How to Hire a Secret Agent (Mafiaso, Mobsters, Gangsters, Shylocks, and Syndicateers)

In the common slang of film, television, comics, literature, and of course, the news (particularly paper news), there exists a certain level of censorship on what a secret agent actually is. Just so they don’t put on a biker rally or an inner city hacksaw mission, like some cokehead (a ‘lit’) would see in a film and then attempt in real life, with you as the victim, the victimizer, or an innocent bystander.

That’s why steroids are banned, kids, and why crack is off the market by definition of someone dealing in the trade: steroids make you play the character off screen by intent of appearance, and crack makes you think the looney books are real. A real spy can’t focus if he works out, just like any other office cancer that pumps iron. And thinking a film is real, is buying into the exact architecture pattern of the film, a potential test to bust suspects or poor hires.


America: Upon graduation to Boy Scout, you’re given a deciphered cartoon set meant to trap remedial students into extra help, so they can become athletes. The improper choice, is paired with the proper choice, as a manual, if you’re in federal, state, county, or municipal services, meanwhile town and public works employees are given Westerns, a classic predesigned genre, to assist the desperado and save them from committing the crime with a preemptive, minor arrest, or discipline in school. Eagle Scouts, meanwhile, are selected for Special Forces, tested by DC Comics themselves to see if they pick an improper pick for choice of character, first one’s the win, and then you deploy overseas with your own Joker write-in for an issue, an entire movie if you’re a hero, and a film debut for you if you’re the Actor’s Corps, you justify the proper choice as heroic, hence inappropriate for a child to duplicate at such a young age.

British: Deliberately placed in the role of Mister Bean, the Rowen Atkinson part, impossible to break in any way, because he always makes the improper choice for religious culture, yet the proper choice for family culture, in a crossed paradox where both are selected at once and in the same line, since a sex offender selects religious serious ceremony, and a family man selects religion as a compartmentalization of labor force in educating children. Other pieces of fiction or non-fiction propaganda, are broken down into stage elements and manipulated to dislocate anyone attempting to place a fiction role onto the MI-6, in order to groom them as assets, then prune them out as removed influences, until the MI-6 is placed in a federal assistance housing unit, not low income (a resource officer, an MI-6 contact, once enticement has been avoided with an invitation, for a contact field on a target necessary to strike). At which point, life moves on for the MI-6, a career criminal until that point, now just a guy with a petty rap sheet.

Canadian: The child of a foreign envoy police officer, a Canadian intelligence officer works through Mounted, the term for an air service station connected with a police embargo point and a trucking manifold ‘warehouse’, a place where truckers falsely sleep, actually communicating in logistics contract dispute with the movement of their wares from industrial points into mercantile points for shipment to lesser locations until the tax point is reached, paying back into NAFTA or whatever equivalent (such as Comstock) is present at the time. Canadian spies retire, eventually and often, to a psychiatric facility, a nice and new one, run by an American or Canadian department, after a life as a killer attached to a criminal syndicate, often targeting bikers, the general term for a police undercover unit that’s gone rogue.


Not one country to pick from, as national alliances change. A foreign envoy dispatch working in America, with police powers and a secondary position as an undercover officer, unless a double draft from a Mafiaso unit, then a Juwe, a targeter of the ethnic organization that’s trapped them, classified and cleared in the individual behavioral unit culture presented by the fiction field pattern training set distributed to an isolated agent, with three classes, the period fiction ten years prior to trap, the individual unit and region operating inside, and the unique response to the cyber-terrorist, the term ‘cybernetics’, ‘cyberware’, ‘cybercafe’, ‘electronic’, ‘crux’, ‘computer’, ‘road’, ‘crucifiction’, and ‘rosary’, all related to the trapped agent, over the course of centuries, dating back to the Roman period’s rape of Gauls by Juwish soldiers (trapped Roman infantry).


An ethnic community, operating out of a cultural locality frequented by federal law enforcement (such as Chinatown, the FBI, the Ghetto, the ATF, and the Ozarks, the CIA domestic unit). A banking connection, combined with a monetary income compatible with bank on credited union, can be placed, to maneuver a friendly unit (willing to work based on the credited charge), to an organization their ethnic field grouping is known for, to contact an American intelligence operative, off a recommendation, referral, or contact. Any of them that are ‘racist’, in their locality’s logic (i.e., they aren’t complicit with American necessities given politics), are likely to strike you, in the ‘underground’, the other word for a United Nations law enforcement delusion (United Nations courts are just buildings, for putting foreign emissaries and nationals on trial within joint courts, the laws customized typically for the function). The United Nations itself, handles missives, between diplomats, of foreign powers, and has no real function, a megalomaniac submissive personality’s belief in his or her own power, marking them as ‘dirty’ (underqualified, over privileged, a ‘cocksucker’ to police, especially the sheriff’s department and road monitors).


A combined service, this is the media, automotive, and medical tetrahedron, with communications ministries and civil morals in the center-point, flipping for action, either way, whenever there’s an expansion of its own power. The Irish Mob runs the Iranian diamond ledgers, through the Odessa Syndicate and the Ratline Organitszaya, begun by Otto Skorzeny and Klaus Barbie, an SS Commando and a Gestapo leader (respectively, that means, ‘in that order’, the proper nuanced term before Shylocks took over the schools in the 1970s). They are enforced by Irish Mob hitmen, out of press units, affiliated with the Yakuza (the Japanese automotive manufacturing wing of the Italian prefecture services) and the Italian government’s undercover services (priests planted inside police, as spies on non-Italian affiliated business, called ‘dirty cops’, actually called ‘schindlers’, slied in Schlinder’s List as pompous assholes, based on the title character). The are centered in China (the Triads), the People’s Republic of Communist China (Ministry of Security Services, data firms), and the Self-Defense Forces (video game farming unions and companies for secretaries to illegally collude, with the topic of the game being the interest manipulated by the individual ‘Shyster’ body, an assassin’s group as a whole serving the Dalai Llama).


INTERPOL: A simple structure, with a media-enforcement group (neutrally, a barrister’s firm, but to the American government, a crime family, with the Italian word translated to English as the tactic in media reference contrary to dismantle any given research agent or media access conduit), a police force for a Catholic unit (the French criminal spies, the Sinn Fein movement, or the French-Sicilians, better known as the Catholic priesthood’s film branch, in paraphenalia and their associate, New German Cinema, the Sinzian Catholic Church, a resurgence of Goebbels in Germany).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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