Anti-Police Art (How to Write American History 10 – Zachary Tyler)

How do you go about busting, a dirty police force? One who ignores the law, dying, or one who invokes movies as their enforcement culture on the badge, instead of using film as a training prank in highschool to see who picks the villain, the winner, or saves the desperado, the first responder?

In other words, how do you make a version of American History X, where the term ‘X’, is 10, a Presidential text book, a proper tradition in American Masonry? Well, first, you need to understand, how American History X works, then you need to understand, how racism works in America. And then you need to understand, where the history of race comes from, to fit your own culture outside of race.

First, we have, the curb stomp scene, of the African-American stealing the car. This is the dirty cop maneuver to anyone that engages in a crime outside of the station’s purview – they run you down, on the road. Police are afraid of driving, since they are heavy alcoholics, yet they are entrusted with high power cars, firearms, and computer systems to check nearly anyone’s identity in their jurisdiction. So, we have the illegal bust. That instructs our viewer, “hey buddy, if you’re a cop, this is how we’re spotting you, and this is the move in the movie, this is the shocking and tragic part of the film”. So, you’ve got that.

Second, we have the term ‘black’, being applied, through a black actor, Avery Brooks, as the authority figure present in the movie. There has to be one authority figure, and something about him, makes him the theme, of the targeted culture. If you’re ‘black’, you’re targeted by the viewer, linked to the shocking moment’s enforcement purview of illegal rage, and the tragedy’s parameter in terms of what happened to cause this. In our case, we have a cop, performing a road violation, for a crime outside of their scope. The viewer, in these three parameters, is then placed in the position of targeting people who are ‘black’, because that’s the authority figure, the actor playing the principal, and there can only be one.

Third, what is ‘black’? Well, you were spotted as a character in the movie, any character, doing ‘work’, that means, moving with your body at some task. Why? Because the cop, thinks a black man, is a slave – why? He has to avoid calling the black man that, it’s against his civil rights training. What is civil rights training? You’re avoiding getting sued. This man, has a right, offered under amended context of civil behavior. He could get back at you (the ‘right’) for an amended context (an argument) of his civil behavior (his actions). That, is civil rights, the key component, to targeting the film.

Now, let’s go through this, backwards. We have the action in the argument offered by the means of retaliation, as our classifier, making that the target parameter, with the individual viewing intended to interpret as a shocking moment that classifies violation type, punishment type, and reference type (that one is tricky, it’s what they did), and finally, the target by the viewer, the role of individual responding, which you have to decide first, so stick that at the top of this list, and look again, at the bottom, to see if you nail it (that’s a bracket, it’s an economics term, for making a manual type).

Viola, American History X, a black mark (a poison movie in America to be taught as a historian, the title being the reference name), is now American History Ten, President Zachary Tyler, his accidency, the man who banned his Presidency from ever happening again, the tradition of Presidents since, not before. As for how it happened, well, Benjamin Harrison, didn’t want to wear his hat, in the rain, at inauguration. He wanted to open up the hospitals, and he was a navy doctor (a bonesaw, he killed you in agony to scare the other sailors, like every President before him, not after him – oops).

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