s Batman. A cowboy Jew. Hugo Strange is a prison inmate, that comes from a working class family, that studied foreign culture while incarcerated, and comes out as a top scientific specialist, running for generations in the trade. A Jew is something only another Jew understands, the ability to pick up any trade, and do it well, for a mercenary supplier, of the same tasteful meal discovered upon inquiry, and support of a cherished pet, a dog. Children come second, the dog comes first. Abuse a dog, by patting it or ruffling it, and they hear, and they cut off your balls, and if you don’t take a complaint, something was wrong with the owner, and if you snitch, it was a pig’s dog, fuck them.

China: Mister Freeze’s Batman. Mister Freeze, lost his wife to the anti-war movement, and she was killed, and he puts her face everywhere, in the simple concept of a book signal, that of an underage girl bleeding death. Cross Mister Freeze, and you’ll see Lady Death and fall in love with her, jacking off like a prison bitch to a woman, his wife, the one who opposed your hardline ways and turned you to the military, as she intended. Mister Freeze was any scientist you might meet, once, and now he’s a soldier, in a spy’s life.

Germany: Killer Croc’s Batman. Killer Croc, is a genius and an athlete, forced to be evil, by children’s bustlers, low class carnies, so he puts a homoerotic move everywhere of different types, to recognize the opposite of the signal in strength of position. Killer Croc is forced to be evil, for being intelligent and being an athlete, something that a misandristic pig woman can’t understand, so she breeds her children to be like him, in the form she understands as proper, to create more of him, a scholar-athlete, and a man of letters that can serve.

Japan: Two-Face’s Batman. Two-Face, has the concept of a two cent, the opinion represented by court, math, and currency, with a single side indicating your removal from voice. A union, a council, or a trade, all forms of labor groups, have the concept of pairs, that being the manager and the labor, and if you pick either one, you lose yourself, and the other has the voice, the penny. In which case, you have been snuffed out of society, you didn’t listen to the people, the prosecutor’s guild.

Arabia: Maxie Zeus’s Batman. Maxie Zeus understands the symbolism of cults, and enchains his entire battle force to cuneiform pictograph, to meet and recognize each other after a battle, but to separate under the individual force of intoxicant of delirium while fighting. There are no rules to Maxie Zeus, only the invocation of the culture you face, your foe. Whatever you are fighting, you place on a simple script, and you show it to a spy, a soldier, a husband, a wife, or a child, and they will fight it for you, for your eyes bleed glory with God.

Africa: Harley Quinn’s Batman. Harley Quinn is a rape victim by her own hand of martyrdom, becoming more than she is by slaying in battle through the simple concept of retreat, drawing her foes in close to her, then abandoning them. You are left to confusion and wandering when facing Harley Quinn, and someday you will return home, but not before she changes you, in the mirror house, that wherein you ponder yourself and see your imago, not your woman when you left, but that of your bait.

Scandinavians: Poison Ivy’s Batman. Poison Ivy is a woman with actual children, regarded as fake, since she intended to test them in martyr’s battles of courage, to see if they live, and if they die, they never existed. It is the test of womanhood, to raise proper children to live, and should one die, there is one less child per man in the generation, the mother has failed her culture, until all of the Vikings are no more.

India: Great White Shark’s Batman. Great White Shark is a man of power, that went to practice crime in another country, and became a Sleeper agent in the tradition of his favorite film. He returned home, a Troubador, and is now a man of influence, not a man of monetary wealth. His games all involve the deep slumber of the common man, until you need him, then he can become a proper spy.

Brazil: Bane’s Batman. Everything about Portugese culture is sports, as is anyone they take in. The Brazilian sports leagues have a single rule, no juice, unless you’re the Jew, you got a Jewish wife, or you have Jewish blood, then you have to pump it, hardcore and on the steroids or whatever fungus they pump into you. That’s how you become a champion: you cheat, like the Moor you are.

Israel: Penguin’s Batman. Naval intelligence never looked so good. Politics, power, and weapons. You were never one of the spies, you’re just a college kid off the streets, but you know the entire game, and you know just how to dress spy, matching the other competitors on your game of chances. The raconteurs depend on you for lawyers, access to politicians, and funding, and you have to look the part at all times, even though a Jew was never a spy, just a Jewess in love with a man named Richard Milhouse Nixon, the Spider-Man.

Holland: Mister Zsasz’s Batman. Wagers and bets are all a serial killer knows. Plenty of people know how to gamble, but if you can break even just the right way, the game is yours. Victor Zsasz is clever, cunning, and simple, without a day’s schooling beyond the way to cheat a test for someone to take them down, and accomplish an objective for the quizmaster. Everything is sports, nothing is chance, it’s all just luck, his control of a system, and your neck.

Red Power: Clock King’s Batman. It’s an insurrection. We have a single comic print, Dick Tracy, and we like it. Everyone is a guido sometimes, but not a rustler. That guy is just dead pinderballs. We are Big Boy, the League of Sports, and we print from the ballpen, and we take your copyright, and take a shit on it, all slurs and curses and implications intended. Clock King desynchronizes himself into someone else’s timezone, because the clock is useless, it’s just when you obey the movements of the moon, sun, and sky. Not stars, that’s where the Grays hide. The ancient enemy, the government’s workclocks.

Indochina: Black Mask’s Batman. Have you ever been a hero? A Minh? The Menace? Martial arts, ceremonial battle, business of the arts, Sun Tzu, they never existed. Nobody did those things. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, for a little fun. Squash in the champion’s locker, a book printed to help people help you, maybe a TV show. That’s who you are, you’re the real hero, the man behind the mask. And the mask’s eyes are colored blue.

France: Ventriloquist’s Batman. Subterfuge was always a French word, not one they understand. The key to Ventriloquist, is that nothing about him is in the list bit misleading, hence the honesty is disturbing. Ventriloquist will give you a forward trend, and then, it will seemingly appear, through witnesses having created it. Ventriloquist cares about sex, that’s all. If the sexual stamina of his boys are strong, then the goons are long. Just get it in position, and you can march it up there. More boys for the Foreign Legion, dodging murder charges because he married her and moved.

Hungary: Lex Luthor’s Batman. Why can’t Lex Luthor be a Batman villain? You run the cops, you run the town, and you run the intelligence. Everyone needs Lex Luthor, and nobody knows where he is. He’s the chief capital investor in culinary resorts, he can get you any pie or cake or scrobnum you want. He’s Lex Luthor, Lois Lane’s favorite date to the ball. Let Superman handle the hard stuff, Lex Luthor will just feed the office. He loses money every time, but don’t tell Lois, then she’ll have a story, and Clark Kent will stop inquiring about his favorite Drake’s Coffee Cakes.

Yugoslavia: Penny Plunderer’s Batman. You didn’t think Penny Plunderer could make it? He’s always made it. He’s the news. The sole voice of the press. The little newsman, with the big scoop, the criminal conspiracy. A conspiracy, is a particular interest, against one man. And criminal, means it breaks infraction rules of law, in court’s ruling, it’s a lawsuit. So we’ll play a little dirty, we’ll cheat the taxes just a little. But it’s the black market, don’t worry, it’s okay. That’s one for Napoleon, and two for me, Backslide. To the shuffleboard it goes.

Greece: Zatanna’s Batman. An actress. Imagine that? Every villain horror freak’s nemesis, until he meets you. Your job is helping the accountant, the common man, by inspiring him. You can pick and choose the world to save, just for you and your preferred man of the evening, by the role you pick. That’s Zatanna. The common stage. Magic.

Cuba: Film Freak’s Batman. So you don’t think a movie is fun? What if I put a round in you, just around the table, and take the big bet. Film Freak is a temporary role, some say, but the shoulders grow tired and your biceps grow old. Imagine just taking a new life on, with a simple acting trick, and going through a metamorphesis. You won’t know if you’re gay, until you try. The secret was, you were turning gay, before you tried, now you’re straight. You noticed something, around you, that didn’t make sense. And then you adapted, and here you are, a wiser man for it.

Hispaniola: Solomon Grundy’s Batman. There are two sides to Solomon Grundy, the winter and the summer, and in his culture, he’s the Lord of both. In the hazy shade of winter, he’s an avenger, healing people with his medicine, and in the bright shade of the sun, he’s a dealer, making hearts break with his wisdom. No matter what, wherever we find Grundy, we can find the single hand of his lack of memory, blinded by the trance, the recovery from his long intoxication with love, that he mistakes for medicine, alcohol.

Mexico: Killer Moth’s Batman. All range of comics and cartoons and movies are in Killer Moth’s arsenal. His specialty, is dampening, taking down foreign spies and agents. He knows how to dump each, into a trap, with a villainous side to a propaganda piece as a unit, however each operative as the hero lead themselves, identical in webbing culture of a tall ship. This way, on top hire as a rogue, he can dispatch himself and his men to the field, coming out of an art gang at a recreational center or apartment complex, and become a hero from the same artist group, each of them hunting their own favorite in different was, a cross-hatch.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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