Personal Notes from Red Skull (Fascist-Socialist Movements on Heroin)

France (RAEL):

Monty Python (Creating the Most Shameful Things About French Culture – Poppin’ Gnomes):

What if I told you, that France, was a clear and present danger?  It’s clearly there, and presently, it’s in a situation of danger, as there is an economy at stake.  Perhaps they could do with their friends, the British!  The British know, that power, comes from the most shameful things about a culture. 

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have created Monty Python, to whore French women to German men, for extra stink and fecal odors, so they could win Jewish brides, women in rotary repetitive disorders that treated everyone as if they were Jewish, for easy mastery of form, however the standard purge of memory of error when in tears, the compatibility factor of manual technical document.

Why, you have met the humble Editor, Captain of the Crimson Tide Mutual Assurance.

French art thief, employee of MI-6 asset muster.  What is asset muster, you ask?  Why, a secret agent, the only man you can throw in prison that nobody cares about, and nobody knows why you’re there, and nobody misses you.  The humble janitor, the subject of media propaganda for financial gain.

The guy that flew the Enola Gay, Astro Boy.

For this particular exercise, we must consider our goal, and before this, our method.  Our goal, is to get the French, to create the most shameful portions of their history, for the British, however in such a way that it induces the behavior, in any French viewing, due to the French obsession with killing their mother, since their mother, uses marriage counseling, on the father.

Then, our method, therefore, is the presentation of the show, each portion, as a beleagured French husband, your father, getting humiliated by an American, a dreadful American, actually your mother, seperating the long-standing bond between France and America, with your mother without tits, that thing the French have so much of that you have come to hate, for humiliating your father with a psychiatrist and a little notepad, such a measely thing, a doctor.

Is it Hitler yet?  Close, Hitler, was French, but only in spirit.  He had different British art.

To move this forwards, we must take a portion of French history, and place it, as your father’s job, to produce it in the leadership period of the time this was performed in, the father’s job as the leader of a British architected firm, always a pedophile in pantomime of British culture, and the cruel hearted American as the criminal form at the time of the period piece, regardless of what period of American you’re drawing from, even before colonization, if you can isolate a progenitor culture, such as Moors, black swindling rapists, or Arabs, astute business men running you like a corporate slave on a pirate ship (the Editor). 

We have, respectively, from the Moors, pederast cops, Sherlock Holmes, or French art thieves, Crusaders.  Both serve the King, of course, since your mother is an American whore, a harrigan.  The question is, identifying the proper criminal role of your intended Janissary, your slave soldier to Turkey (which is you, this is Muslim art, how to break a man’s balls in revenge for killing his wife at a game of Shananasta, a Muslim game where you throw a stick at a man and if he catches it, he dies, or he does not die, if his wife does not look, with a bloody knife duel if the rules are broken by the refusal to act out the negative consequences of the rules).

Simply put, you get him a new wife, and put him through his father’s nightmare, a Muslim psychologist.  A faggot with a hat.  Except this hat, is a tricorner!

To purchase the French at a buyer’s rate, more preferable to a Crusader, simply pantomime the father as your culture of control, instead of Britain, and keep everything else.  Hello, Rael?

Ireland (DOX):

Dr. Who, and the Media Corner Hedge of the Sciences (Asperger’s for Dummies):

The BBC is a savage force to be reckoned with, one that specializes in thieving for the British Crown, never touching its own entrails, unless you’re one of the butchers, that labors in deep mines in the human reality, such a reality that it has been created by other humans.

The Master once told me, that I should not be the Doctor, but I told him, that I did not care, with nothing more than a smile and silence.

A media corner hedge, is taking a fictional concept, based on a science you want to control by making the science topic, display autistic tendencies in non-genetic form, so your special education mentors can control those displaying the aptitude. 

You take the fiction that the science inspires, and you place it in the natural position of the hedge, so they will attempt to take advantage of it with a criminal plan, a cheat, while playing honestly, since it is a two-way motion, across a right angle, a trap.

One direction, is heroic (propaganda, the introduction of the concept), and the other direction, is neutral (money, the defeat of the concept).  Without any other elements of stagecraft present, the viewer of the science, will other perform a report, or attempt to make money, off their academic purpose.  That means, they will ask you how to do something, and you tell them to get a job.

Their scientific form, is yours.

United States (NYPD):

The Best Trick the Devil Ever Played (Was Houdini Founding the Mafia):

Where is the Mafia from?  There has always been criminals, there have always been societies, groups, thieving rings, cultures, guns, ammo, booze, bars.  But, it all used to be legal.  You needed a license, to sell a drug, like alcohol, or tobacco.  You needed to pay taxes, on a gun, you just bought, and the gunshop owner, needed to keep a tally, of his stock. 

You always remember a criminal.  But who remembers a cop?  A cop, is a wizard.

Houdini created the Mafia, a policing society, devoted to the contraband trade of everything once legal, now under the tight grip of police unions and fraternities, to make their own profit, instead of being slaves to the government.  The concept was simple.  Once, someone asked him, what if Jesus Christ, served in the Roman Legion?  It started him on his path, to founding the myth, of the International Mafia, with criminals, that didn’t remember the cops that pushed the drug on them.  The drug, of prison.

So, where did these informants, these vigilantes, Batman’s legion, come from, these heroin dealers?  Christ was a heroin dealer, after all.

His magic act, of course.  Imagine hearing of the most amazing magician, with art and posters and tapestries and gimmicks and bally-hoo, circus talk and bustlers, advertising a world famous magician.  How does he get so much press?  How does he get on the walls?  Where are all his fans from?  How do all the kids know about him?

Houdini, was Batman, a pig.  And a dope peddler.  And a liar.  And a rapist.  And a thief.

In otherwords, he was the new narcotics officer, the guy who made a humble guy selling fruit out of a cart, pick up a gun and kill a guy who wasn’t paying his taxes.  The rest of the Mafia, is myth.  Just magic, Wicca.

Houdini, would offer to sell you a ticket, and once you bought the ticket, you’d come to the show.  It was an invisible hole, the ticket, a hole, that had never been dug up.  You were getting money, for the ticket, you bought, the ticket was free of charge, just for show, to fill the theater.  A guild hall meeting.  He’d tell everyone, like a standard motivational speaker, that the ticket, was him selling you the ticket, not you buying the ticket from him, and that he was giving you money, with an interesting story.

Legions of cops, using the trick to force people into crime, since that day.

Now, police families are independently wealthy, and very few of them carry a badge or revolver.

They’re just vigilantes.

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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