The Injustice Society

So who, are the nemeses, of the Injustice Society? Who are these evil pricks? Let’s find out.

Blythe (Hellblazer, Magician): The devil witch of the royals, Elizabeth Lennox II of Tudor, Queen of England, Regent of Buckingham Palace, Sovereign of the British Empire and Chief Seat of Honor in the British Commonwealth. Obsessed with marriages for wealthy homosexuals out of poverty, her servants and minions work like drones beneath her, any of them practicing a line of study out of accord with a wealthier member, struck to a homicidal line of inquiry, any of them stealing a woman from a less prominent bloodline, struck into poverty, and any of them succeeding better than a younger member at the same location, placed into a linguistic bind for a cultural class to enable a form of weapons usage as a soldier of the Crown.

Byshe (Hawkman, Professor): He prints Hebrew, left to right, instead of right to left. They’re a homosexual terrorist, a Slavic teacher. The enemy of anyone that wants to create experimental academics, they cause psychotic instruction passes and cop frames at college. They spend their entire life, mastering how to cheat with eidetic recall, with Lovecraft. They don’t want anything new, all they can do is get someone else to grandstand their idea. As soon as they spot something new, they accuse you of being them. They’re Charlie Whitman. When you make something, you’re them. And then, as you, they pass it. Eric Frein also. A special forces. A baby knee. His mom stroked his head, behind the ears, under his lip, around his nose. Methamphetamine addict mother.

Circe (Wonder Woman, Spy): The anonymous girlfriend, someone’s mother. She’s been taken by her husband and family, and wants the former or present paramour from her own daughter. She cheated on her husband with a man, and now his son, rejected her daughter, for having the stink of failure. She harasses every man the mother has seen, and every woman that could ever hook up with those men, as a concerned parent. If she has a son, they talk like a fag.

Felix Faust (Zatanna, Psychologist): A Buddhist accountant. He takes a horror movie, and saves the setting of the film, with the horror monster. He understands each victim of the slasher, as evil, and analyzes them, as his relationship to his identity, giving each a sign, that the setting is evil, for the reasons of their death. Felix Faust is a Triad spy, that mastered calculus echoes, and converted to the religion of the damned, shinobi, to become an assassin with a rising waterfall set, moving through types and shapes with a wife in mind, but actually seeking the permanent indelilable imprint of redemption through art; the ultimate dream, seeking the child face in the monster. Halloween, a Taoist Priest.

Gorilla Grodd (Flash, Scientist): The professional athlete, boxer, or shoreman, Gorilla Grodd isn’t psychic, telepathic, or anything special, he just thinks he is. A military officer, Grodd uses telegraphs, hypnosis, drugs, enhancement, references, magic tricks, and notes chiseled into sleeve books called ‘board maps’ (references to topography and sights) to move about and hunt enemies. He wants to make you think he’s telepathic, even as a professional athlete, his favorite form of fandom or actual competition. They all share the single common reference of the stolen face of rape, each of them with a big gorilla grin indicating their first act of private and personal fornication against someone’s will, the mutual spot of any cartography to indicate importance.

IBAC (Captain Marvel, Journalist): An FBI agent, he’s a little stinky janitor that refused to act against the law or have fun his entire life, then he made a deal with the Devil, a military recruiter, to become a cop. He holds his shit in, all day, to work, then shits outside your house, if he wants to bust you, as part of his ritual. A woman beat him for pooping during a blowjob. They blasted stinky wet bowels in a woman’s face. Just splattering shit, all over their girlfriend. Now it’s IBAC, an FBI agent, an anonymous pedophile.

Joker (Batman, Armsdealer): A fire fighter, that doesn’t like people having a life. He eats drive through and heat up pizza all day, nervous and paranoid that any house is going to burn down for having any type of activity that would prepare you for highschool honors or college or grad school.

Lex Luthor (Superman, Writer): A cop, he can’t take a dump without worrying about being fat. He ‘doesn’t like where this comes from’, ‘where this is heading’, ‘where this goes’. It’s a premature ejaculator. He just sits there with his wife all day, worried about eating. He makes moans and groans and orgasms, and everyone thinks he’s kidding with his humor. He’s not, he’s inseminating in homosexual lust, without an erection. He bent his dick trying to jack off. He can’t even remember anything without prayer.

Merlyn the Dark Archer (Green Arrow, Freemason): A CIA agent, they think they can convert to Islam while retaining the intellect and knowledge of any collegiate, marine, army soldier, naval sailor, or air force pilot, but they don’t drink and can’t do drugs. It’s a frothing, moronic little dummy, that you can squeeze, and it’s like a middle finger has been crammed up their asshole, whenever they pose on camera to salute their country. Like the little show dog you buy a CIA when he’s a little kid. A CIA agent gets off on being penetrated as a pet. They practiced on their childhood pet, an expensive show dog, to kiss it.

Metamorpho (Plastic Man, Mental Patient): He needs a set of four, to confuse mentally ill, to mark them as criminal. He jacks off with his thumb clenched in. He’s a transgender, a Marilyn Manson fan, a Satanist. He’s Hollywood talent.

Prince Orm (Aquaman, Autist: A musician, a person with an autistic or disabled or Down’s Syndrome in the family. Prince Orm brings us truly great things, but at the expense of a deep inferiority at a disabled in the family. Whether it’s a mental illness, mood disorder, or diminuitive form of function, Prince Orm seeks to outdo someone who looks up to them. A man who strikes his wife, becomes a bad husband, or seeks the stage show because of a man in the family they hate, or a woman they’re associated, Prince Orm is a rockstar. They seek to exemplify the imagined habits of their disabled relative, while also having the talent that comes from using their father’s profession to shame their fans into an act of sadomasochism they act out in private with their spouse.

Sinestro (Green Lantern, ROTC): A priest, he always thinks everyone else wants to be a priest, so he has to scare them out of doing anything without his personal attention. He’s a child molester. He wants to see you masturbate, hear about your day, watch you type, get involved in the activities of youth, be on the news, talk about a simplified version of your ideas, spy on your classes, correct you if you already know something without a discussion. He wants to jack off shaking hands with you. To turn someone into a priest, you teach them that you can secretly have sex with a woman, by doing something any man does.

Tobias Whale (Black Lightning, Teacher): A prison homosexual, he got beefy and jacked to survive lockup, and worked at it his entire life, because he thought black people, listened to music performed by Africans. They listen to gaming music, video games these days, poker and pool and piano hall back in the day. He’s Hitler, a wigger. He’s an undercover cop. A wigger. He thinks a prison homosexual is on top. It actually means he gets accused of having sex and isolated from other prisoners that walk away from him all day long, because he believes prison myths that he spreads out of humiliation. He’s just a lonely little boy in a prison cell, sitting there, sad that nobody wants to fight the man that won’t jack off.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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