Japan’s Practice of Religion (The Lucky Shrines)

Japan views religion as a set of financial propositions, steeped in a cultural traditioned erected and arranged through a culminable law position and built into being by successes at criminal affairs, then building into a military hegemony for a ruling family.

Judaism (Brokers): A double layer of faith, united by allergies and sadism to source of allergy. Pursuing law or medicine, is Temple, neither is an anti-Semite, Synagogue, and both is a Rabbi, a civilian spy. Produces profit through brokering deals on slave traded services.

Catholicism (War Criminals): Made of military influence for Italy via the Vatican, Gypsies as spies and thieves in ancient Church and family tradition, and complexities of relations, orders, to kill pedophiles, those who simplify logic out of convenience. Deals primarily in military preparedness.

Lutheranism (Beggars): Trades are passed down by father, and elevated in position by mother. The false promise of the stock market, a lure for homosexuals to be victimized by Treasury for toxic security purchase by government to gain civil support in real estate and removed competitive businesses. Deals in infantry formations.

Anglicanism (Courts): Centered around the concept of contract mercantile engineering, Freemasonry, Anglicans operate corporate megastructures, wherein a silver guild and municipal endowments and landmarks function together to enrich town. Deals in geopolitics.

Calvinism (Mobsters): A false religion that is actually a military/police/medical investment. It is devoted to more prestigious colleges, particularly medical school, its specialty, known as “Kingpins”. Calvinists deal in medical experiments.

Sunnism (Security): A simple religion, using canine sibilance prayer (Arabic), dislocated cocyx (Llama), and art prints (occult). This enables them, through prayer, to master the nuances of others in historical record, one by one. Deals in university safety.

Shi’ism (Majestra): A modification of Islam intended on altering legal courts to favor atheism and a breakdown of secondary finance. Deals in militia support.

Druze (Curassier): Jewish-Muslims, they adopt a fictional reference for their entire life, cipher posturing as it, in jest, or placing someone else into it to counter them. Deals in anarchism against patents and royalties.

Hinduism (Martial Arts): A system of government, with the concept of masts of gamily genetics on analysis by guru. They also use multiple stage counts versus the positive/negative math endowed inside wealth and largesse, with these two systems, and it is punishment to be rich. They employ sciences (sociology) and the zero (counting extra digit), to perform this act. They deal in manuals for fundamental processes.

Theraveda (Hackers): The encryption of the human mind, to sequester it from theft in a unique three point, with a repulsion from individuals attempting to force authority. They deal in art media, called “rigs”, to police.

Shinotism (Narcotics Theory): An alcoholic’s form of meditation, they operate on a coin (enemy), pocket (self), pure (friends), counterfeit (spy), lock (government asset), skeleton (mafiaso), and bank (complete). By assigning two fictional characters, one for the enemy and one to self, a Shinto can set up a heist to take down a field and create a criminal inside organizations. They primarily deal in vice narco-trafficking.

Mahayana (Foreign Diplomacy): Thieves’ meditation, created by Rahu and credit given in development to Siddartha Guatauma, a paraplegic. The thief Rahu created the concept of a set of eight weapons of any class type as a “line”, with four possible techniques, and a bound murder using two techinque as one, to pick up a new type of weapons to line. Siddartha, meanwhile, invented parables, to induce a speaker in request as prophet, unles s the individual meditated before puberty. A Buddhist parable turns a non-meditator into a pedophile, while someone that meditates grows psychotic and militant. They deal in flag command.

Budoken (Bout Fights): The principle of fighting for money, and only money, in the form of currency token, the measure of the samurai’s soul; how much he’d wager, with his wife, or an exhibition match, often to the death of someone that cheated. Deals in pugilism.

Ninpo (Journalism): Signals intelligence based on lethal proxy murders, using holds and binds, with fist and elbow and grab and machine as hand-to-hand forms. Intake of biased fact is released non-biased, so treatment of a ninja when disclosing information over course of career, determines “play”, opinion of those listening. Deals in munitions creation, assembly,, usage, espionage, infantry, law enforcement, and military propaganda, otherwise known as information warfare.

Confucian (Networks): Using the mantras in the I-Ching text, outside the I-Ching inducing accusations from lack of media familiarity of past architecture in global culture. A single mantra is chosen to move others out o fit, gently, and if forced into logic or illogic, instead of non-logic, one must indulge in their own mantra. Deals primarily in executive arrangements for corporate hegemony, joint business deals out of a class reunion.

Daoism (Speech Writers): A political expert, they move a higher Daoist into Dao-wu, genius, moving themselves into Tao, remedial, until a younger Dao puts them into Dao-wu, repeating the process at camp meets in the hills and forests. Daoists dal in law of politics and power.

Laoism (Counter Agency): The circus arts, whenever a question is implied, it is granted, and no other time. If inquiring after personal secret, a brutal lie shlal be offered to the thief, the “chink”, a faster (beggar assassin). They deal in smuggling.

Shaolin (Sports Master): Athletics and military and cadre support, Shaolin is practiced by street thieves, muggers, and the varsity cheer squad. They specialize at civil order, by teaching holds that can be then duplicated, by those viewing sports and leisure halls. Shaolin deal in sporting leagues and related support.

Judeaken (Pitfighter): Hebrew sword, “pitfighting”, Hebrew ritual and linguistics are combined with blade practice and empty hand grappling. They deal in rackateering.

Satanism (Anarchism): Cocaine usage combined with meditation, Satanism takes descending generations of family practice, posturing the father, as being seduced by the child of the same trade. This blocks the father’s trade insights, bringing the child into dominance in art. They deal in standup comedy.

Scientology (State-less Criminals): Made up of victims of Buddhist derivatives from duels, Scientologists steal information to gain monetary wealth for revenge hits by ex-military, “hitman”. Deals in media appraisal.

Yakuza (SEC, YMCA, FBI): The practice of spotting system cheates then shifting them to treachery against their own cause. This is practiced with cards, using a joke play to scout, a breach of social rule to ally, and both to assassinate a purse on another player. The scout is used to take out high pot next hand, the breached kindness is to receive a pot next hand, and the purse snatch induces fear of house rules, feeding his other allies at the table, as a water plateau. Together, all three moves turn murderers subordinate, rapists gay, and political backers suicidal. The Yakuza deals in federal USA-aligned services, typically as undercovers inside major industry.

Triad (Police): A set of two skills, a career at meeting an open pocket for hire and one of five colors of crime, a university’s basic collegiate set. When drafted , a forced pledge of cause, the two skills are used separately, therefore supporting the Triad’s cause, and flipping the drafting party upside down. Triads are police services.

Tong (Regulators): The concept of treasury, audit, food, restauranting, and family, with the mutual theme of incentive and regulation, service, throughout the order. The Tong specializes at bound freedom sexual intercourse, so they don’t overeat (eating until full, is a grain thief, a cheater). The Tong is every bank, warehouse, and grocery store, on the planet Earth.

Nestor (Assassins): An Iranian faith devoted to horsemanship, Nestorians are raised in compounds, with trading units of exchange, who get a meal. If you can’t file your wage imprint, for another child, you are the fatass, the selfish toddler. Nestorians provide real estate development populations.

Orthodox Byzantine (Gypsies Crux): Developments of psychiatric behavioral disorder diagnostics for classes of behavior abusing office, obtained by accredited review. Deals in counter-union political contracting.

Freemasonry (Black Registrar Vatican): A society of those that cheat Greco-Roman-Buddhist logic, used by Gypsies of the Serb, Greek, and Sicilian peoples, to resist Slavs, Muslims, and Catholics. A result of falling into various traps arranged for homicidal disorders, they only deal in international influence for the paucity of their own side.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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