The Four Components of the Bible (The Tactical System of Warfare’s Analysis)

The Bible, is composed of Four Testaments, all inside police access. As a fighting concept, they are designed as a simple test, and the knowledge inside, can be learned anywhere. You can master the entire Bible without ever having read it, however the Bible, is for cheating, in combat tactical terms. Each of the Four Testaments (Antiquity Africa, Old Testament, Greco-Roman-Buddhism, New Testament, Irish-German-Nordic, Apocrypha, Hard and Soft Sciences of China, Knights Green), is along a simple concept called a ‘line’, dividing the military traditions of Israel prior to its dissolution by breaking all the unique marble quarries, the mark and notation of civilization of a unique form to the human sensory circuit, and driving the Israelites into Arabia, to return as Islamists, those who refused to convert, labeled as Jews (actually transgenders), once merging into the modern tradition (the Crusades did this job kindly, the purpose for the military excursion, to spread the Biblical test to the Arabs, the Israelites, thus removing their military power).

The concept of the Bible, is a choice. Do you cheat, and if so, do you attempt to master a system without study, do you attempt to master it without it complimenting yourself, and do you attempt to fight alone? If cheating, you may get the wrong system for your mother’s background, if you do not know the term. She may kill you. If your system is not complimentary, you may be beholden to a currency union, an actor’s troupe, or a secret fraternal order of oath, three concepts of paganism that are curses in 12 Biblical contexts, the lowliest of menial labor, psychiatric care, or public servant of scriven. If you fight alone, you will read more than one book from the same Testament, with four forms of basic ‘queer’, the term for submission to the topic substance in submissive fear, these forms to be listed below, in basic tense, then building, to all their combined pitfalls. The best course of action, of course, is not to read a Book, within a Testament, of the Bible, ever.

Reading more than one book of the Old Testament, is Anti-Semitism. You will be easy to deduce by Jews, those who have allergies, and do not predate on those who violate social contexts within code of any allergen (for example, if you are allergic to dogs, and do not consider animal torture, to be a homicidal personality, you are a Jew). These are the rigid orders of submission, not an Israelite, but rather an incestuous personality, the pacifist. Now you are among body of people, instead body of state, and unless you convert, becoming a dealer of brokerage, their superior form, you are cheap labor. You will never even have patronage as the victim of theft, let alone position.

Reading more than one book of the New Testament, is homosexuality. You will be easy to suppress in military resistance to even a quiet social gesture, and people will be repulsed at your shallowness, your obsessive function of linguistics, your inversion of fact given apparent information and truth, your simplicity of logic given time’s expansion, and of course your odor, not the natural form from basic worker’s strain or sun or heat or exhaustion or even haze, but rather your refusal to alter your diet according to your sweat glands, refusing to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or even refusing to make a special request at a kitchen for removal or particularly addition of ingredients easy to acquire and breaking of dietary code. You have violated the Greco-Roman-Buddhist tradition, of congregant society as a building mass, having submerged into the pit, the common dwelling of mongrels.

Reading more than one book of the Apocrypha is pederasty, having asserted yourself as a sexual implement of masculine or feminine birth however gender non-matching, considering sex and gender to be identical to birth, not in inferior position through having sexual habits without division or line or boundary, spying on others you are interested in and claiming sexual predation of victimhood when rejected for reasons of inferiority of sexuality. You will be behold to Irish, German, and Nordic ideas of self-humiliation in admission to unprofessional behavior, the flaccid expulsion of a fetus in your imagination from a vagina that you have succumbed to, always as a woman, either a transgender man who seeks to posture as a hideous freak, or as a woman who wishes anal sex as the answer to her needs as a woman to grow pregnant without having to bear the responsibility of childbirth. You have violated the basic testament of responsibility as a child, being offered as anyone in society, hence you are a predator, to take it away in a criminal manner in your delusion of protection.

Reading more than one book of the Knights Green is idiocy, having asserted yourself as a master of all the sciences of lore in a means as to survive their practice without a conjoined effort. You are a quarantine surgeon, a doctor that seeks to ply their trade as a professional police officer while pertaining to matters of medicine and law, or alternately, a criminologist who does not seek to aid criminals through their capture and reformation, the delusion of capital punishment as helpful to society instead of detrimental to the whole targeted in their mutual belief of victimhood at the act perpetrated against the subject’s act executed for, to cull a man as a martyr. You have failed perfunctory martyrdom, by believing it to be just to kill or practice science without contagion, the surgeon’s tool for spreading a medical form with the pogrom of a particular behavior to create a social practice. You have violated the simple form of consequence of action in science, and now, you are a rapist, from position of police and psychiatric doctrine.

Now, that we have analyzed our four basic failures, we can begin to combine texts. Rather than denounce the combinations, we will side with them, in traditional Ninjutsu Buddhist practice, also known as information signals warfare, to pass through non-bias, to give to you, the bias of the Bible itself.

First, we have the Old Testament and the New Testament combined. This is the position of being divided as labor in the throngs of society, to the people are our power, that of the common worker.

Second, we have the Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha combined. This is the position of the arts renaissance, which we are trapped in through no fault of our own, having consulted mystic tests and amulets passed to us by drug merchants, our new friends.

Third, we have the Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrypha, and Knights Green combined, the descent into the barbarian, the Viking, falsely ascribed as civilization, actually a movement of theft of man or woman or sexuality or phallus or testes or bosom or uterus or ovary, not through sales but rather through removal of sales, our concept of a thronging mass of infantry known as street kids, all of us with money from our parents until we move on to that great commune in the sky, to get high every day and work as cops on a border state somewhere.

Fourth, we have the New Testament and Apocrypha combined, the concept of the bondage parlor’s dominatrix or bondage master, the term for someone who can control your mind through his ultimate submission to your sexual pleasure, always as a man, in theft of her own buttocks, always as a woman, in the concept of a snarling beast that is ultimately gentle and pleasant, not wanting to be another gigalo or madam to sell his soul to the Devil, that old man that gave him the scripture text from that evil priest, that man with the minister collar, not as old as you think, but far older than the Protestant man that says he was a scoundrel to give it to you honkey, now you’re white instead of black, little Irish girl, from Israel.

Fifth, we have the New Testament and Apocrypha and Knights Green combined, the beautiful world of the social thinker, the civil rights activist, and the prosecutor’s attorney, the two faces of the world, dictated to the anal rape of self in belief of justice, pleasing that little ferret that could’ve been us, but they didn’t read well and had to work so hard, instead of reading the texts their abbey gave us, for the negro, the woman, and the spy, all the same thing, just a book store with a little bit of anarchy to it. They say anarchy is violently retaliating against thieving, but I have just the book for you otherwise. They don’t pay me to preach this, but they pay if they don’t, we have you lawyers for that, don’t we boys?

Sixth, we have the New Testament and Knights Green combined, the politician of candor and state, called a Mayor, Selectman, or Chief, all the forms and combinations that need order, like you need order. We’ve needed it ever since we saw the light of the Lord, and through these divine illuminated texts, we find our own light, inside each and every one of these scribements of parchment that the state gives us, to practice our way, as a man who directs the civil institutions of the projects and unions and public works, the man who rallies police for the election of the others in city council of the higher buroughs beyond up the road, and the chief of all things, the priest in the function of government in preemptively striking any who must have proof of policy placed upon their head for being too intelligent to err, for they lack the Lord, and we must show them.

Finally, the Apocrypha and Knights Green combined, we have ourselves the military staff officer, your transition from a man on the bridge to a man below deck, knowing that a general hides, not leads, that means, you can’t be expected to be a modern lieutenant in my platoon, your papers were found in the open and we know you’re an honest man. You have all the codes and rigid sanctamounts of posture, salute, and foot, but you also have the obedience of the pet that a child loves, that you never had as a child, that mean army stomper that you saw in the mirror one day couldn’t save ’em, and the reverse of what should’ve happened, occured, to such an extremity, that you can no longer recollect your name, only your pet name for your adjutant, that lovely boy studying those books in the chaplin’s house, to replace you, Colonel. Or should I say, Captain? The deck is yours, cardsman.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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