Syndication Organization Culture of East Asia (The Concept of Trade Within Wealth)

Contrary to what you might think of a crime syndicate, as persecuted, impoverished, or illegal, India, China, and Japan all have a far different culture of the ‘syndicate’, and while it often matches Western expectations of what a syndicate is, it’s a more benevolent and of course devious culture, ‘devious’ combined with ‘benevolent’ matching a cultural expectation of skilled commerce, with no opposite portending, the condition of dualism considered to be grounds for imprisonment as pederasty (shared, in philosophy, by the Editor, who does not use dualism, having discarded it when he was a child as expected by an American school system).

Syndicate: An organization allowed by the national government of a region, particularly the origin country, used as an embassy support agent, or for business with foreign nationals at the level of political influence – therefore with a legal purpose.

Panth: A social movement group, called ‘Panthers’ or ‘Yardies’ in America, working out of China and India, for influence abroad in outcast members of society, working information brokering for anyone that has assisted the home government in such a way as to remove hatred, competition, or race crimes against any ethnicity out of Asia, but not based on religion, the one prohibition to action and also mandated demand of membership to consider assistance. With five colors, (Black, a military dropout, Blue, a school dropout, Red, a vice dropout, Pink, a prison dropout, and Green, a college dropout), purveying intelligence in politics, music, police, gender, and environmentalism.

Triad: A ring of individuals that can be called upon by a home government out of mainland or island Asia, they are organized in three potential ways, singularly or combined; class of wealth, strata of skills, or nation of origin matching ethnicity. At least one, is mandatory, and Triads otherwise work jobs as artists, government employees, civil servants, or lawyers. They perform works of art, on hire by a national government, corporate influence of any nation or skin color, or banking investment union (Tong or Western bank, mentioned next).

Tong: A bank/treasury/grocery/legal/regulatory body, the Tong is what the Americans think of as a bank, any banking corporation used as an embassy in China or India or Southeast Asia, however used as civilian defense networks in foreign countries where a bank from Asia is present. Tong membership features a simple matching game in a circle tileset similar to tic-tac-toe, nine rows at widest margin, where one has to lose their row-match, once, to win the game, votes tallying upwards as each game is lost by the Tong voters, to decide any action given expulsion of a member for a criminal action (anything considered a felony, or even misdemeanor, in America, being a charge, unless licentious, being provoked by a racist from an Islamic mindset, particularly Panths, but any street gang in general, considered a default street criminal if Islamic, the Chinese word for them being a ‘chink’, for fasting and portending themselves as a social movement, the origin of the term, as a street thief, beggar, or liar).

Zaibatsu: A criminal gang made up of layoffs, downsized employees, and general criminals, in Japan, they have corporate sponsors to control commerce locations of sales, neighborhoods, and causeways of shipping or freight. Operating in engineer’s logic, with senior members being potential spies in the Western notion, actually members who have been incarcerated by police and therefore forced into Western espionage logic, out of manufacturing engineering logic, a custom that takes place in the West to breed an espionage agent (the transition from engineering to intelligence, as a career). Zaibatsus are used to protect Japanese neighborhoods from the police, by making arrests and enforcing neighborhood legal crime, mythically the Yakuza, actually a common confusion, since Yakuza also control corporate interests at times.

Yakuza: A federation related to automotive manufacturing, petroleum trade, and paraphenalia thereof like gas station equipment, car tires, and anything else involved in automotive, avionics, or drill hardware. With famous members such as George Soros (Yamaguchi-gumi), George W. Bush (Ikagawa-kai), and George Steinbrenner (Kwangpae), they also deal with Turkish intelligence organizations such as Exxon-Mobil, OPEC, Hezbollah, the government of Turkey, or the Egyptian government, and have deep ties and roots and resources in Non-Aligned Movement countries such as South America, Brazil, Africa, and Eastern Europe, a non-contended zone to Russia, since Russia depends on them for a broadening of influence in petrol markets. They are prohibited from dealing with the Japanese Diet, however its a hazy rule given their ties to the Catholic Church out of the Vatican Edo embassy, and the Diet’s political policy of making religions as a secondary finance conduit the political backer in politics (established by General Douglas MacArthur, as well as the policy of making Yakuza undercover informants on behalf of Catholic organizations, another Marine Corps policy).

Ministry of Security Services: The Chinese intelligence wing of the Maoist movement, this is a government agency led by universities in all countries, conducted in joint secrecy alongside the British Commonwealth, throughout the United States, the British Commonwealth (Canada and Australia, among other nations membered), and the European Union. Devoted to startup finance (Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, but not Bitcoins or Crypto Currency, that’s Mexican’s intelligence outfit, MS-13), they offer a free service, then place Chinese cultural engrams on it, to develop trade networks in Western cultures for sales of raw exports and ‘petty trade’, such as medicine, anti-psychotics, toys, garments, and camping supplies (the latter a new fad in China, given homeless rates skyrocketing, and Chinese industrialists seeing a solution in outdoor gear to make it through indigent subsistence living and exposure from harsh climes).

Self-Defense Forces: The Japanese SDF makes video games, engineered naval vessels, and films, the entire Japanese art, nautical, and film industry as one combined interest, a listening post agency devoted to spotting megalomaniacal threats to world peace, working alongside police and civic organizations to prevent criminal activity that threatens civilians, even to the rank of opposing enemy nations on friendly terms with NATO if they endanger civilians while carrying out intelligence missions, particularly ones defrauding the common good with theft, seizure, and legal means, the SDF empowered to use criminal hitmen hired out of the YMCA, given a second chance at life and an anime shoot character (such as Golgo 13, one the Editor’s received in an anime).

North Korean Assassin Cadet Corps: Using ‘telnet’, a North Korean hardware installation in a modem, capable of access anywhere from a North Korean, Singapore, or Vietnamese ‘scanner’, through telnet to anything the telnet server proxy (the term for a program used by telnet as a ‘bridge’, to access a telnet game to another piece of hardware), the North Koreans are a highly paid assassin core of film makers, animators, and actual street operatives given free merchandise (‘merch’) on the expensive Hollywood, Bollywood, and Japanese films produced in their name, rarely Taiwanese and Chinese also, since those are different intelligence ‘compartments’ (the term for a working synergy of dynamic form, in common workplace terms – actually a dominance tree of interaction in role before intelligence conduct is applied). Hired by any woman in exchange for a conversion to Buddhism and an agency status applied out of a mercenary hire (rarely a police officer, unless a ‘commission’, a country has been offended by America, the only case file in operation), they will publicize someone’s death as any character that the Leader and his top cadre staff can manipulate, throughout their entire life, and sell the merchandise as food and funding to North Korea’s starving destitutes, ruined by South China Sea winds after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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