The King of Thrace (Not the Duke of Earl, That Guy is a Jew)

This system of raising is to raise a Champion, a closed Irish system used for thousands of years to raise a bastard king to avenge a poorly married mother, within the Irish faith.  The first strategy is the bedrock, all three dialectics a child could use, with three points (the acute dialectic to force the mind conscious when psychosis forces it unconscious, the right dialectic to plan activities and compile plans when alone, and the straight dialectic to act in public in a socially conscious manner to counter a foe placed as a hero to the public).  The dialectic, of course, is a system where there is a positive and a negative, the negative acted upon when the positive is blocked.  The center point, is always the determination of movement to the negative, then the positive when determination of safety occurs.

First, the right dialectic must be induced, as the child’s very first stage, so the acute develops as an infant, without the aid of psychiatric facilities or prisons or special education rooms or rehab programs interfering with the balance, later in life, a potential imbalance of upper systems deployed.  The right dialectic, must feature project compilation as the positive, with the mind point at the right angle, and project notation, as the negative.  The right angle is chosen, for orderly intuition.

This dialectic will lead to a young child going into quasi-psychosis, before preschool, when the education system is placed into the child’s institutional thinking.  Hence, the acute dialectic, the snap back into the conscious mind, the rational, from the unconscious mind, the psychotic, will occur.  The positive, must be reassertion, and the negative, must be the reflexive withdrawal, allowing the individual to withdraw when reassertion is impossible, then reassert when possible judged by the center of the dialectic, at an acute angle, a sudden, rapid movement of mental perception.

The schools, preschool and above, will then develop a straight dialectic at notably higher capability and clever resistance to pressure, with a social conscience (needs of the community) selected from the enhanced acute dialectic’s reflex, and a concept of bad (self-harm) instead of evil (antisocial) being selected.  This system, will allow the child, to counter his rivals, with them as heroes (setting up their false cults), and the child taking on a villainous role (setting up a status as a false servant), before snapping out with an acute movement and moving into a right movement to plan again, finding it impossible to settle in a single role, instead building an identity they are not aware of, to fit inside space, guaranteeing a social conscience instead of a personal one.

This, is the completion of the consequence of the first level out of five.

The second layer, is the necessary mental component to be applied to each of these three dialectics, the necessity of the acute dialectic being applied first, to snap into the other two layers.  The dialectics must have identical points, hence why the acute dialectic is the proper choice of position.  The Eumenides, also known as the Furies or Freud’s Three Elements of Personality, are applied, in order interpreted by Psychoanalytic Theory of Literary Analysis.

The first to be shaped, is the positive point, the positive reinforcement, to select ‘Ego’, the social conscience.  When under stress, the child is given a toy, not a treat.  A treat, will result in the child selecting ‘Id’, repressed desire, for his positive point.  However, a toy, is a social component.  At one point, the toy is removed, allowing the child to select ‘Id’, repressed desire, to move onto other toys, as his ‘Bad’ for negative, the self-harm, resulting in a deconstructive personality, the reassertion of self.  Then, naturally, the ‘Superego’, the conscious mind’s internal space, will form, in the acute, the child reasserting under stress.  Perception will function this way, for when to remove from social conscience, duty to others, and assert deconstruction, reflexive withdrawal of personal involvement, the fast snap backwards and the seperation.

This will apply itself, through the right dialectic, as Ego being the construction of projects for practice and the Id being the desire to compile more information, with the Superego, the conscious mind, determining intuition of when to do which.  This is the basis of the child’s academic, civic, and personal morality, the ethos, to be applied throughout primary and secondary education, to shape the individual.  This will move the individual, through institutional logic of schools and jobs, to the active cooperation in society, the straight dialectic, discussed next.

The Eumenides will apply to the straight dialectic, with a social conscience, duty to community, the positive, as Ego, meaning that if offended at community values not being upheld, the Superego, the conscious mind, will move to a negative pole, self-harm, being those things held to be destructive to the self in terms of social virtue, instead of destructive to others in terms of social virtue, being revelry instead of antisocial behavior.  Bad, is selected, instead of Evil, for the reflexive movement of Id, based on the central indicator of Superego, the conscious mind, and it’s determination of planning and deliberation.

This, is the second level, shaped alongside the first level, in rite of passage to adulthood.

The third level, is the three types of Hebrew Law from history, in their interpretation, which will be layered on top of the Eumenides and therefore on the three types of dialectic.  Two must be taught with example to integrate into the fourth layer, mentioned below, before the beginning of preschool, to act upon the toy’s development of the acute dialectic and the later development of the right dialectic, through which the straight dialectic will naturally shape. 

The negative consequence, must be offered first, as the loss of self in the example of the fourth layer’s basic exemplar figure, through death.  The child, will know, what death is, achieving the awareness of mortality and finality, fitting with the Hebrew legal tradition, age four.  The Letter of the Law, will be given as the reason for the death of the exemplar, assigning this to the Id, so all activities employing the Id, upon the negative points of the three dialectics, will be obeyed with the Letter of the Law, meaning that all potential rules will be followed in the way the child finds fitting. 

The positive consequence, as the alternative to death, is offered second, as the savior of the moral exemplar, which must be chosen for this being the consequence that did not occur, in the terms or parameters of the example (Moses not entering the Promised Land, Christ’s death on the cross, Ali’s death at the hands of Uthman’s nephew).  The child, will have as their positive point, a goal to strive for, to change history for themselves, becoming a student of cyclics, at age four, the basic knowledge of how to grow and adapt within a society that changes by necessity of population growth.  The Spirit of the Law, will be given as the method to change history, assigning this to the Ego, so all activities employing integration into society, will be performed in a reform minded manner, matching all great prophetic traditions of each benevolent movement. 

This, given age four, before preschool, from the mother, will then shape into being the natural center rule, the crux of the Superego as the three dialectics, upon asserting the acute dialectic back into the right dialectic to develop the straight dialectic, as the Intent of the Law.  Perception, intuition, and determination – acute, right, and straight – will be in the conscious mind as the Intent of the Law, the superior determination of logic.  The child will ask, when attempting to perceive a situation, intuiting a path for development, or determining a course through society, is this as society had intended.  This is Logos, Reason, the base form for understanding the two next developmental elements of Rhetoric (the last of the three Trivium of the Cathedral educations of Medieval Europe, the basis of the primary school education), Pathos and Ethos, Emotion and Character, the grasping of criminal, civil, and business law.

This is the third level, developed alongside the first two.

This layer, requries indoctrination in a combination of religious organization, and traditional culture held seperate from the local culture of the nationality.  This will teach the child the trade rules of their faith as they integrate into the locality, however give them the birthright of their own ethnic identity held intentional by the mother’s invocation of the child’s status. 

Each religious stage of development, must be held in summation by the child, from the first unit of the religious indoctrination, so the entirety of each text, at first the religious books, later any academic book, is grasped and summated, from the history of the book, the history of the author, and the history of the period.  This will allow the child, to establish guidepoints, into the community’s synthesis by a work, the individual’s guidepoints when applying the work, and the methods of applying the work as a rational, tactical codex through society. 

The combination of all three of these works, whether an Old Testament text on tactics, a New Testament text on politics, a particular Eastern tradition’s purpose, or even a youth literature’s method of displaying political culture, will allow the child to use any particular work, of any nature, or even a news source, to navigate society in hidden keys, the Scythian system from which the system is derived, and logically hidden within the Nubian-Coptic system, expanded through the scholarship of the Catholic Church upon conversion to Ireland by the founder of this particular system, U’Niall (The Champion, of Champions, Vehemence, combined to mean the supporter of a cause to the point of suicide) of the Nine Hostages.  This will result in the individual’s selection of cause from analyzing the mother’s downfall and hence reason for supporting the child in this system of child-rearing {Editor’s Note: selection of organized religion as the target of all consequential actions, mother’s intent to be the Antichrist confirmed before death}.

This is the fourth layer, and the fifth layer, is the final, and most important, however this one, runs itself, once the first four are applied.

Primary and secondary education of the nationality, will shape the child’s culture, in an efficiency scenario, the true purpose of this system, The Champion, now called a ‘troubleshooter’.  The child will identify a codex or guidepoint, use it in a particular way to play an inversion of the proper moral cause on a false hero, then move into a particular form of law to extract, before moving through the dialectics to recover and resume.  The literature is the weapon, the consequence of socialization is the pawning of the hero as a falsehood misaligned with their true purpose, the usage of law is the application to save self, and of course, the dialectics are the method of moving under, to snap out of psychotic cultism, assert project management via notation, and then resume function in a socially conscientious manner while occasionally engaging in revelry when blocked from community integration. 

This, is how one raises a Champion of Eire.

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