Card Games of Gambling (And Their Purposes in Legitimate Profession)

All card games originate from law enforcement trades, with each one’s mastery being a particular profession aligned with the government, the term for a set of principles in an institution of audit of individual conjoined with auditor, individual empowered to audit another and paid by taxbase (taxbase being the share of production from each individual producing material for common consumption at share of another individual’s consumption in largesse of society, the purpose for concrete institutions of abstract label).


Magistrate’s prosecution, this is the game of luck, luck being the term for being non-confident, with poor luck being overconfidence. The dealer, is the defense, with their draw being a face card ( the full value of the card stacking up from eleven, jack, to fourteen, ace, inverted in the purist’s Monte game when hitting eleven or higher), a bluff face (a face card drawn ten or under, adding one, ace, or four, jack), the standard numeral card (adding together to a total), or a double down (the freeze of their dealing assets, with you, the player, getting a redraw on their total, in exchange for doubling your bet and raising the odds in half of gain).

A face card, is a maneuver outside of trial, a bluff face, is a motion, a standard numeral, is evidence, whose subtraction downwards is the legibility of testimony, and whose addition upwards is the nomenclatural state of definition, and a double down, is an out-of-chambers, a settlement issue on a visa-vie (the term for a deposition of a civil suit being inclement in verdict’s consideration).

You, the player, have to calculate your risk for the case, at each stage, until hitting blackjack, 21, indicating you have been overconfident, and blew the trial by letting the judge decide on a major piece of evidence, or alternately, busting, you allowed a plea, instead of garnering a conviction, making the dealer bust.

The other alternative, is a fold, as prosecutor, a precedence of case, if it is not in interest of politics, for a case to proceed through legislature, a court’s tense known as juris doctor’s succumbing, that meaning, the defendant is the victim of a law originating from popular opinion, the legislature must be crossed.


Economic management between commodity productions, this is the manner of calculating the trade of power between different private sector organizations that support the trade of commodities that support the public sector, the arbited parties in division that oppose barristers, the syndicated law of criminal behavior that originates from foreign envoys without trade tariff placed in function.

The draw, goes to the right, unless women are present, then to the left, the right pass of cards, indicating a poor market, bear, and the left pass, indicating a specialized market, bull, with a bear market indicating that contraband is in play, namely drugs and alcohol and food, sports season is on, while the bull market indicates that specialists, represented by female players, have been called in, for an international union deal through an embassy representative, the market is more complex and therefore more profitable.

There are two concepts in cards, that of the scout, and the breach, to protect the rules of the deck, preventing any cheat of the order of the game, i.e., variance in consistency of the markets along regulation, the commonly accepted practice of the community.

The scout, is when you are not trying to be victorious, with your hand, the term for your local customer, you are allowing the other players to win, to see if there is a partner, someone who is attempting to win, but breaching rules, therefore they will take the pot, allowing you to team up with them in continuing hands.

The breach, meanwhile, is when you break social rules on the table, while attempting to win, to spot the player ‘pranking’ at the table, playing an illegal strategy, particularly in a bull market, trying to team with their lady on the table, indicating that they have lost their husband or wife, a wife particularly egregious, meaning the man was engaged to his woman, and now, you have an opportunity, for a combination play, the scout breach, called a disembowel.

You can throw the man, off the table, he was a spy, for an organization, and now, she, the female cheating the game, dies in horror, suicide, after turning her political power gay. That’s why you don’t cheat poker, kids; it’s the game your community relies on, for power grids, food, and workplace transport. It’s the game of production: the diamond trade, the Orthodox Jew’s shekel.

Individual strategies for Texas Hold ‘Em, taken from King of the Hill characters, are found here: Resource Economics Poker Strategies: livingstonejd — LiveJournal


The priesthood’s game, for the practice of entangling business schemes based on past biographical produce. An infamous reputation in the media, a particularly notorious manipulation of a pair of concepts, and an inversion of the manipulated pair to place the infamous figure in the common light of monetary finance under a philanthropical umbrella, at the expense of a few ‘atheists’, only children. That, is the game of Bocce. As always, this is a game, so if you win, and you were the atheist, it looks like the priesthood cheated, they tried doing a circle, instead of a square, the circle meaning they placed themselves in command of you by breaking the law, not enforcing it. The idea of Bocce, is to reform the criminal into an employee of the corporation, not dust him to the street on a Mob grift scheme. That would damage helpful employees.

Bocce, has three phases. The contestants, the contenders, and the game.

First, the priest needs his goons. He gets the deacon, the term for a law enforcement agent in the ex-convict community, to find who flunks horseshoes, to see who is an atheist, but has siblings. He needs a single kid in the community, a decent athlete, who busted a knee. That’s dispatch, our delivery man. Put him on the police force, make him work for the desk sergeant, and get him a nice Catholic girl, the thong girl. That’s what he gets, for working hard, and she’s hardly working, she gets a cop salary to cook the loaf with. The meatloaf, behind the oven.

Once you’ve thonged it, from seeing who wants to fuck for a living, and you get the cop to put his sibling on scout, you have field day. You want to see who flunks horseshoes, any game involving a metal spike, a range field, and a bunch of metal horseshoes. That means they’re squares, they can’t calculate a range breaking a law. If they circle, that means you put your scout, on the thong, he’s a pederast. Deacon, bad choice, you think a kid that raped a dog, is from a cop family. Looks like we lose a ball to the Israeli Army. Good luck, thong girl, we know you have a bum leg.

Next, comes out list of biographies. We have thong girl do the research on this. She needs to find, the local issue. What’s the deal, with these guys causing trouble. And who put them there, after a national struggle? Then find the guy, who stomped the guy that put them there, with the guys causing trouble getting wasted. Those guys causing trouble, they need to be brought into the community, so we need to take the stompers, and unstomp them, with our biographical figure, as one of the contestants, that won. That way, the stomped, becomes the ball on the back of the field, the marking grid chart, on the sand line, and the triangle, our bocce range for the score, once you’ve got the grid chart, is our scoring point, they’re now our base of power, for all the points, the tightest chart. You can’t get in that way. That way, our best biography, in terms of balls of the air, necessary for the operation, has the fewest balls to knock out, he’s therefore the figure, for the issue.

Finally, we have the game. All the contestants line up, with top score, watching thong girl, dressed in a sun dress, with dispatch beside her counting points, and the deacon marking from the dugout, priest observing in civilian blues, as a cop, has to watch the Bocce game, on field day. The lowest scoring contestant, is your field operative, all the way up to the highest, the cop. Everyone in the middle, is booted, unless they need a street team, that means, there’s a dog fucker, and we need to stick thong girl, with the Jewish military, and someone did a rounders, they broke the rules of the square, and broke the law to set up the play on the future top mark employee. Otherwise, the field operative, was the dog fucker, and dispatch, is dirty, then the priest gets raped and the deacon is the same figure, as the malandered figure of history.

Except, the figure is history, he already happened. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, Zeus. We have balls for that.


A banned sport for its involvement in the genocidal activities of fascist powers during World War 2, Pointsetter is a dachsund game, where owners of different breeds would bet to see which dog did not sit last, winning and surviving, out of a set of three dogs.

A game designed to determine whom got to write a novel, author show, or book, on the radio, Josef Goebbels determined that a gambling addict from addiction to the show, if Jewish, and a veteran of the Great War, would make an ideal recruit for the National Socialists, so he had a radio serial put together with every world sport being won by the Queen of England, until the very end, when the show, having not featured Pointsetter, would indicate that the Queen had been shot, God is Dead, Nietzsche had caused the Holocaust.

That very day, Adolf Hitler joined the Waffen Undercovers for the German Weimar post-war administration, got on his troumping boots, and later came to the National Socialist Party hall, sat down, hung his right arm, left leg crossed sharp and hard, and announced, I am an anti-Semite. They all sobbed, except for Josef Goebbels, grinning wildly. Hitler could beat a Jew at a dog bet, and was also a gambling addict. The power of the game, should be apparent, if you know Holocaust history.

Pointsetters, features three breeds, the first, the Queen, the female, the second, the lazy bitch, yours, and the third, the dog to die. The bend, meaning the dog to sit last, can never be the Queen, or else a show has been had, there is another female dog, the bet is off, there has been a Jew. A Judenkrauser, is when the dog to die, is also last, meaning, that it sat first, someone has cheated, they fed it a snitzel. The worst, is when the Queen absconds, meaning there is a mate elsewhere, it is a track dog, for a spy’s worst to own, it is British intelligence. Oh ho ho, what fun. In other words, to trail you to the middle, the proper Marx Kapital, the Judenkrauser is best in show, the work fails, the first is the British tele-hit, but the show is anti-Semitic, and the last is a result of the first, never taking, the British didn’t like it, it offended the Monarch of Wales, called the Queen’s Bribe – the Glucksbergs.

Now, there are three blends of dogs to play.

First, is a white, a mastiff. This is the rolling dice, a Jew’s show, for gambling. You cannot be beat, unless you’ve had a psychotic break, a poinsipitome, a child has laughed at your gloating, and been a bear. He has spotted you, as a Gentile, but a natural Jew, and his friends are Jewish, therefore he is now an anti-Semite. You are trot material, for the weekly rags.

Second, is a narwhal, a fetch’s hoof. This is the big show, for the splendid returns, always a prison con, the straight term, meaning a confection’s offal, for pedophiles to watch, and be returned to state, with their children, taken from home sperm, now a detached preference to Mormon missions, since the show’s culmination at the end of Holocaust Hero Nietzsche, the real name for Goebbels’ little project (he won middle bet every time, he’d snitzel cheat himself, to disturb the Jew betting).

Third, is the bone, the old lavery dog. This dog, never died, for children would cry. A real sadist put this on the air, it was sick, Nietzsche’s show, something he never watched, for they didn’t have radio, and Nietzsche laid him. That was the name of the prostitute, Nietzsche was having sex with, in his sleep, someone offaled him, from being a dice loss, so he caused the Holocaust, with a bone play, on a fetching order, the hoof broken in a dice breakin svist. Someone stole a show from him, called Claustermaus, that was a ripoff of Die Flaudermaus, his favorite opera. I hope you enjoy Wagner, kids, it was Flight of the Bumblebee, designed to mimic Ride of the Valkyries, except about getting stung by bees, ruining Wagner’s career by Nietzsche’s intent, and winning for Britain.

Hitler never figured out, the British wanted the Holocaust, a veal cutlet with father, a priest, not their own father, who forbade it, you’ll never get married to a bank. A bank, is a Monaco bet, on a pointsetter dog dying at the third place (the rank cheated, the Queen of England, or the Princess Consort, had it shot, in varying degrees of royalty, for spoiling her tele, her daily show – she rather liked that dog that died, she heard, from a royal servant that happened to not tell her – a cop, of course).

Never marry the offaler, kid, he’s best in show. He thinks he’s a prison convict, until he’s in there, then he’s your wife. He gets you bitch punk raped for the rest of your life, for being your friend. That kid, is Hitler’s alter ego and understudy, Arthur Axeman, the Jew in his family, that wanted to fire people. As in, witch’s broomstick them, up the butt. Hitler, had a painting obsession.

Straight Draw:

This game is a custom, variable rule set, applied whenever and however you can, and is played by military intelligence. It is the art of escape, always used for the purpose of infiltration by placing yourself in a position, by escort of others, your target site (the escort, not the location), and then, performing the escape, to move away, therefore drawing the escort, into the trap, a report (you’ve spotted your alias, your bogey, moves, you kill them, the goal score of the game).

As a result, the rules are lose and fluid, but they’re based on cheating a pair, a system designed by two magicians. The concept, is to take a set of four quadrants, with the fifth, the origin pashmerge, the term for the synthetic grouping of the pair of backgrounds creating the single system, creating by two people, two quadrants (mother/father) a piece, and then looking at the synthesis of the background that place one of them, in a detention situation as a child, enabling them to create the system you are attempting to infiltrate.

In other words, you’re sneaking into a house, then figuring out which of four parents, had a detention cell, that the carpenter magically created, before you leave, and the escort, dies, upon exiting after you, having moved out of the system of the carpenter, and instead raped the carpenter’s wife, which is now yourself, not you, it’s the eminence of you, as an individual.

Sounds hard, right? Not if I can teach you how to play straight draw, by creating the rules in the first place, instead of giving you a rigid game. Then you can cheat a magician, any time you want. One magician, is impossible to beat. But two magicians, simple. The problem is, only one magician, is called in, in the carpenter’s trade (that being magic). However, there’s always another item around there, somewhere, isn’t there? Something installed, is in every potential housing unit to infiltrate, hence why you picked it, with this game, for the death of the escort, whomever has scooped you as your target kill.

So here we are. We have five players, our soldiers. We have player number six, our decoy, they don’t know they’re playing, we drop them, who cares. We have an omenthesis, a set of reference, anything, you could put on a card, your hand, as in five fingers, in any amount. And finally, you have the deck portion, what you’re betting on, a temporary chip or token, to represent the house, you, cheating player six, the report.

The report, is the friendly, the sixth player that lures you in, by jumping him and beating him, so the escort, turns into both the friendly, and your eminence of self, when your players, our marines, leave. The end of the game, is somehow, the friendly, the report, having ‘scoped’, they’ve determined you’ve cheated him, never a her, unless a straight draw max, you’re a convict, you have the bitch do it as the lady, to shank the guard, never the corrections, unless the guard is dirty, it’s an undercover guard in the inmate population.

This game should be referred to as social, in public, with metrics applied, names based on your desire, for the creating party to suffer, whomever inspired it to escape by ‘showing’, displaying to your friends. It’s always a false ‘rude’, who they really represent, not whom they’re showing you. It’s a guard, an inmate, a narc, on you, the convict, the spy. Military intelligence families are drilled and prepped in prison quarantine units, such as highschools, the most common being the preschool, with the group conjugal, imprinting a behavior, to label a liability, you had, for failing to escape.

You’re the bitch, you come up with the game, to twist someone into a schuzstaffel, a type of hold used by Germans since the 5th century. The schuzstaffel, mythically, kills a Jew. It actually bogs down a resource supply line, heading out, of Germany, into someone else’s nest, in France, an old game among German sailors, since the Hanseatic League, a loose confederations of sailors. It should be noted, not to give this to Aryans, without knowing the history of the schuzstaffel and the terms implied with history, they’ll kill you and stomp you, for being a Juwe Spy, that exact spelling; you stole from the bitch, and you think it’s anti-Semitic, to have a name borrowed in history. You’re a neophyte, the corrections guard. Fuck you, anti-Semite. You’re human garbage.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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