Gypsy Crosses (Olympiad Manifest of Greco-Serbian Methods of Sicilian Espionage)

Gypsy crosses, are used to eliminate individuals, in a three point movement, using acting as a military calling (homicidal, fraud), psychology as a police provision (rapists, extortion), or police work as a civilian society (thieves, patent). All three, are considered illegal, under Greco-Serb code, and the Olympiad families uphold it. First, the classes of the Olympiad families, to attempt a Gypsy play, then, the pattern to be used, then, each component and the consideration of charge, before finally, the pattern play to employ versus each of three classes of offender (Helios, Vespa, Dionysus).

Olympiad Family Classes:

Ringer: A Gypsy, an individual who is an unbroken line, within wedlock, from Chronos, 2433 years ago, with each child born inside a Christian ceremony, preferably Catholic (Sicilian tradition upheld), without purchase of diamond before wedding by woman (grounds for espionage treachery, induction of a Gypsy cross, through a proxy of secondary investment derivative into manner contrary to market expansion of principle holder of diamond), and with wedding token purchased without loan before wedding, with career established by husband.

Fraud: A Romani, an individual who has been broken in line, possibly outside of wedlock, a child born Jewish, Muslim, or Protestant, in an Orthodoxy tradition of litigant conversion (breaking Sicilian or Greek or Serb tradition, a marriage to a blue eyed woman, not man), a purchase of a diamond having been made without consulting Iranians, Irish, or German “Gentiles” (those practicing simplified matching logic of law or artifice, i.e., persum non parta to this guide), and without a wedding token purchased without loan, i.e., there has been a put down market placed on the purchase of token, there has been an investment against the self marrying woman, by woman, so her family may profit from the child’s failure, or the husband’s success for a firm other than his family of extension from grandparents, paternal, alone.

Novice: A Witch, an individual who has studied this guide, on Cards of Satan, particularly the Blog, or purchased services from the author, David, him being a Gypsy of Mars, or any other, Witches having studied a Gypsy, not a Fraud, to learn how to practice basic “root forms”, basilwitches, the succumbing manifest to a ‘print’, the basic method of practicing an operative of form, unique to each Gypsy teaching, however possible to adapt to whomever you’d like to sell your piece to, as art, street combat, or training purposes for your studio of studies, not for child bearing or reasons of fact, the latter being for pleasure or play, as these are dangerous tools of logic, not weapons of war, rather skills with which to make weapons, particularly on charged account or out of private files upon inquiry.

Auteur: A Neophyte, an individual who is a Romani, but has married back into a man’s line as granddaughter or below of Romani line, into a male Gypsy, out of heterosexual wedlock, following all rules of Gypsy, in the same genetic genome, spotted by mutual deformity of type heretical to German bloodlines of nationalism in Eastern Suden, the purpose and cause for the title of ‘German’, all residents having been Slavs expelled from the Balkans and Russian and Prussia for deformity’s purpose of being ‘Ungodly’, rejected by Gypsies, authors of Christianity, for their ‘baganism’, not paganism, paganism being the enemy of the Rom, but baganism, being bagly stewards of having stolen seed from Israelites, Arabs.


The standard pattern, is to determine which of twelve convents, of accepted lines, to be listed below and elsewhere, have been breached in criminal act, outside the Rom, and to label the criminal, with the name ‘Wampir’, for a Serb killer, not a killer of Serbs, for this is the test of the bagan, to see if they are lowly, to assume that a Serb killer, is Serbian, a Rom, or to see if they think a Serb killer, has killed or slain a Rom or Grecian. The latter, of course, is a standard reasoning mind, not a donglemeier, the Hebrew term for a stolen child that has eat ‘whet’s oak’, a truffle chocolate, and become ‘dumm’, not a dummy, the victim of a ‘dumm’, the dumm being a ‘stout’, a large child that copies another thinking to be a Rom, when they are in fact the victim of a Rom, and have to study the culture of Grecian fictions their entire life, attempting to become the victim yet again. They believe themselves a victor.

The second move to the pattern, is to select one of the other eleven lines left, out of twelve available and one taken, to cross, with the proper form open for the last form, the profession of the Wampir. The Wampir, has a profession, and has committed a second crime, hence they are possible to Stake, with the remaining ten methods, now available, to use, to induce the Terror, the method of claiming fear into the heart of the Wampir with Trap, a simple form of Circle. You move in, with a past shape that you have seen, and place upon it, an image, of your own form, preferably matching the crime committed as Rom, otherwise with a Convex, for a form you don’t have, the prior a Fang, the latter a Coffin. The Fang, kills the Wampir’s family last name forever, and the Coffin, merely places them to rest, and sends them to ‘The Old Country’, Transylvania, a prison colony that they live in because it is named ‘syl’, a slur having broken their teeth on a fist, always predictable when challenging a Rom prior to the Kiss, when they become criminal, by striking the Rom and making love to a ‘Women’ (a donglemeier of the same sex).

The final act, is the place them inside the Circle, having trapped twice, and then, with the last form open, not taken, allow them the Sunlight, their salvation. They kill themselves, with their own profession, the open form of the twelve remaining. The cheeky git. Git being a term, of a man or woman, that abused the obese, mentally ill, elderly, children, developmentally disabled, or otherwise, people who are going about their day and don’t have time for you.

Component and Consideration:

Assassin (Artemis): The act of striking someone in cold blood for reason of pride, envy.

Chauvinism (Hestia): The act of stylistically changing face and hair when in labor, shallow.

Cheat (Hera): The act of setting up a trap to spot a remedial student, professorship.

Damnation (Hades): The act of creating a world to punish you for achievement, homosexuality.

Homicide (Aphrodite): The act of placing a system in a set of three, equality.

Leadership (Ares): The act of relying upon self outside of peers to practice warfare, heroism.

Matriarch (Hephaestus): The act of posturing as a woman for purpose of power, misandry.

Medicine (Zeus): The act of practicing a trade to enhance longevity without necessity, parasitism.

Nationalism (Hypnos): The act of pursuing vigilance beyond state bounds, criminal warfare.

Theft (Hermes): The act of placing a patent on a good despite all goods being equal, bigotry.

Treachery (Persephone): The act of demanding favor for one’s own ego, purpose.

Whoredom (Poseidon): The act of trading in information at expense of flesh, slavery.

Pattern Play of Employment:

The basic manner of determining if a thespian is homicidal, a psychologist is a rapist, or a police officer is a thief, is to see where they are in their cults.

If a thespian or psychologist, is Apollo or Athena, they are fine, they are practicing in the civilian world.

If a police officer, is Bacchus, they are fine, they are practicing under national law. However, if a thespian, is Helios, they are a military actor, illicit, they have to be a spy, an Apollo practicing under Bacchus, or with Athena, a triad, a media entrepreneur.

But if the media entrepreneur, is using a society, instead of national law, they are an endowment, illegal with all three practiced as Greek, this is a censor, a child molester.

If a psychologist, is practicing police doctrine, this is illegal, unless again, with Bacchus, national law applied.

Now, what if we have a military actor, a homicidal, with a psychologist as a civilian? That’s a serial killer.

And a psychologist doctrinist, as a civilian actor? That’s a propagandist, illegal.

And if it’s a military academic, why, that’s a doctrinist civilian actor, in an endowment.

Last, a fascist is a military actor, but with a military police protocol.

Those are your parameters. Just match your agency, your layer for placing the trap, your personal form used for the Circle, outside of their profession, alongside their cult as matching their profession if a civilian targeting (they are being targeted with an undercover, actor, a criminologist, psychology, or a police arrest, law enforcement), or as matching their area of origin if a military targeting, or both, if violating a cross-code, with each building layer, requiring an additional organ.

This is where math gets involved, with our building organs. 1, is civilian. 2, is military. This is a range, moving from 1, to 6, in terms of scale. We have to do a step back, a martial arts move called a backpedal, first for the severity of the organization hunting, then for the severity, a rank lower, for having announced the report of hunt, at the outbreak of events. This can be performed with a simple system of audited hierarchy, i.e., jurisdiction.

And that, is how you perform a Gypsy Cross, how to hunt a Wampir, a Gypsy killer.

Hunt on, Whips.

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