The Scythian Concept of the ‘Level’ (May the Games Begin)

The Gobi Desert, is unique, for having spawned the Wurms, known in modern times as the Uighurs, the Wu-Tan, the Persians, the Tigers, or the Royal Umbrees. With a backwards distension of the spinal column, they can ‘read’, through time, with two varieties, the precognitive, having shaped their environment with ‘marks’, and the clairvoyant, having spent their life placing themselves around their circle, and expanding it, as ‘tracks’. The precognitive, is produced through consensual coitus to father, and the clairvoyant, is produced through non-consensual coitus to father, or theft of semen. The five households covered elsewhere as open access material, here we cover the Scythian concept of ‘levels’, that being, the rising challenge based on the simple notion of a game with lethal consequence.

The standard game, is called the Round, a term for a movement of nomadic horsemen in a desert, high steppes, plateau, or mountainous valley, moving into place. At our first observation of science and finance, we have the development, roughly 50,000 years ago, of the cow’s hoof upon gridded paddy and then devouring of own feces and cartilidge into mouth upon flaxen grass, creating the rare bacterial scourge known as anthrax. Observation of anthrax’s effect on humans and cattle, created the advance known as the village, later the city, and before that, the district, once the following advances were made, that of sorghum wheat, and the hen’s livestock, through observation of moving systems, independent of the Gobi.

At each stage of the Wurms’ development, a game is developed, based on a standard concept of a ‘hit’, the terminology for the defeat of a foe on a common game of ‘legend’, distributed as a forward agency, until the game is ‘cracked’, that being, anyone can play it, not just the precognitives channeling through the clairvoyants to access means, the location of the destination being the origin. The title of the grouping, is dependent on the game, which we will now cover.

Turban, Hun, Knight, Wizard, Penegram, Mithras.

The basic feature of the Turban game, is that an artistic figure, resembling the Turban precognitive, in the eyes of those that have assailed him on orders of a female clairvoyant, the track into the mark of self, takes one individual, the champion, and places the same character between them, by placing the tracked mark, onto the champion, with a woman between them as a physical object, a weapon. The weapon, is the defeat of the champion, hence the conquest of the mortal symphony, moving on from this stage, and moving into power as a century. A century, is a rise, in general understanding of economics, from village terminology of management, a falsely ascribed set of laterals, actually acquired by years of age, not actual job in hand. Understood less, the higher you rise, until you’re the poorest man in the country, the king.

The basic feature of the Hun game, is that a grouping of logic, has a style, and once it is not appropriate for your area, you are placed inside it, with one marked individual, also the marker, and no clairvoyants present, having placed around the mark at the beginning of the journey, a transition, called a wander. The key to understanding the wander, is that the tribe wandering, conquers, only when you have submitted to them by not attacking, hence you will gain wealth, by refusing to counter volley, and they either do the same, or else their marking status, removes itself, and your mark, places it on them, with the trackers, then playing in, with you as a kingdom, alternately, them sparing you, and continuing as a marker tribe, with their tracks digging into the earth as future peoples to merge in and build upwards, an ethnicity.

Then, we have the Knight’s game, known as the errant, the terminology for seeking a quest by hireling, namely, the individual that is paying you, is your servant, and you, are the skilled hand at battle. You think you are dependent, to eat, as the tracker, when in reality, you are with someone seeking a marked individual, the quest, that the tracked has marked, your quarry. The fox, is the marker, that is falsely hunted, and in legend, they are labeled as a beauty, when in fact, the monster is the beauty, the one you have sought to slain, because they have taken the tracked out of circulation, currency viable status, and the tracked, is a monetary token of payment. The wife’s dowry, is actually on his head, as a bounty, and he is falsely accused, the dauphin, and his wife, is a ne’nder-well. This is the concept of currency, the king’s ransom, for his son, the prince, actually a specialist, at a trade.

Then, we have the Wizard’s game, that of the trade of three, into four, the set of one. One, is the marking individual that is new, three, are the three tracking individuals, and four, are a set, based on a mixed urn, a goblet of three wines, and one potion. Mixed cocktail lounges used to claim this, as poison, but it is actually a sugar saccharine drink, to signal you are free, you have found just the right family poison, that has freed you, from your bought of alcoholic draught, from hard labor, as the marked, unless the marker, than you have doomed yourself to the tracked, because the tracker has found you remiss in your duty, you are playing a leveler game, to beat yourself, instead of him, having not found him. If the tracker cannot find the draught, he is defeated, for he has not mastered the most basic game, candies, the game of a child, in not knowing what a saccharine mix is, and to avoid beer, any type, unless it’s an ale, then to move to the saccharine, through signal of same candy as father at stop of mercantile, or otherwise a brewer or distiller of potions. This is known as a drinking game, to get through one’s collegiate studies. Even Muslims have one, called sword, wherein you cannot drink the pot, the potion, until you are dry, meaning, you are sober, and if already drunk, you are dead, after drinking the potion, unless empty, then you are a thief, you are killed, hence dead. This is the game of a spy, leaving the tent, instead of hanging about, loafing, with slippery sneakers, otherwise known as poor skills.

Then, we have the Penegram’s game, the manual and the novel. A manual is for a detective, it is an established tradesman’s work, described in articulated form on how to perform a trade, produced by a tradesman who has read other manuals and performed the tasks required as culminate in this manual given, not this guide of course, a guide merely a primer for reference in society. The manual, therefore, requires past experience, not training, to understand, and if manuals can be collected, a set can be created, for a tracker, not a tracked, and if academics can be obtained, a tracked can find the tracker, for a job of special important, a bounty, on a dangerous criminal. The marker, meanwhile, has to help locate the bounty, with past marked, that have made novels, a layman’s form of art, to understand art by writing the novel, to understand a trade not prior understood by the author, however they have been marked by a marker in the trade, with a clairvoyant’s supervisor, the dane, in the trade, the dane being the establishment of literary legislature of laws, in press, to succumb the trades inwards, to prevent a hedge, a wizard’s disaster, a reversion to prior games for an area. This is to establish industry for the poor, so well the games have been cracked by religion, our artifice of destruction as a society. Poor, you.

Finally, we have the new game, the Mithras game, Magic: The Gathering. This game, is a collectible card game, teaching you the logic of a trade, without economics present, so you cannot be an accountant, you cannot be a corporate agent, you cannot be a civil servant, and you cannot be a government bureau analyst, if you play. Then, why? Because your father, was a criminal, and a tracked cop, gave him the set, just for you, to reform you. This is how law and order now works, to reform kids. But where is he going? Well, if he can attract a marker, having been tracked in status by his cards, and plays an honest game of Magic at a tournament, on the vacation to the police asylum, for the other tenants of justice offered a repeal, the marker doesn’t play and he does, and he loses to the PG, the power-grak, the individual that plays statistics and not experience (the game sides with statistics, and experience, that’s for the card counter, the man that names the card and devises strategy), he’s got a one way shot into the arts. Your friend watching, has just nailed you, on a talent agent’s trip, and now, you’re somebody, kid. And if you don’t take the shot, you’re now a card counter. Still pretty good, right?

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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