Economics Primer

Purpose of Company: A company, is a conjoinment of businesses, those being defined as trades that run in family added to group customer base through exposure, in simplified job of company model.  The key to a company of any type, is respecting your employees’ trades passed down by family, therefore your families served will profit from your ongoing presence in their lives.  That is not the concept of a repeat customer, but rather as an edifice of town.  In other words, a pillar of the community.  It isn’t who you are, it’s what your parents did for a living, before getting the job at a company.

Stage 1: War veteran service comes to the town, with a distribution center acquired as the model of company determined, and then a real estate deal with town, after you’ve proven your war service through medals provided.

Stage 2: The local distributor of personal trade must be located, for a tour of town, giving you a share of business, the local townspeople, now flowing directly into your company, with your method of company share in model of neighboring companies, now determined by type of trade as it plays into your personal company’s system.

Stage 3: You have a lot of kids, with your combined management families of company.  The child that drops out of college, is your manager to inherit your company, with several different types of company available at this point, now that you have a presence in the community.

Firm: A firm is a conjoinment of business interests in company sponsorship as a brokerage company.

Cartel: A cartel controls the extraction, processing, production, shipping, and sales of a good, throughout the cycle.

Consolidate: A group of sales consumers points, are united, as a wholesaler’s company.

Consortium: A group with a mutual interest in production of product, are united under company.

Conglomerate: A group with a venture capital interest of family in region are a company’s model.

Corporation: A publicly traded firm gives the firm access to treasury bonds, as a heterosexual alternative to reckless behavior demonstrated by those seeking to invest in your company.

Limited: A circle of investors is acquired for venture capital, in multiple real estate interests.

Mercantile: A cut of a syndicated profit scheme is guaranteed to those contributing various negotiated contract logistic fees in exchange for labor.

Union: A group under town government is arranged for monopoly over a trade’s function.

Barrister: A legal apparatus is arranged to manipulate media for the company.

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