Camorra Lockpick (Protection Against Espionage)

Espionage, is the seizure or acquisiton of assets, as opposed to a federal recognizance, the forfeiture of own holding to place under indictment as sample test of muster.

Lockpick, is the Camorra game, known as ‘The Agency’, in Italy. It is a group of universally drawn together atheists, raised in the Catholic faith, that prefer to think of priests as pedophiles (instead of God), smoke marijuana (instead of chewing tobacco), gamble with monetary sums to learn intelligence maneuvers (instead of relying on textbooks to be predictable and viewed), and to abstain from violence towards individuals displaying the Christian ethic with forgiveness (contrary to Roman thought prior to the mass psychosis created by Christ and his Temple on the Mount speech).

Last employed by Benito Mussolini as ‘frogmen’, the scuba division, the Camorra answers the call to war in times of anti-Semitism against Jews in Germany, caused by a ‘spot’, England, France, or Russia. Spainards represent the neutral party, the pool hall (a billiards lawyer), and Polish represent the Checkers (removed permanently from play, for attacking a Camorra agent with a spy’s locus inside an ‘off spot’, a country last responsible for a genocide inside Germany). Germany is regarded as a region notable for poverty, with no real ethnic identity, instead a place sought by those desperate for parity of living in price and neighbor.

The Camorra is responsible for smuggling Jews, and their holy texts, out of Germany, through Italy, to Cyprus or other locations, when the pogrom occurs, serving any country but always opposed to the Vatican, ‘the police’, who seek to control the outcomes of military alliance through the sidelines, ‘Communism’, a non-governmental organization’s influence on the dictum of history in terms of war (often a political party in consideration that controls a country without opposition). Each time, the Camorra moves up a ‘notch’, an industry of influence, while allowing the Jews to move up beneath them, into a control alias, while the Camorra only takes an influence alias, to punish the last country (England, France, Russia) to cause the genocide, by using their influence business places to generate serial killers and homicidal madmen out of their genetic ethnicity or anyone claiming ‘Scottish’ to a Camorra, regardless of reason or true identity affiliation.

Thread Waggle: When a patron of saints, a bright but tragic man or individual claiming Scottish is spotted, they are an ‘archway’, the cantdalona term for a ‘man of representation’. They are placed within the ‘racket’, the false delusion they are in cinema, actually a supply job of the Camorra brotherhood, and instructed to tell their parents they are taking priestly studies from Jesuits, while the menstruation is record ‘off the books’, for back taxes. They are selected for telling a German civil servant leader, a ‘boss’, something anti-Semitic. This is equivalent to a metal cord behind the lock of a safe, so once the cord breaks upon the lock being picked, the safe cannot reclose.

Jughead: The supply chart, is the off the books record of whom has worked at the firm, to lock them out of business. The firm, is the term for the Camorra’s victims, the man of saints, and he is given extra money off his record that would normally be his tax share, registered through income charts with Israel, the Haganah, or the equivalent, and he spends it, on liquor and booze with the workers (Dock 120, the slang) at parties. Eventually, from the strain of the extra money for no reason, he becomes a serial killer. This is equivalent to the rounded circle of the lock, having a watch inside, a quartz chip, so a mathematician understands the lock as a fraud, and doesn’t look at the inner components. It is used against Triads, in China.

Bollweevil: The influence market, is the tracking of spots, the Irish, and the police, through Vatican expenditures exposed by priestly studies for the infirmed, the future psychopathic madman that cheats the system by declaring Scottish and becoming a man of influence in the serial killer pedophile community, a ‘famous monster’. The spots are England, France, and Russia, and the one causing the genocide in Germany, is ‘off the spot’, they don’t have an industry, until they return, while Spain, handles the litigation, Germany, is the public service branch for the influence industry, and the distribution to the influence industry, is handled by the Haganah, out of Greek ports, Moroccan shipping, or alternately, Canadian finance logging, depending on the ‘racket’ in play by police, or ‘the enemy’, the press. Every time there’s a pogrom in Germany, the new country is ‘pushed’, they have an indemnity suit, while the old victim, is brought back in, and the Vaticans are taken off the spot of their industry, with Irish in their major neighborhood of politics being given service badges to be cops with a major Mafia bust (taking down Vatican city officials with the Church, not the Camorra, the atheists, with the town unions). Then there’s a union heist, and the old group, gets their industry back. A cheat, off spot, results in you being given ‘Checkers’, a rival country forever, such as Poland, China, or Nicaruagua, for cheating the game by attacking the redeeming son (the Camorra signing on with the draft on an off-the-spot, from an Italian military service branch, naval intelligence typically, on a local espionage mission). In lock terms, this is the amulet, a brace on top of the safe, that does nothing, but indicates what kind of gold is inside – with a blank brace, (i.e., no brace), there’s something valuable, for the safe owner in a collection to know that this is his ‘money’ safe, to keep away from the Poles, ‘them licks’, since they already robbed him and found the brace safe.

Poker Bullion: The bullion is the cubehead, the source of litigation on housing for placement of requested industry to enter the Camorra brotherhood. The Spanish, have to match ethnic singularity of both name and constant appearance, to the industry on the spot, to put them within walking distance of their jobs, so the ‘on the lot’ trucking and cars are accessed and a large parking lot is not used, to save on space for ‘thieves and crooks’, cops that think the Camorra is the same as the Mafia (‘kykes’, this guy reads novels about life). This is to spot police at work, and also the man of respect, for having a different name and genetic appearance (the cross of both, is the man of respect being targeted to turn into a spree killer). This in a lock is the padlock, however with a chain extending from the bottom, inside the mechanism, so the chain pulls upwards on a ring when the lock is attempted to pull at combination, to make a tinkling sound on the metal of the piping it’s hung above.

Spark Drum: This is the comics trade, the sitcom profession, the standup industry, and most importantly, the hospital evasion network. This is how we get the picture, of the guilty party that pushed a button on a Camorra, took a Mafia plea in court, or killed a bunch of people for us (or by us, if it’s a Scottish, we need a new horror movie villain). We send in the Jews, not the Israelis, to get the scoop, as a ‘white’, we advise on a preferred form of dispatch on factual information, anything else is ‘just plain rubbish’, a hobby, unless crossing over, then it’s a ‘love affair’ (cops). The spark drum, is the photographic error on a travel case someone holds, to make them think its locked, even though it’s just a leather satchel.

Riverdale: The Riverdale is the region known as the ‘lockpick’. For whatever reason, it’s a cross country southern suburb hotbed municipal with an airport nearby, often private flights. This makes the entire region murderous to figure out, leaving sole responsibility of direction to the German civil servants, the ‘clerks’, the holdover of German intelligence from the last war. They are all fastidiously Jewish, from studying Jewish habits and methods, and then taking their ‘cover face’ on, after predictably losing (they were starving). They are not unashamed of the war, because they are now poor in America, instead of rich in Germany, which is the same thing in every which way, except now most people have what they don’t. A riverdale, in lockwork, is a reference to a comic book panel, as a method of gaining entry to a safe, in a basement, to look for a particular piece of memorabilia, the safe is hidden behind.

Slide: Known only as ‘The Haganah’, this is ‘the boss’. Whatever the Israelis say, goes, unless you have a gambling problem, then the Israeli was working for the Vatican all along. Controlling the distribution for the top notch, and the access to the Jewish industry of gift for the booze-up party, whatever type of ‘dough’ we have for the ‘big fatzsfah’, they can take or leave anyone on the streets, not in the Camorra (thugs), but the man of respect (the Mossad foreign job, to die screaming and crying, because you dropped a hoagie in a happy meal, masturbator). This is the warehousing, wharfs, and shipping industry, out of Greece. The slide is the part of the lock where you have a special toy, a tool, to open the lock, any time you want, by placing it behind the calipurn, the grandfather’s weevil, and opening it with a snap, the lock opening as if a door, so you can see if its been broken inside, or to remove the wheelbase, to replace it elsewhere, leaving the lock useless and fused shut, forever.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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