Gambling Primer

Concept of Gentrification and Typology Thereof: Gentrification, is the expansion of a community into support of utility ownership and management. If a community does not own their utilities, and therefore does not have a share in the management class, then they cannot hope to lose a match, against the political leadership of a state, asylum, or sanctum. In other words, the house only wins, if the people have a stake at the table. You have to put money into the slot machine, for the slot machine to masturbate one handed, as a gambling man might say. To be more offensive (and perhaps less, if you don’t drink alcohol), the house always wins, because it’s based on southern comfort.

Prosecution of Table: Each system, of a potential community, is based on the concept of a table, where you are the one trying to prove yourself as government, versus everyone else, trying to prove themselves as government, therefore you are all treating the others as adversaries. This prevents collusion of interest, therefore there can be no upheaval of the government by a poor manager. A poor manager is therefore defined, as anyone who wants to manage an adversary, instead of their own point of claim, that being their interest combined with the other adversaries, treating them as the adversary. This is a political commune, also known as a drafting stage. The theater it is not, but rather the planning of society without realizing it’s from a children’s card game.

Management of Symbols: The symbols of the table are all in the nature of color, shape, quantity, and placement, with a woman’s touch to inherently understanding the meaning of color, depth, darkness, figure, response, and worst of all, the invocation of a military chamber, indicating a poverty embellishment to remove an individual from gentry at reason of opposition to gentry. The mere salute of a gentried pattern, indicates one is removed from share of community, because their response is a target into a type of role inside a night time quarry at range with a color indicating uniform instead of biochemical response.

Colors and Capitals: The colors of the community are held within the concept of shape of landscaping, and the capitals of each are objects of principle held in dispute. This is the concept of divided property, the difference between a private view, a rented homespace, a public access, a principled institution, a felonious force, and a detained economy that has suffered due to promise of media, being made the actual result. The promise of media, particularly light media, to public institution, results in a detained economy. A felonious force, is a power empowered to make felonies, any within training of ethics, commonly called police, but perhaps even a mail clerk holding you aside in your workplace to give you a letter. A principled institution is a concept in town benefiting individual upon audit, audit being the singularization of an individual by an individual empowered to act as both self and audited individual, to attain benefit to audit subject while performing job for salary, hence benefit to auditor is guaranteed. A public access is of course the mutual defense, paid for in many ways by taxation, particularly police, a rented homespace is the community segregated by residential district for those to live in, a smaller portion of town given to community ethic instead of industrial limitation, commerce code, government quandry, or roadside express (a horrible concept), and a private view is the inner life of a man, first inside his head, then reflecting in home environment.

Cheap Shots and Stools: The litany of debate, frivolty, candy, money, games, carnivals, holidays, alcohol, wares, stolen goods, criminal achievement, and worst of all, the falsely safe place, the restaurant. The most dangerous area is the restaurant, having judged your behavior in town, or your utility drive, as your setting for the next visit, to that particular restaurant in general, to see if you can behave better next time. These are all vices of the rich, offered to anyone willing to attend, in any shape or habit or clothing, with the mutual denizens offered their chance at a duel of authority by general grousing, where the eating of food culinary in preparation, determines your past obedience to law, particularly with your parents, Santa Claus and Mrs. Krampus. There is no Mrs. Claus, she’s Krampus when she’s at the restaurant with you, and you can’t con it, can you, Mr. Krampus, nor can you, Elf Hat. This is the place where stories come to die, if you need to get something off your chest, you talk about it at the restaurant, and if you ever follow a book plot in the restaurant, you’ve failed, and a movie romantic comedy, works every time, but the only problem is, you always fail the restaurant with an understanding of a foreign culture as ‘exotic’ (you are barred from that cast{e} of women, forever).

Merchandised Division: The concept of labor being separate from children and elders, and from impoverished being separate from retired. This is a pentacle, in terms of the holding zone of the residents, being at a pair down, the poverty-stricken and the weak, with two over each, the children above poverty at the horizontal bar on the left, and the elderly on the horizontal bar on the right, with labor as the top crown on top, along the linears from the poverty-stricken and retired. Poor and elder labor get preferential treatment, a longer line, while impoverished children and mentally ill retired get secondary treatment, and mentally ill children and impoverished mentally ill get special treatment. Falling into a single place, indicates you seek it on your own, and having two points on the inner pentagram, is a fail, you need to seek restitutional care, because your money is drying up. These are the stages of witchcraft, oft-rumored in the handsign game, actually a realtor’s game to see if someone is against the system, by flashing handsigns instead of using typical grammar’s trait, in a far more complex system that it seems.

Hotel and Lodging: The corporate interest in town operates out of hotel and lodging, and in a casino, it’s a union of faith in terms of a subtype of individual interest and status, management given to whomever owns the utilities as a backing interest in a ‘sister city’. The utility system of gentry, and the management granted, has failed here, in such a broad way that this is a hotel zone, with remaining industry present relying on this area for ‘industrial parks’, non-production facilities outfitted for waste. These are the trailer parks, the skids, the flaps, the commuter districts, the apartment shanties, and worst of all, the ghost zones, with corporate espionage professionals tracking down case numbers and missing file entries from schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, and registries. Corporate hitmen abound here, the product of strange childhoods and town tragedies. This is where a convention is held, or otherwise, a professional attached to your gentry lives.

Actor’s Circus: The actor’s circus is a common retreat for the temporarily homosexual, in fact someone on retreat from their life to smoke marijuana in a safe environment, that being the woods. Even the hardest police officer would cut a man a break on his urine test if he was going camping in the woods, not a campsite of course, however it’s often the site of mob murders as well, hence a manifest will have to be produced on the kid that didn’t go camping, to see if your actor’s troupe is on the level. The utility of the urban youth and the rich suburbanite alike, this is the false face of farm life, the real life of a farmer sad urban plenitude in factories, making canned foods, not the fresh cuts you can get close to the side off an urban parasite factory worker’s droppings. Apologies, to the reader, if you run a local shanty, but there’s nothing but depressing thoughts at the sight of a cannery line, and having worked with meat or produce or canned good for three years on a Mr. Burns cruise putting up stock for a few hours at one’s own leisurely pace.

Mobility of Gentry: The ability to leave one’s utility zone, and go elsewhere to other gentrified areas, the mutual interest of gentry to meet-and-great, at convention centers and hotels and big parks, broken down into the simplified interest of your community given the powers over their own power plants, electric grids, cable communities, television stations, newspapers, manufacturing grids, and of course the big daddy of them all, police divisions. Always edging into liberal bias by virtue of the man agreeing with you calling himself conservative for changing his mind, often disastrously for him once he realizes you’re an urban blight (you’ve been electroshocked for a misreport by someone else, the actual liberal, someone who wants to get rid of the poor in the gentry, so they can cheat all the rules above).

Communication Blockade of Vacation: The vacation being the only way to open a blockage of current events is the sanction on your community for being gentrified, prior to that an open source easel for your arts and leisures. All it takes is once creative enterprising soul to put your community into the first stage of gentry and casino – the comic book fraud. It’s a man who failed at life because of cops, so they made him break his back as a secret agent making comic books or television shows about cartoon puzzles, so you’ll gentrify another community with your generosity. Remember, unless you put your money down on the table, the casino loses.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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