Personal Notes from Red Skull (The Axis of Shoe)


Superman Helps You (Or: How Dale Carnegie Turns You Into a Loser):

You know, Superman’s been there.  He’s been through the bad times, and the tough times. 

Summer of Clark.

With a self-help book, inspirational piece of literature, or personality manual, Superman knows just how to turn you into your fondest desire: Superman, the guy writing the book (or to Superman, the guy reading the book, you).

First, we need the memory, of when you hit rock bottom.  Describe it.

Then, you need to identify a vague body of work, that you studied, to attain your present position.

Third, you need a system, meaningless and arbitrary, of reviewing the advice he’s given you, to study the body of work presented’s meaningless advice.

Finally, you need a product name for your book, of what you, Superman, wanted to be, before you hit rock bottom from being Superman.

Now you have a cloning machine, for your real job, ruining the lives of children by making it so they were never born.

Now, you are God.


Methods of Employing DC Comics Franchise Heroes (A Cavalcade of Techniques):

DC Comics characters, when employed in real life, have a number of methods available to the user.  It is suggested you only use a single technique over a period, to build your skillset, unless you are a Zazen practicioner, in which case, you can use them simultaneously or in blend or in paradox to disarm another practicioner.

Batman: Counter teachers and professors and Orient (Muslim and Eastern) contract and finance organizations, all of them linked, by employing villains from any work of fiction, with a single hero based on an insight from a mentor, that is seen as villainous for a deficit aligned with a set of heroes within the culture, the special Grapple Line, for escape.  (Grapple Line: Ultra Magnus, crossdressing to get laid, no sissy fingernails to open the Matrix of Leadership: Cipher)

Superman: Each academic course of study at any level of education, elementary, middle, highschool, university, graduate study, or continuing education, has to be researched for the historical founder of the science, then a single business strategy is employed from the biography of the figure’s life, in understanding of the user’s line of study.  (Study Field: Personality disorders of famous academic founders, applied to Maoist Historical Analysis)

Green Arrow: A Scout or Freemason that employs counter-fascist technique from a fraternal or sorority or fellowship child organization, with the various secrets built throughout the time, with a single true arrow for a kill based on a famous opponent that could never be defeated by your organization.  (True Arrow’s Sight: Otto Skorzeny, induction of Taoism to explain enemy trick, thus defeating it by making it look ineffectual.  SS Commando, Sabotage Division, Austrian Stockcar Circuit)

Green Lantern: An altar boy that always agrees with a Jewish woman’s prognosis when questioned in regards to an individual prior established by self as an anti-Semite, for a benefit in society.  If the strategy fails, extraterrestrials are blamed to police, particularly federal, since most humans are abducted before age 5, and if not, the human will be abducted later and given leukemia.  (Altar Boy Position: Inquisitor, refusal of Jewish role with reference to father, for position of female as Bond Girl – Your Mother Wears Army Boots, Bond {Engineer Killer})

Hawkman: An individual that is a first generation expatriate, that develops a form of academic based from culture of parent before immigration.  This is framed by making their local form of environment, in terms of the home form, with a natural technology or artistic technique or academic pre-existing as the non-focus of the work, however the work will teach it.  The Hawkman’s deadly technique is placing the focus of the work on the intended teaching form, for a rampage on the academic technique’s target’s behalf.  (Academic Form: Korean Itachi System Applied to Mussolini Inversion – Alteration of Fictional Meaning Through Combined Position War Game – Region: New Hampshire)


Pre-MacArthur Japanese Animation (These Sick Bootlegs That The French Made):

Japanese anime, when introduced to Japan by France, was a science.  There was a target group, a potential banzai signal for a fencer dance, and of course, a set of predicted sexual fetishes to spot where a trainee was in terms of their military skillset.  The Japanese now make this at random, because MacArthur burned everything, and established censorship rules, for art that does not do this, listed elsewhere in this guide.

But I’m French, and MacArthur, once made me poop in an unpleasant way, by sneaking around the bathroom.  That means, he wants it.

Stage A: Design a single system set, with the most easily spotted reference, as the protagonist.  Then, layer over your intended theme-set, as the reference signal outside the work, so people will know which propaganda you are speaking of.  There must be a title, a gibberish word, in the language of your choice, that is a name, of the target bracket, and a theme related to an animal, in any way that the sexual fetish is avoidant to, in the local culture of women.

Stage B: Each character, must have method correct, personality incorrect, while every organization matches this concept, but a single target organization is method correct, personality correct.  If the target organization is self, this is a fencer dance, a banzai. 

Stage C: Each set of sexual fetishes, taken from the animal theme, which may be ninjas (birds?), hotrod racers (fish?), or even track athletes (pet rocks?), has to have a self-loathing trait on a character, with a victim trait inside the banzai, unless by self, then it is a combat dominant trait.  The sexual fetishes displayed, will be the selection by the trainee that has accomodated to this culture.

Stage D: Each sexual fetish and linked accomodation, must have a single marker of symbol, for public and private identification as a pride symbol and inside as a potency signal, with the accomodation as the transmuted form, taking the animal (fetish), the theme (vehicle), and the training type (fantasy). 

Stage E: The final stage, is taking the fantasy, with the vehicle of the show, and the fetishes of characters, and arranging them in a conflict form, with the target organization, if other, as impenetrable, meaning this will make the show view another as the government, hence the soldiers will be massed to survive by employing the combined set of three, as a fighting style (fantasy will be the training, vehicle will be the camraderie, and sexual fetish will be the killing blows, with the overall reference to the name as the cadre and the reference to the anime, as the discussion piece for passed signal).  If the target organization is the protagonist organization, then each organization must be diminuitive, with the same above noumen, however the other organizations will be forced into submission in defense in the mind of the anime practicioners (this is a closed distribution, obviously), this piece for a “police action” (you have already acquired this particular region of control).  After the police action, the soldiers will self-destruct, requiring a new anime (standard propaganda) or a liquidation (permanent deployment while new soldiers, using a pacifist, non-propaganda art form, move in – the banzai survivors, marry into the local culture).

This is the entire Mongolian art set, gifted to the Japanese people in the 19th century, by the French.  The villainous French.  It originates in Islam.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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