Legislature Supports Throughout the World (International Doctrine of Savings and Investment)

A legislature, is the generalized term, for a body of lady, functioning under a constitution, the term for a Native American (Mestizo) term of congress, a body of citizens of common representative. The term of representation, varies per country, for international trade, of course differing per citizen in view. A terrorist, under modern United Nations policy, the international congregant, can be spotted in seeing whom sees another system besides their own, or any system, as illegal.

Congress (American): The states system of representation, an elector of Senate is representative of states body of thought for internal distribution of marijuana through Canada for control of Governor, and a Representative body on wealth of citizens local to New York City is representative in population body divided by size of estate from Canada north of the Rocky Mountains is divided upon divestiture for body of legal weight. There are two forms of body in Committee, divided by Party collected in Congress House, upper and lower, Senate and House, to determine law written by last standing upon body and given out upon assigned by senior member of Senate or House’s requested, to seniority upon elector representative given seat number, with Joint Committee assigned by responsibility of Congress Lower, and Senate upper assigning purpose. The Bills are written here, and passed through House, before being approved by Senate, for marijuana distribution by Governor, upon taxes by police, in illicit crime, for control of States of local law, billeteted by federal agency controlled by executive through municipal police stationed at federal building per capital and state body administration.

Parliament (British): The British Commonwealth is composed of multiple states, such as England, Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Fiji, Cayman Isles, Bermuda, and Papua New Guinea, through the Swiss Resolutes account to the Vatican. Exchequer is determined by the Monarch’s Cabinet, the Ministries below them determining necessity reported, through individual need from each territory, and a territory of Parliament is placed within each. A Lords House, based upon loss of man in war allowing each membership, a man-o-war, giving electoral wealth, and a House of Commons, any within Party, allowing election. The Monarch’s Party determines which Party can be formed, through petition of estate, approved by Monarch in Central Parliamentary Hearing in Upper House of Lords, given tax upon state increasing per party by ten percent applicable, removal reducing by five percent given (potential raise, versus guaranteed reduction). A vote is given per party, in each territory per party, and membership allows a simultaneous vote for the politicians of preference of three choices. Seats are assigned per top ballot, seniority assigned, favoring women or men’s brides in case of a tie (a Lord’s Lady, the latter, or a Dame, given none, secondary). A Prime Minister is assigned, given White’s bet, on election, private, unless there is no competition, the vote is clear, then in which case, it is an open raffle, the Prime Minister is a Dame, or if a man, a Sir, either way, a landed Knight, given estates raffle of House, and permanent betting rank in White’s, for weight of ballot given baubles, for wars and films and mercantile deals, international in betting parlors through British finance, all systems feeding into the main isle for trade deals in exchange for media properties.

Diet (Japanese): An interconnected trade bureau of finance, since United States Marine Corps General Douglas MacArthur, the Japanese Diet is based upon secondary system of finance, religion, related to international trade in goods, as manufactured industry. Industrial patents given media are held within the Diet, and the various secondary systems of finance, religion, are patronized by party, they do not patronize party hence corruption charges, and media rights are given out to the countries for distribution holding patents for each religious surplus, the manufacturing industries held by federations producing labor manufactured overseas given intelligence forces, the Self-Defense Forces. The Diet is led by a Prime Minister, held in common consternance vote, the least popular syndicate of Edo Tokyo, never Yakuza, a cop, and if a cop, then the Emperor has been throned, if an Empress dethroned, with assassination of princedom, a royal has died, in harsh battle with a Potter’s ilk, a High Prince of the Throne of London (yours truly, shocking isn’t it, love is true always Jenna). The various georgies, the proper term since Soros, are held in international share, and the Prime Minister, distributes wealth of international shipping, throughout Southeast Asia, on Yakuza shipping, not Japanese, out of Edo prefecture, in support of the Vatican, British Imperial, and East Indies Dutch, underlaid by India High Finance.

Diet (South Korean): A single trade guild, devoted to Jewish finance, with a Juwish princedom of South Korean Presbyterian Protestant electorate embassy as the Minister’s Trade Agency to New York, New Britain, and Amsterdam. Jewish interests are represented throughout the world, as party diplomacy between deliberately interconnected interests in marijuana, methadone, and transquilibrium dealing on the streets, with an upper interest in the parliament of higher echelons, data monitoring. Dealing in information to Israel by design of self, they operate out of a simple system of connection and rapport to Japan, Taiwan, and North Korea, with Vietnam and China held as a second Maoist contingency for Israel to fall back on a regular reliability. The Diet Minister is a Korean adjunct of the Prime Minister, the same as the executive rank in America, elected by popular vote, and held up by the Korean people, in charge of the Diet Regime, the term deliberately fascist to imply the power of the austere, the tradition of the position. Given a university dictorate worldwide, enforced by Korean agents; all Koreans, including North Koreans, given provisions for study.

Directorship (North Korean): A harmonious tranquility in claim, actually a legerdemain dictatorship based on oil profits to the South Korean people through an underground pipeline through North Korea, into the South Korean peninsula, funding the Pusan boat ferry, passed through Russia and Korean through Chinese Manchurian provinces. Determined in funding by Chinese university loan, this agency is sponsored by the accusation against any foes of Yakuza membership as if a crime syndicate, posturing as Jewish but actually false Muslim converts out of Taiwanese treachery for their own Shanghai Green Gang families growing more powerful in the Triads. An empire governed on the Chinese Mob, with internet resources like the sex offender registry, private detective websites, and online roleplaying games out of telnet builds, the North Korean Directorship is known as a satellite state, functioning in the regime of Chinese waterpaloon, to function as a secondary function of the government of the Dalai Llama, as a Chinese passage for Jewish-Americans to spy for Israel.

Politburo (China): A basic commune ethic of university students, per university policy in China, to determine policy, per sect of government, in a religious commune. Each one is a cult, devoted to distribution of goods per addiction, to a university addict populace, the product of Chiang Kai-Shek, and governed by Maoist farming principles of togetherness. Prefectures are placed in experimental economic circles, by the military, with low-level employees composing intelligence logic, the Ministry of Security Services, passed to the Politburo by husbands, to be approved by the wife of the President, and to be screened through by foreign immigration to the diplomatic minister, for more return, while the President handles foreign affairs and is elected by the military-police regents of each quadrant, a hex gram kilosquare, to be approved by the Dalai Llama, each division and commander. The Politburo is staffed by diplomats, all senior staff from overseas studies, placed in banking, Western, to use the Chinese Tong as a leverage point, a humble study of American tastes in their modern culture to feed the Chinese people.

Knesset (Israeli): A group congregant with two concepts, Party and Likud. Party, is a political party within Judaism, approved of by overseas Midrash among Rabbinical scholars past deported to prison, and Likud is Irgun, opposed unless at time of war, state of war against an overseas state for a refused marriage, even a single one, that single individual having prior been slurred by media and accepting, a Gentile champion accepting and refusing marriage, instead marrying to the enemy people of race and Gentile color. Each Knesset member has a cell, of loyal patrons, in the Jewish sects, of terrorists, willing to use any schooling culture of Saud union to commit attacks, with Gaza used as a prison colony against those Arabs (Israelites) that are homosexual or transgender, for staging attacks, to ‘blood’ forces, testing those that feel it is unjust to fight homosexuals, judging you as weak, in simple terms for refusing to kill a pederast upon deportation. The Prime Minister, if Party, has successfully killed the accused, that refused marriage, from the postured figure placed onto them, otherwise it is Likud, a siphon state, to test warfare and mitigation.

The Court (Gypsies): The Twelve Gods of Olympus, and the Three Undone. The children of Chronos, dating back 2433 years as of 2021 AD, they are the greatest champions in human history, the Greek Gypsies. They vote in no way, they are not democratic, and they subsist on chaos, as agents, those who are not beholden to markets, but are rich on work, not upon banking of investment. They deal in information, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Mars, Venus, Demeter, Vulcan, Mercury, Somnus, Vesta, Proserpina, along with their three false cults, Helios, Vespa, and Bacchus, the aborted children of Chronos by reasons of rape of the lover, the women having forced themselves on him through homicidal intent, rape of the child, and drunkenness of state, mothers having been claimed in spear battle, empty handed. The thief of Alexander’s spear to make him the general of the world, they are responsible for Ambition, the antithesis of Antigony, any thesis being the abortion of the three cults, the prior twelve being the most sacred trades of the military in Greek tradition and the offices of Byzantium. Pledged to battle Islam, and sworn to defend the Jews by reason of the creation of the cult against Barabus in the cult of their son Judas, their twelve swords upon gathering to vanquish the evil of Africa, these men and women are the Gypsies, and they are Culture. All halls of finance are open to them, be they Ringer, with the blood and technique, Fraud, with merely the stand as a Romani, Novice, trained in their ways as a Witch, or Neophyte, admitted upon grandson or daughter or younger as a Fraud returned, a pair of ways, a Twain. They have no votes of culture, merely tears, for they are Lazarus, to return again, should you slay them. You have a book, don’t you?

Duma (Russia): Called the Soviet, the Organization, and the Orthodox, in a triad of false building levels, actually a lateral form of parenting, the Soviet is the form with friends, the Organization is the form with women, and the Orthodox is the form with children. Capable of applied blank, a representative, a business as a representative parliament, a mobster as a group of patrons, or a church as a representative of faith in an unknown area, they are the many faceted forms of the diamond, the gem trader’s trade, the double gemini on the hilt of the knife, the same as the pommel gut to a man in the Arab’s form. Together, a Soviet and an Organization are a Mafia, a Family. A Soviet and an Orthodox together, are an Organitzsaya, a spy’s union. A Soviet and an Orthodox together are a Krysha, a financial body, a roof. All three together are a state, a Union. This is the Duma, the grouping of Russian constables, since the Vikings invaded Poland. Known for a single hand, the Veto, with five stars on bottom, the trades of woodworking, demolition, excavation, police investigation, and political municipal, they can overturn any set of five powers foreign on top, with the chief power as the local power also foreign, the chief holding the Veto, allowed to overturn the five votes he can also vote in, unless overturned by the bottom trades. The trades, of course, only hold the flowers cards, the Veto, unless the upper council votes in unanonymous vote, then a single vote, even against, can stop them, in tyranny of the poor, against accusation of the rich.

Trade States (Hispanic): The trade states, are a Hispanic, Portugese Bolivaran or Latin Corridor, system of government. Mimicking the form which is present in their area, offering medical aid, these states have been set on grading, taking insights that pain the people from clear diasphora, genetics, and marking them as a weakness in themselves, then transmitting them back to area of discrephency, paying client, for munitions, professional technical expertise at using arms. The first stage, is the troika, a set of three individuals of the same sex, using bondage sex as tops with defecation as a threat of revenge against self, in the same profession but different specialties, in a labor sector, the amigos. Once a flaw is found in a sucumferate, the term for a negotiated niggerism, a poor man’s ethnice minority in southern slang (only applied, sorry folks), it is found what product is needed in that labor sector, provided by the niggers, the dockman (the poor factory worker’s aid, the criminal). That product, is prohibited, by a social movement, calling in the corridor agent, also called the bolivar hero (the Russian, in Hispanic-Bolivar slang, Portugese or Australian Jingo, the ‘gay’). The corrido, then calls in a cartel man, a singular movement of trade, to call in the product, thus pulling the labor sector, out of contention, in major trade, of local production, back home, the hired party being provided medical aid by a state of congress (the falcons nest, the place the lawyers are flocking to, not the crows, the prosecutors, the American states, the easy prey, because of ‘racism’ disputes, for women, and ‘easy lays’, gay men). Then, the management sector, has to negotiate, for the union, to reopen, at criminal corruption distribution, of product from now banned consort to labor, from foreign country, controlled by legitimate business of hiring party of medical aid, to reopen production of ‘factory’ (the plant, the place where each sector relies on police to distribute, post-union). At this point, the diplomatic embassy, establishes official ties, with ‘Russia’ (the slang for the party hiring, never Russia, they just bomb you, with a terror attack blamed on a Chutzpah, a Jewish mental patient they created).

Assembly (France): Established at the Tennis Court Oath, there is the Left, the socialists (the police through artistic arms, lawyers using the opposites of their priestly oaths, women who fail math but are socially manipulative and men who fail literature but are sexually avaricious), and anyone else, is a Prime Minister, in the Upper House of Government. The Upper House of Government, manages trade relations, with Israel, as a financial conduit, meaning they use Israel, to deal with the House of Saud, not a proper assembly, however a political world all its own, by picking the bullied Saud, and teaming him with a ladies’ man Arab (a serial killer from anywhere in the world), then butt-humping (their term for finding a man beaten senseless for being a pedophile) him with a Muslim convert they dump in a war zone when appropriate (always on the spot, for future External Security converts in the region of origin, Johnny Joe-Jacks, called a thumping tack, a kid who can’t believe that “he can’t get laid”, a scam meister con artist, often a Gypsy who “jumps on”, except for a “death tell”, a privateer’s recruit, laid out carefully or the lazy susan dies in a car accident, God help us if he survives, he’s DEA forensics).

Assembled Duchy (Germany): The same system since Adolf Hitler, conducted in secret, and designed by Goebbels loyalists in “New German Cinema”, for German youth endowments to movies, regardless of the Prime Minister’s following (elected by Canadian Parliament secret vote). Whomever manages to mimic an infamous politician, male or female, crossing gender lines of any type, gets on the vote, to create a worldwide intifada, called “German Counter-Terror”, actually single sleeper cell movements to “knockout” past family enemies of “small business” owners on behalf of the House of Saud. Each knockout, earns the German man, one merit, a chance to move to Germany, and inherit a house. The infamous politician, requires a sexual joke, in support of his own constituency, the one he’s run against, as a private German joke to resist “Austria”, the guy who failed last, Hitler “a yid”, lowercase capitals intended (sirs).

Non-Aligned Movement (Third World Government): Created with the concept of arranging a colonial hegemon, “hegemon” being the term for a rising power in each national border created by a colonial government, embassies have merged to create a rising distrust of each other internationally, however foreign trust nationally, for a “multinational”. Exploiting the United Nations for petrochemical resource agrimen, the term for nourishment resources taken by killing “fat kids”, i.e., hard workers from poor families depicted on television in specifically Africa, these groups seek to learn how to purge their own populations of wealthy at the direction of the wealthy, for the process of merging into a singular state through Africa, with South America and Asia and India and Indonesia and China believing they profit falsely. Previously led by Yugoslavia, as a Wenhaupt institute, of German codeword slang, it is now a rogue movement, deployed by armies out of the United Nations, the entire body seized and falsely led by New York, actually Indochina, out of the New York black community’s secret headquarters in Morocco, Casablanca sectors prevailing from the German Rhodesian Frieparsians Corps (Howard Stern Show, Clinton Foundation al-Qaeda, Taliban, and other movements prevailing).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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