Heterosexuality and Group Logic (The Means of Manipulating Predators)

Predatory behavior and homoeroticism, the concepts of homosexual and gay, being separate, but frequently aligned in the prior form of heterosexual predatory behavior transitioning to the latter through this process listed below, and the the latter form of homosexuality and the term gay being internal enforcement within each class, including the heterosexual classes, of ‘gay culture’, a prison created by the subculture of society to control the ‘dickheads’, the folks that get knocked off the high horse of life practicing predatory behavior.

We have a class of logic known as a ‘boss’, the centered and leadership position of someone that refuses to descend into a group line of thought. This individual, demands control, seen through the use of the right hand to extend pulminary and cardiovascular functions alongside the left cerebrum’s tool using methods. In other words, a homicidal personality disorder. To watch for this, order soup with them, hot soup, and see if they blow on their soup spoon, right handed, if at all. If they blow on the soup spoon right handed, they’re a ‘boss’, a homosexual, and believe themselves to be in control of others beyond self, hence they are a potential predator.

To counter a ‘boss’, we have to look at four classes of action. The first, is their standard administration class of behavior, in seven possibilities, wherein they are acting as a monitoring agent in a common profession of method, that could be anything otherwise, however they prefer the label. This is the act of staying in a singular position, attempting to govern or control others, having acquired a group to place themselves over, with a group of likeminded idle. The second, is their mobile class of behavior, their interests of game through academic that they act through, when they are on tasks of any nature, all of them criminal trades when conducted as the stereotype would imply, actually in fact a standard method of an introductory academic. Each of these, has seven possible classifications, the first grouping for their internal method of diplomacy, the second for their group roles and professions when viewing others to see if they are also in a homosexual grouping.

To nullify the predatory behavioral class, one must cross them, with either a free time (listed first) into mobile, or a work time (listed second) into an administration, to match together the various sets from five into seven, with 35 possible administration downfalls, and 35 possible mobile downfalls. Workplace behavior, must be used to assail the administrative, and freetime behavior, must be used to assail them when they’re mobile. The free time, is the concept of study, which you should always be engaged in, to remain heterosexual and mass congregated, and the work function, is the concept nationalism, which you should always be engaged in, to remain productive and quiet.

These are the concepts within a general population prison as well, either the ‘boss’ (the individual raped) or the ‘bitch’ (the model prisoner, the individual sexually assaulting the ‘punk’, the boss that’s attempted to be a leader).

If an individual matches the class of behavior, either heterosexual study to homosexual administration, or heterosexual work to homosexual mobility, one can obtain a manipulated outcome of a print, or a positive review at work, at the expense of one’s standing with other heterosexuals, since you’ve set them up for a potential downfall at attaining power, a ‘narc’, a potential agent of police power without any such authority; you’ve invoked predators as your personal tool, for their profit and your revenge.

Notice that the top sets of seven, are generalized roles that appear to have criminal or corporate or religious or police standing, the fantasy of a predator, and the bottom sets of five, have universalist backgrounds, necessary to take on to perform the function queue’d to command, on one’s own personal reticence, having understood the drama of one’s actions.

Homosexual Administration Classes:

  • Sociology Don
    A university munitions man, specialized in advising syndicate matters. An inherited position in the hierarchy, held within families for generations. Bestowed by the legislature for serving a national interest.
  • Executive
    A taskmaster’s position, granted for demonstrating finance and control of a corporate office as a moneyman, that which obtains funding for an organization.
  • Accountant
    A signal man’s advisory position, granted for completion of a banker’s position in any form, especially a treasury organization. Commonly paired with a degree, but not always, in the case of a natural talent, a cook.
  • Advisor
    A hygiene expert to the inner command of an organization, this position is held by a counselor to the inner circle, or a liaison diplomat to other functions. Often suspected of being involved romantically within the ranks.
  • Shocktrooper
    A man capable of striking without actually physically touching, although sufficient at physical combat by definition of function. Required to be capable of multiple sports of combat, but not necessarily functional at actual combat function.
  • Spy
    A man who is inserted into a dangerous situation from experience of accreditation at personality disorder, placed in a diagnostic and passing through undiagnosable state. Required to be schooled in two faiths, and to pick up a third as placement on the first mission.
  • Journalist
    A person who is skiled at shifting those in an unit into assassination positions, the sleeper agent in any given unit who strips away monetary finance and places those in combat roles. The journalist is the press report on the unit, to place those inside it into skirmish position.

Homosexual Mobility Classes:

  • Cardinal
    The major diplomatic envoy to a region by decree of religious order, this man is a classed assassin and monk, having studied combat forms of politics and is therefore skilled at moving numbers of people in a parish, a localized echo of any given faith.
  • Don
    The individual responsible for banking acquisitions, they monitor exchequer funds for a home government and distribute to the needy, the soldiers of the the group. They are responsible for forming a Corps, a syndicated payline of corps troops numeral, as the signal friar number.
  • Lawyer
    An individual separated from parents young, this man is responsible for the written codes and words held in courts, that of royal bearing of any society. They do not monitor news, but make it, having studied words and scripts of bearing.
  • Narcotics Man
    The combination of media, clergy, and police, this man is a government stipend to a syndicate, responsible for printing and publishing while distributing drugs or narcotics of any type.
  • Cartel Man
    A business ambitious individual, they are placed in a fraternity or sorority, not a fellowship, and are given control of a single commodity, granted responsibility of moving it from fruition to source, backwards, in calculation.
  • Chessmaster
    A man who is obsessive about the checker swatch, they place others in a simple bind, to play out until announcing itself as the checker, the signals agent for the play performed and then unto itself, having gained fruition in media chessmastery from agent groomed for the purpose.
  • Hen’s Agent
    A social agent of some weight and girth, they are the media placed representative of their source, having been portrayed as opposing their true loyalty, and having taken the role upon accent, they are this figure, aside from bearing of state in claim of media, an ill-bearing confidence grifter.

Heterosexual Free Time Classes:

  • Schoolmaster
    The individual who has the entire school’s scheme mastered, this is the internal player who has scouted the region through connections alleged to be family. In fact, they have been brought in, due to a physical or emotional assault prior to joining the campus, and are working off their time, teaching the students their particular form of assault in private (in a prior selected academic curriculum).
  • Revolutionary
    A product of a tragic background involving a once safe home becoming broken to national reasons, they are placed inside the same cause that doomed their homelife. They are carefully shaped and groomed to lead an opposition to the cause, having mastered it, and they are forced into failure by the university with lies and cheats in game theory dynamics (their actual profession of calling).
  • Undergrounder
    A fashion savante placed in a false line of study, this is actual a police informant working rare and dangerous case files, sometimes housed off campus or othertimes in an atypical housing situation. An out of region police adjutant, they specialize at hunting corporate houses, namely media, regimen, and forensic health, also their three areas of schooling, in singular and pair education, never a trio, however capable of using all areas of articulation by completion.
  • Gambler
    The criminal on the team, this individual has burned their chance at another position, and stays on as a confidence artist, without a chance to graduate or make numbers unless they perform a major criminal bust for the federal states commission off campus and after school. Charged with a major hook assisted by campus deans, the true power at the university, this man or woman is spotted for making a clever criminal move, actually law enforcement, that shuts down an entire means of ingress for the crime syndicate he’s sent in to bust with the reputation of having “accidentally” doomed their criminal interest.
  • Firestarter
    The journalist and intelligence quadrant judge at a university, this individual has a natural attraction to music and technology, but loathes the actual science of production and sound and engineering and management and business. A writer, author, and scholar, they master the dynamics of both play and technique, but are placed after graduation inside their social group dynamic as a spy, a real life espionage agent produced by a university, performing regional mercenary moves for undercover cops with setups of unwitting police to bust and nab criminals that have targeted the university’s civilians, a full strike team if any of the ranked player classes is taken down.

Heterosexual Work Function Classes:

  • Rockstar
    A man suffering from mental illness by reason of oversized phallus or a woman who is perjoratively imbecilic due to the genetic size of her buttocks, the rockstar is a natural gravitation of attention to others despite the deficit of horomonal genetics. They make you feel famous, however they have no function at life or skillset other than escort and accompaniment of their charges. They are talent agents, the people that make you a splash at the gala.
  • Broker
    Individuals specializing at unusual strategy from having been deficient at an essential course of study in their primary schooling, however having adapted at having excelled at it in their graduate training in a secondary school and therefore been adapted to underwriting of contract labor. These individuals surmise strategies based on a simple trademark, that then becomes their placement of similar types, always the same trademark, within a formed document of order.
  • Banker
    An individual associated with a fraternity, sorority, fellowship, society, or temple, they were non-pledged however they have contractor connections to famous families of state in poverty. They specialize at rallying contractors, assassins, artists, specialists, and scientists, for any cause you could imagine, with the placement of monetary capital, the hire of employees and their payment through your talent house, in your hands, for the actual work to be performed on “set”, your field intelligence that is the subject of your artistic masterpiece.
  • Fence
    An individual that has been smeared by the press and enjoined into the same organization that destroyed him for high mark of dollar upon having proven that the negative press offered was in fact beneficial to the company, because he was correct, and now, only he holds the cards. This individual is the fence, someone with a unique strategy and leverage point that can hold any position on a media negative, so his unique skill can be taught within the company in a distributed sales – he publicly distributes street intelligence on a burned manual of acquisition in the house’s media view, so only individuals owned by the company can use the particular property of informations device.
  • Actor
    A child spoiled by kin, not by money, this child existed on loans and art, not on athletics and blood. No hugs, no games, no queers, this man is only an object of the art of the kill, murder through art and without attachment or low brow home, he hates humility, despises the common man, and loathes the objective. Any who would oppress another, besides those misusing the games created and employed by his trade, have his actor’s blade, the art of a street run in crime, for any insurgency cause domestically to link with a foreign campaign against his government, then bringing the information right back home, a man or a woman, to play it upon your house, or perhaps write it, for your diplomatic investment overseas in the peace deal.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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