Collective Bargaining Types

Collective bargaining is the concept of modifying an industry or an economic postulate by establishing various forms of communicative systems with individuals involved in classified forms of labor. Despite being commonplace and commonly misunderstood, unions are complex and important, however simple to explain on an elementary level.

First, a basic set of terms to employ.

Ecology: The concept of a group of abstracts shaping a concrete environment in analysis.

Economy: The concept of individuals working under a territory grouping to improve the lifestyle of those inside the territory.

Gross Domestic Product: The share in market from production, before return in percentage density to population income is calculated.

Per Capita: The earned income of a household, if audited by survey record (particularly census), calculated from viewing burden to economy of household’s upwards ceiling of income.

Company: The concept of a group of individuals acting as an economic unit.

Corporate: A housing division of labor that produces a particular mark of product (a classification of purpose).

Corporation: A ledgered and contracted service of wealth to the community.

Private Ownership: A corporation owned by some form of concept ownership of state brokered to private individual, hence taxation and served returns in exchange for benefit from government.

Public Ownership: A percentage of the corporation is owned on international share, allowing the corporation to expand its business with a collusion of open assembly to other nation, province, sector, corporate house, or banking union. A brokered company.

Business: The concept of a method of operation in continuing tradition of family, individual, or region.

Firm: A bonding of business concepts under management.

Union: An official concept of labor, management, or government, working together as necessary of at least one, otherwise a syndicate, a grouping of criminal inherence due to margin of purpose (the net benefit to society decreased by personal interest).

Now, we have our three union types.

Labor/Trade: A labor union represents an entire classification of labor outside of economic unit of accounting, to a net detriment to GDP.

Voice/Firm: A voice union represents an internal review of firm’s labor, to a net detriment to Per Capita.

Sanpo/Triad: A sanpo union represents a worker’s council wherein management meets with employees to determine health of firm and receive suggestions from workers, a net detriment to collective.

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