Linguistics Primer

Definition of Linguistics: Linguistics are a concept from Africa, to divide the “black” man (Negros, Hebrews, and Arabs), from the “white” man (Europeans, Asians, and Mestizos). A certain type face, is placed into the language, to divide tribes based on topographical necessity, while uniting in ethnological purpose of tribe, given function towards exploitation of own cultural resource of weakness in region. This way, the linguistics, placed into power and ability by homosexual submissive psychopath (missionary), any given student of linguistics, can be illuminated across the civilizations in the region, to work together (diplomacy).

White Linguistics:

Cyrillic: A language intended to mimic homosexuals (gays and lesbians, premature birth), as if a same function, even in sexual effect, however along the lines of so-called “Slavic” morality (the Viking function of trade with Russia). This way, the malnourished mothers, may still have a role for their children, as doctors, while Slavic spies claim to be doctors, actually “malnothings”, a failed children, whereas the rest of the Cyrillic states such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Yugoslavia, pursue their standard venues of career.

Germanic: The Hunnic languages, these are any language modified by gross definition of slur. A Germanic language set features a set of pronunciation modifiers, to make the language more powerful, capable in the print of any language set possible, except with a deliberate marker as German, hence anti-Semitic, marking any given language out of black society as inferior. The battle language of the white tribes, German is incapable of forensics, the backwards difficulty of language, but can always create a new model, impossible to learn once inside a “black” language, but fortuitously easy by instinct by basic grammar studied to learn how to recover from any mental defect. This way, anyone studying the notations and marks, found throughout “white” language, can spot themselves as angled against “black” language, and in the firm bound of the European, Asian, or Mestizo world, used for all history commerce of “Gypsy”, professional mercenary contractors hunting unions born outside of Rome.

Greek: A language intended on bonding shipping powers, around the potent Caucasoid area of influence through the core groupings of civilization, that being the method of raising children to be potent and poor at the same time, rich children being considered homosexual through deliberate breeding of allergies into the gene pools of the rich. This way, there is a defecation complex into the dietary supplements of the rich (they shit their pants), for a method of controlling currency trade powers into submission, for anyone approaching wealth for the control of the wealthy, that being one’s own membership in a power, for a human sacrifice of own child born beneath first eldest male.

Orient: The language of ethnicity and bloodline, this is the understanding of adaptation and animal husbandry, taken from the Afghan lands and used on the human being. The entire concept of family, economics, firms, business, and war, is from the Orient language bracket, using the locality of waters, ponds, and rivers, of the Indus Valley, Han River, and South China Sea, as the wellspring of life, the Ganges (sacred, polluted, never to be touched unless death is advised), the Yangtzse (poisonous to labor, only to be invoked if visiting for a trail way), and South China Sea (the banned template, to approach if a convict seeking a new life, chancing the typhoon). These three ways, in the language, are the way of the racial slur based on three sets, two normal modifying the first, and the third, to gesture, the way to escape, or alternately, with accent of dialect and region, the normal speech held within same language, or alternately, the shouted, the polite command. The banned form, is the whispered to the lover, the promise of death, of a home invasion, that of rebuke of rape, the terminology of fact of having used a foreign way for own territory, on anyone, with the speakers of Orient language and linguistics being given high form, for whatever curse uttered in the sleep, in any language, particularly your own.

Roman: The language used for alphabetization of trade, that being the diplomatic foray into other civilizations for portent of slavery. The export of addictive, debilitative, and tendency goods is the Roman alphabet and related languages, romance languages. Divided by function of military power in trade pact, these languages are bound by Latin, a language wherein the events of a time are recorded within pattern verified by match to work of art, hence the artistic statements of a time are shown within prime culprit as incumbent, while the individual inducing is given the role of hero and villain simultaneously. The villain, is the plot of narrative to society outside of fiction, the Roman term for a record of events, while the hero, is the title narrative of the sequence, with all others as victims, having been quashed and summitted in term of their malfeasant intents towards society as countered, portrayed of course as assistants to the hero while fighting the villain.

Wampum: The language of the Native tribes, and the Anasazi born below the modern city of Laredo, Texas. This language is a cartographer’s commodity language, wherein a good’s distance, is the worth of the good, and the direction, is held within multiple ropes with markers in oral tradition, hence a computer, a calculation machine. Measured in ropes, symbols, calligraphy, and walls, this is the last trace of the Siber people, instructing on how travel relates with trade topography, guaranteeing wealth for anyone studying the linguistic form. There is a single central glyph, a word for grandfather, unique to first woman rejected, or if speaker is a woman, the grandfather, matching in set in terms of recognition of term among betters, not peers, to unite the speakers across the basic function of case sensitivity, the code of an automated system. This way, we can always tell what is more valuable, given distance and space of time, however anything less valuable, is nearer, hence to be protected.

Black Linguistics:

Akkadian: This language is the concept of deity, taken from the malformed place of physical labor, created by architect and carver. A physical edifice is a judge, a prosecutor, and a king, not of these people existing in flesh, but only in material, therefore everyone is poor together. The art of Mesopotamian cuneiform, they guarantee that a man or woman can never be rich, rule the kingdom, or practice law, only the artist can, through the wheeled chisel hand of an artifact on public review, whether it be a pillar or a museum.

Arabic: This language is a canine’s tongue, used to mimic those that you desire food from, taking the bed of mated wife and defecating on the man robbed, to sleep in the bed and steal the woman to act as a pet, herself a mother if she learns the language, otherwise to be feasted upon as a wolf if she refused Arabic as a linguistic tongue. The language of an animal, and a bestial being, Arabic is used to take the shape of others, in biography, through distension of the tailbone, through rubbing of the head, the latter an induction into schizophrenic antisocial psychosis, the former the development of self into a defecation obsession, to mimic a hound.

Bantu: This language is a lock’s mouth, used in discrepency of religion. Intended to guard against thieves, concepts are given weights, measures, bypasses, statics, and shifts, to lock and hold and unlock and deviate, given nearby variants and dialects. This is a structure for religion matching government, where any secret way aligns with the laws of the land and therefore the conjugal bliss of the people meet together, in shared maternity. With the lock in place, nobody can invade and win the people, but if learning Bantu, a marriage is fostered and a new land is forged.

Congolese: The language of plagues, deaths, faith, falsehood, and survival, Congolese language sets take an individual born to be evil by their face, whether a human or an animal, and gather them, to practice medicine in terms of the grouping of civilization. If someone has an odd trait, they are hunted for being outnumbered, some kept alive for the recovery of a world of humans, a village or city, others for refusing the sainthood by the option of the preacher of linguistics, having been given a bad mark. This way, life and death constructs itself around an emblem, with the afflicted being the cure of the land by their death, and the saint being murdered in sacrifice.

Coptic: The language of symbolism and of corrections reform, Coptic works on the Thoth set. A set of physics, chemistry, and biology, matching rules, component, and observation, is restructured or crossed in determination of code in a variety of ways, the restructure offering a job, and the code removing the job and reimplanting it, for suicides and shifts for children of caste of society given lateral. The kingship, is offered to all, unless a thief, then a language called Nizzic is introduced, the term of hieroglyph read right to left, to induce a mark as a spy scribe, for the penalty of thievery by outcasting self from system by declaration of own minority. 2-3-1, the sacred code, places every root inside a caste, and the affirmative-denial crossed with the denial-affirmative, is designed to removed caste, inducing death, or if a child, promotion into barbarism, ‘barbarism’ the proper term for a more combat defensible soldier’s arm.

Hebrew: A language built on two codexes, the Nizzic language of Egypt enscribed into mathematical meanings in terraforming of land, and the induction of lunacy of astrological cycle to sense demons between worlds. The terraforming of land, being right to left reading of print with connected cycles of character in typeface, with building strata in math marking homosexuals or pederasts as mathematically erroneous from attempting to memorize cycles instead of use logic and slow nature, versus the left to right, with the same face, inducing psychosis in all that attempt to write in a foreign tongue, after having mimicked the script, having been found in nocturne of immortal being of other world, to purge the spirits and remove from power over man. This is the holy tongue, to slay any that wrong mankind by attempting to adjust field harmonics along theater, or alternately, attempt to place falsehood in the mind of man without attempting a field harmonic disruption, the secondary piece of language.

Saharan: The language of Sahara is that of prostitutes, the Moorish legacy of using women as whores, not hookers or dommes or trollops (all of them their ancient terms for the bounty granted to white traders). A mother of a Moorish warrior, is a whore, a woman who will do anything for an incompetent husband, the poorish Moor, in the name of her future son inheriting the potency of his power, with the wisdom of her methods at seducing women. A failed Moor, seduces a man, with a kiss, meaning he is to be put to death by other Moors, after raising a child with a prostitute, a woman given to economics, her swiftest science and brightest aptitude, not to be shared by the husband unless he’s a transvestite, a man humiliated by Moorish jokes and jibes, without being brutal in response of language given harsh terms of the African people. A Moorish language, is vicious to men, and sardonic to women, vicious being the treatment of a woman only to her husband, or sardonic to a man if used as if a Moorish woman, the definition of sardonicism being the lure of a Moorish man into admission of homosexuality by virtue of gathering defeated warriors to be removed of their testicles (a common wedding party between a white cuckold and a black man already humiliated, and all the men and women marked as non-bigots, weaklings, by the Moor).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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