Finance Primer

Proper Noumen of Finance: Finance is the control of a system related to self in person-hood, as if an extension of one’s own personality.  Finance is not a particular terminology of reference to past (that is a narcissist), and it is particularly not an application of proclivity from childhood outside of own ideal professional study (that is a serial killer).  Finance, is the course of study giving language and linguistics to one’s own pre-existing skills, therefore it allows an individual to express themselves for monetary credit in a system wherein the necessary training is already present.

Improper Courses of Systems Logic:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The individual believes they are a culpable advisor.

Paranoid Antisocial Personality Disorder: The individual believes a test of merits to be in order.

Histrionic Antisocial Personality Disorder: The individual has no culpability for alteration of another individual’s finance.

Uber Personality Disorder: The individual has been moved in terms of proclivity to an adjudicated disorder, i.e., the logic does not fit in chain of responsibility.

Paranoid Psychotic Disorder: The individual is suicidal, from being trapped in the wrong disorder tense under case bracket of treatment from psychologist, separate line of discrepancy in diagnostic.

Hebephrenic Psychotic Disorder: The individual is a suitor to a misplaced individual, and is homosexual.

Hysterical Psychotic Disorder: The individual is gender misaligned, from being advised to take the wrong course of study by a sexual attraction.

Depressive Lethargic Disorder: The individual has been placed under police cordon, to change their course of study or attempt of study.

Bipolar Disorder: The individual has been coerced into romance, religion, or job, within professional career.

Schizo-Affective Disorder: The individual has been abused by an authority figure, for being an uber personality.

Manic-Depressive Disorder: The individual has been placed in poverty, prior to birth, by misalignment of professional career ideal proclivity.

Systems of Function Orders:

Ablative Order: An order typefied by the misdirection of incentivizing individuals (individuals only concerned with their own gain) into loss of control over their own currency and capital, in terms of removing non-contributing individuals and organizations from interconnected systems.

Technical Order: An order typefied by movement of injury into increased longevity, but reduction of mobility, only in the case of a systems gain for the tangible, statistical increase in defiance of mathematical presumption.

Quandry Order: An order typefied by countering the poorly ethical actions of those a stage about decision making for anyone in a dilemma, marked and notably present wherein the individual that has fallen into accusation for fault, has the proper individual responsible for blame at the term of inducing the victimhood, removed.

Articulation Order: An order typefied by removal of self from personal consideration of ideology, and instead placed within an objective form inside the mind wherein the concerns around the particular event is placed inside an ideology not present, then compared to the present ideology already invoked.

Misdirection Order: An order typefied by placement of proper individual against individual reported falsely marked noumen of crime, instead allowing criminal proceeding to exist in the eyes of public opinion surrounding the falsely reporting individual.  This way, the falsely reporting individual is placed at a weight below the individuals observing, and will therefore be removed from proceedings.

Frictile Glides Within System:

Sexual Harassment: The pressure, as a censor, to keep a litigant out of court.

Homophobic Induction of Workplace Fraud: The assertion of self as secondary apparatus.

Induction of Deity Self-Representation: Pederast assault threat by misuse of term ‘God’, or any derivative thereof.

Posture as Other as Self in Pederasty: Exposure of self-data as individual postured towards, as study.

Seizure of Resource from Apostasy: Forced admission of self into system from necessary empty space within management command.

Non-Profit Claim of Goal of Business Trade: Claim of organization as charitable, hence dispensing propaganda, for non-charitable philanthropic fund to own government of origin.

Common Finance Organizations:

Safe House: A location used by temporary workers.

Shell Company: A company under financial technical space.

Tax Shelter: One’s own children as method of securing future from observation.

Offshore Brokerage: A brokerage company outside the United States, used to arrange market deals.

Capital Adjustment Firm: An economist firm used to reevaluate the worth of stocks or savings or bonds.

Political Action Fund: A politician and collected family’s combined interest towards entering into politics.

Committee Management: The concept of having no hierarchy inside a management and company employee system, essential to a legal administration.

Council for Dispute: A set of regional interest operatives, plus specialists working tradeworks, meeting only in dispute of projects within council prerogative.

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