Structures of Communist Movements (The Core Constituency of Office Drone Spies)

A spy, is someone that is highly paid, works for a tour of about two years, and is later called in as a corporate contractor. Traditionally, they are Peace Corps, British accountants, overseas hospital doctors, bodyguards, and teachers in hard hit areas.

But what about the communist concept of a spy, a labored manifesto unit of scumbags?

Bolivaran Union: A medical union for decisions on admissions of doctors, nurses, male psychiatrists, and female hospital staff. They function by myth out of South America, actually any federated or federal or provincially inclined nursing service, for extra monitoring intelligence on social trends related to propaganda. “Dummies”, the term for a mental patient that could’ve been an actual “social operator” (popular in the term of a homosexual actor’s portrayal as heterosexual in a film, particularly Hollywood), are placed inside social work programs, after a deal has been made with a clothing firm affiliated with a Hollywood broker’s business (a mob front). The ‘stones’ are sold at high cut (the evidence of the view of the dummy, by terms of the analytic demonstration of the nurses on call, funding troika scoutwomen sets to follow by high priced corrido units to bring in a cartel line into manufacturing and then a third party diplomatic broker, the axis third being the beneficiary).

Boyitz: A parody body of mercenary operators, ‘The Boys’. Each group is a structured film student, having replaced their operative truthful role with a more potent version, to operate out of a ‘mercer’, a mercenary network of headhunters with standard temporary and found positions located for normal scholars, but a ‘heads bounty’ on placing a Boyitz, their bread and butter. A Boyitz is a hardcore and well trained assassin, having replaced a ‘wanting’ mechanical perfunct and played out the expectation of their role from film, politics, or rumor, as a legendary spy, working a second party assignment to gather research on their new role, submitting to the mercenary network for use in developing new military assignments for the mercenary function’s head body.

Bratszva: Aryan-Jews, typically survivors of German pogroms or acts of hatred, having lived due to their ability to appear Gentile. These are savage knifemen and the most arrogant women you could imagine, brokered from marriages with successful intelligence service men and women, always requiring a physical, ‘no hardy’ (no damaging wound) fight after being called homosexual, their worst fear having challenged another communist union of intelligence over a ‘bad match’, they didn’t use the right form of intelligence agitprop to ‘go in’, for the scout. Reliant on agitprop sources to marry into recognizable families where their good Gentile looks, and Jewish cunning blends with the source to produce a ‘polyface’ (a liar), they are used for shifting social trends against rival markets as a whole body, responding to a simple engram from a ‘bad match’ being slurred in their own agitprop.

Doestchregard: A Dutch style of intelligence, wherein membership in a narcotics body is hidden with a civil style movement fomenting for legalizing or radicalizing a product’s narcotics bounty; this is intent on causing a market bubble for participators in the use of a product, even a tulip, the original experiment. Hence, the market crashes due to addicts and lollygagger’s families being concerned and misplaying in the stock market (i.e., any stock market play), before the market crashes and the treasury pushes a localized market hedge to play the market, then pulling out to take the largesse from the failed primary investment (the market bonds) and broker a deal for the country afflicted to purchase weaponry (typically police gear) to deal with the consequence of the market bubble.

Federitz: A Russian Orthodox KGB movement begun in the 1970s, this is Vladimir Putin’s testament to success through a willfull intrepid drive. Produce of the downturn in the 1970s due to ‘flim art’ (loose, flippant gestures related to capitalism), this organization places singular operators on a frontline in national security measure capital, and has other operatives meant to take over mercantile drives of politics manipulate the markets on Putin’s clandestine orders through Byzantine Jews (claiming ‘Catholic Jew’, ‘Messianic Jew’, or alternately, ‘Russian feminist’, fairly commonly, sometimes the claimants innocent). The syndicate focuses on pure numbers of conversion, to generate successes back home, for a new Soviet satellite state system, based on American capital (not capitalism).

Likud Party: The concept of the union system being used to protect against foreign intelligence, this is a series of ‘rings’, known as ‘dragons’, with each requiring you to join a particular dragon or face arrest at any culminable necessity. Police venture capital unions when professional traded, broken down per region and out of five types (media, intelligence, university, police), often crossing over with intelligence bodies (‘friendlies’) for back channels (the new form of semaphore, since the invention of the telegraph), the Likud Union is based on mercenary bounty hunting law out of Canada and the Midwest during the 18th to 19th centuries, original the Hebrew “Judge” concept featured in the Book of Judges. A Judge is a commando operator, however these rings use a request for punishment of a crime within another union’s purview, to be carried out by a non-blue, with an innocent man killed, and if spared by a non-blue, with a blue observing, then a politician is created out of the spared, with the blue now ordained as the ‘headman’, a narcotics man’s role (badge, collar, camera, in terms of police, clergy, and media), the access for any media flowing from the politician for a Likud advantage to market data (purchase of children’s goods, for a stable tax income base to the union).

MoveOn: An intended return to Adolf Hitler’s dream of a feminist war, in 1990, incumbent US Senate candidate Barack Hussein Obama, bred 500,000 intelligence cadre members out of ‘blue’ states with ‘pairs’, communist families who had survived the 1980s through service to America, while maintaining ties overseas. Graded into ‘mads’ (someone who rejected the union, a neo-con), ‘dogs’ (someone who challenged a mad, a radical), and ‘slurms’ (someone beholden to propaganda, a marketer), MoveOn is embodied by the rise to power of Barack Obama, for profits alongside United Nations multinationals, crime syndicates out of the African Union and India. They are devoted to the ingress of immigrants for a new class of spy, the ‘corrido’, a type of corrider agent mobile based on under-support service, to recreate the American Bund Party, however now marked by skin color, with mandatory membership as a service level recruit for the party. The profit, of course, is from gem mining, the hardest and most terrible form of labor for a slave to attempt.

Odessa: The Lutheran Union, bred out of Otto Skorzeny’s Schutzstaffel Commando logic. Originally an elite military outfit made up of swing kids dealing in grass, methamphetamine, and motor car parts, Otto Skorzeny took a secret Mossad oath and tail dove backwards by his head into the Schulzstaffel engineer corps and served in Russia, before forming the Commandos as a personal suggestion to Hitler himself, during his time in the Skeleton Keys, the Bodyguard Unit. Since then, his soldiers have worked for Egypt, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Mossad, Apartheid South Africa, and New York’s Hyatt Tong as writers of South Park and other shows on their very own network, Comedy Central. Devoted to performing a job right, no matter who hires you, the very chance to work their motto, and their blood underneath tire grease, snarling with gnashing, mad teeth, laughing at you.

Organitszaya: The comics, games, and telemetry unit, this is the unitary body of taking together the worlds of the land, and uniting them in linguistics. They deal in science as their day job, patriotism as their night life, and relate it all to comics creators, light literature artists, and classical professors in logic as their contribution. ‘The Organization’, is a universal sense. It is an intuition that anyone could have, and using it, means you’re Organitszaya. Hired by conglomerates to better the propaganda of their own cause, with the conglomerate as the victim, and a victorious program of national health as the central notice of the book, comic, publication, newspaper article, or even a commercial. The best thing about them, is that each is a ‘thief in law’, they’ve survived a prison sentence without topping another man in an act of rape. If a man or woman has been bitched, they are a standing member, to always be obeyed, since they’ve spotted their rapist in the hiring contract.

Quantum: A London-based brokerage union, specializing at manipulations of universities in countries participating with the Babylonian unit sectarian system; any campus with a ‘civil rights’ congress. This is a counter-communist body, using communism as their tests and techniques, using ‘fail agents’, someone who has been struck down by another movement, as a ‘banzai kirinin’, the Japanese unit for a disloyal traitor in the army that has been struck, and joined the Japanese Yakuza pre-MacArthur (back when Yakuza were thieves, not cops with Israeli knighthood cover from the Presidency and MacArthur Edo, the Catholic Marine base from the United States).

Ratline: A smuggling tube for spies that have served honorably, to be placed in federal cordon in Non-Aligned Movement countries; they become unit training cadre doctors and heads of intelligence for psychiatric dossiers and eugenics numbers related to paleo-genetics of humans and simians. They set up in hospitals at home and abroad, working out of Yugoslavian and Greek population densities. They claim a medical culture, a shame culture, and the dead ringer, they marry a woman they’ve set up to be rejected, often German bloodlines that use variations on racial slurs to indicate their specialty of provocation into shape in stereotype of family dossier for study (typically a famous case of susceptibility to drug induced).

Sinn Fein: Ever want to cut your balls off? Better have a kid, money, and a whore, and none of them are around, ever, until the funeral. Sinn Fein is from the day where you had to pick Germany, or Israel, and that’s all of Ireland, and no matter which you pick, you’re with us, or against us if you don’t pick one or either. It’s a hard language to master, Gaelic, you need a double shot glass and a bottle of beer, to take it down hard and fast, with the foam in your head and the bubbles caressing you. Sinn Fein deals in the drug racket, called ‘police terrorism’, the cops you know, playing on the other side, when they’re out of uniform and on a role dice. Termed many things in their time, from ‘Cobra Communists’ by GI Joe fans to ‘Men in Suits’ by Jewish business men, we’ve got the dope, but we want an arms deal for our country, and we want an aid package slipped under the hoof, that we’ve eaten by the time the British show up with the guns to take it back. We could just grow the food, but we’ve got everything in distillery assets. Sinn Fein: We Ourselves Alone. (Editor’s Note: O’Neill Sigram, Leamh Dargh Eirin, the Red Hand of Ireland. Left, unless you know me, then I can shake your hand, good Sire).

Yimchin: The most cowardly, craven thing, is to shock punch someone, sucker punch them, crank them with poop, or poison their ale. But the bravest thing, is to admit doing it, on television, in such a way that your character dies a horrifying death. That’s Yimchin, the Gods of Comedy. Whether they’re on stage, behind a boar’s desk, or gallavanting in public, Yimchin means you’re flaming gay, and you can’t seem to figure out what’s doing it, other than making money while committing such illegal acts that you’re proud of them. Yimchin never goes down as a syndicate, since it’s an individual ideology, and if you’re a member, you’ve only been stopped for trying to go back to the real world. Once you’ve performed a Yiddi, you can’t go home from the gaming arena, or else you go to prison. The real one, like you almost sent someone else to, for that prank you made illegal, now your nom d’guerre.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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