Gay Culture Classes (The Unfortunate Legacy of Europe)

Throughout European history, there’s been something, called ‘gay’. This isn’t necessarily homosexuality, although homosexuality is included in the line of behaviors. This is the basic denial of what you’re doing, as wrong, the gay man reasoning that because he’s capable of doing it, there’s no problem with it.

It makes you stupid, that’s all, that’s what the problem is. You aren’t immune to your own neural decay of effort invested to product achieved, and that’s what women like. So you’ll end up banging a fatty.

  1. Viking. The most ancient form of gay, this person kills a woman, to kill a man, to claim his housing, for vacation, countered by a Frankish torture of a ‘weakling’, performed by label of self as planted document, then removal of genital function, if woman has already been moved to safe marriage by like planted document trade, hence the Viking, is now Lutheran, and poses as Irish, however is German.
  2. Doctor. The decay of the entire concept of college, apothecacy, and vocational trade, the doctor, nurse, or social worker, wants you to commit suicide, by creating different warnings not to do it, throughout society. They make it their pride to arrive at funerals, gravesides, and hospitals, where they work in all shapes, slowly killing people, as their source of monetary income. They are commonly tacit pederasts, performing outreach, patronization, and forced assistance.
  3. Nazi. Otherwise known as a ‘hippie’, ‘longhair’, or ‘okie’, this is someone who admires Roman, Greek, or German culture, but is into the mythology, not the actual physical trade science of abstract, the cultural consideration beneath our society. Drugs, booze, needles, fast cars, stupid bumper stickers, Jesus, all of this is contemplated by the Nazi. A parent will experiment, to create the Nazi, with their own ‘special idea’, from ‘psychology class’, or perhaps ‘Doctor Spock’, an episode of Star Trek, asking their child a weird generalism, as a philosophical question, to ‘raise their child like an adult’, creating the Nazi, who experiments on others as if live carcasses to understand how mathematics functions.
  4. Euro. The male victim of a foreign language immersion program that’s learned Cyrillic, as opposed to a traveler to Europe that’s been beaten by one and now plays an accordian to be polite (unless both, a Sped Nazi crossover, refer to places 5 and 3, respectively). They entrap others in legal aid suits based on common, popular culture and literature, and often operate a law firm, in their head, unless ‘Hitler’, the victim of a Sped Nazi, the ultimate fear for a ‘Viking’ (refer to place 1), since they are doomed anyways, and given to the Viking as a prank victim.
  5. Sped. Someone who performs physical labor, manual labor, athletics, or even standard compulsory schooling, with a cheater’s trick, to ‘compress’ their bodybuilding into giving them an awkward ‘atlas’ form, as if in a cheap cartoon by a comic book author. They slowly accrue women, family, and children, then new wives, stepfamily, and stepchildren, and through that grandchildren, and family policies are passed down, creating a living hell for anyone a rank higher on the order, with someone ‘new’ present to calculate backwards; once the sped makes a ‘fumble’, attempting to groom the new addition, as if the old chosen addition, the monetary loss is calculated backwards, to a financial point where there is a murder attempt, on the second-newest (the victim) member, so they can kill the newest member next, by patronizing the ‘next rank down’.
  6. Mob. The most complex criminal organization on the planet, the Mob makes movies, cartoons, and video games, about cops, on television shows like Law and Order, Gotham, Miami Vice, Ballad of the Green Berets, and even the notorious Casablanca. Used to get cops to kill witnesses to trials on the Church, when the Church is involved in wrongdoing and therefore withdraws from consideration of guilt or wrongdoing, the Mob is Hollywood, operating on the theory of writing any locally famous snitch, as a villain, to the ‘theme’ of the show, the class of snitch, based on a campus professor’s union.
  7. Biker. Retired police informants who beat on soldiers, because a local child was given a headlock for thanking a soldier for his service (while the soldier was drunk, and angry about joining the military, to work a mop all day, called an assault rifle with blood and chunks screaming from a dead Arab, ever since the invention of the sword in Rome). Bikers hang out in packs at bars, murmuring and rising in voice when the agree with the local Druid, then passing on the information to police informants to snitch on the entire family, including the Druid, once the wealthy members of the family have reached “Aristocracies”, as the subject the Druid is ired about (often the fact of existence of a homosexual in the family that stole the Druid’s idea to see prostitutes, but sees males instead).
  8. Banjo. A ‘known pedophile’, this man was framed for child molestation for being ‘swarthy’ and being crushed on by underage women that desired huge, voluptuous asses, based on the rumor he wanted to perform analingus, before being castrated by a local police sheriff who had married an Italian. Now a mercenary film student with references to a local cartoon series he is unaware of (the local film and arts department), he often moves from place to place, in the minds of film students and the lawyers hunting them for marriage, but is actually in one local area, making references to his ‘banjo’, that being all the elements of his demise, in the actions of his mother’s Bible Study group, that arranged the downfall of Christ for her child, after one of her family claimed ‘Christ was a sorceror in Rome’. A Jew was ired that she wanted to raise Batman.
  9. Geek. The assembled clergies, this is produced when a woman, asks a man, to get into a particular playwright, band, artist, musician, or even a historical period drama resemblance, and sell merchandise on them. Desperate to get laid, they sell this artist for the rest of their life, with the sales intensity of the woman’s hot, rancid vagina in their mind, pushing art and sciences from ancient Europe or Israel or the Middle East or India or even Space World (books and the internet), to the common public, as priests and deacons and scientologists.
  10. Budo. The legend of the Batman. A karate scientist that a woman was once in love with, forced to become the Joker before his day by the powers of Anorexia, a false Muslim convert set up by a swarthy man of Southern Charms, Lex Luthor. Searching forever for the man that stole his beer, Superman, the President, the Budo goes in and out of rehab, hospitals, bars, taverns, banks, his family’s safe boxes, withdrawing millions for any cheap drug that could easily be purchased by crime, taking credit for horrors of the world, all wondering why he was placed in a detox unit for drinking underage and going to college at the same time, like everyone else did. Unbeknownst to the Budo, he’s expected to marry his cousin, because his parents are racist, they think boxing, is having a tiny penis, not boxing, meaning you practice meditation, and your penis gets two inches longer by average when hard, the only man capable of giving a woman an orgasm, not his father, who has a floppy dong, flaccid and long when not erect.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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