The Twelve Families of Alexander

The Twelve Families of the Greek Thief, Cronos, rely on Ambition, the gift anti-paganism, to Greece. Through the forceful change of Alexander’s job of priest, to general, a role unsuited by more dramatic, they created modern history. The false cults of Apollo (Theater), Mafia, Family, Athena (Psychology), Hospice, Gesture, and Bacchus (Freemason), Police, Brand, were created. These three traps, were the body of labor among unions of poor, the groups of stolen and abandoned among false, and the abandonment of past position among that designated in fellowship. Through these three cults, we have the traps, of the Greek military tradition, the Roman secondary finance, and the Jewish academic tradition.

Continuing, we have the Twelve Cults, those specialties of Marksman, of the Thieves.

Demeter (Anti-Assassin): The sniper is this one, not lost but since found, in the hearths of labor. That which is free is us, for those that have sought to destroy country are marked in open of honesty, and drafted into labor of a people’s force, to defend the elders of old times against the true enemy, ourselves. That which has greed and that which defiles is the home of this land, for our old times have service and our young times have many assassins, those that seek the old blood of country. The simple game is here, can one extend the finger in freedom, or is it not closed to us, this place not free, and that which makes the hand of the rod first is the witch, the hunter, and that which marks the place as closed is the warlock, the smitten.

Juno (Anti-Cheat): Literature education, that of an analysis form of literature in predicament of articulation. Any of those cheating, will be given an assignment, and this is true of all who cheat since their assignment is phrased as ‘assignment’, instead of ‘rubric’, the latter a judgement of grade, and the prior a task for money paid to school or guide purchased. The assignment is potentially lethal, from including that writing the particular work, inside the articulation, that of taking a past form of literature, and updating it along one’s analysis. If an individual is performing a fraud in class, they will have a fatal accident outside of class, however if their method of cheat is a new form of analysis, they shall survive, and become a flower, the term for rejecting the woman who had led you to make such a grievous cheat of taking time in exchange for money for education of self. Now, you have created a new form of literature, to profit all, and it was based, on lonely echo.

Jupiter: (Anti-Medicine): Science fiction, that portrayed as a character of a doctor as any other role, in their living Hell as a police officer, with the actual doctors, from the director of any project, legendary escapees of this psychiatric hospice that is Jupiter. The keystone to understanding the Cult of Jupiter, that who advises leadership, is the quarterstone, that which the faith lies upon, the concept of party, and if it relies on the Family, the Hospice, or the Police, it shall fall in combination of Satan, that of Christ, the Negro, to become the Riot of the Blood. That is our way, of the Chinaman, not of the Asiatic Oriental, but rather the hard working man, that of Union, Hard Working Hare. For this is Easter, our Month of Calendar. Jupiter opposes that who seeks to decrease our mobility for increase of longevity, when we can have both, that of science, of knowing what we are before we experiment, from not trusting the Gangster, the other party, the Church.

Mars (Anti-Leadership): The art of parchment and binding, this is the concept of the cartoon, the printed animation of the explanation of the military, the intelligence, the terrorist, the government, and the police. Food is explained here, in the simple form, the things done to create it displayed as the villain, for this is the international market of wares, those things we do to feed ourselves. For the leadership cult to take shape, one must understand the things we do not in any other complex tense of diplomacy, but the simple ingress of shipments earned, and always your food will come.

Mercury (Anti-Theft): The board is our game, and the chess is our quarry. Checker, is the name of the regimen, and cross, is the old board, and each of you, shall thieve from us, our family quarry being that of regimen, always the old wood, the carpentry of antique forms. In the subtle humility of design we find ourselves, and each time you play chess with us, you shall thieve from us, and place deeper our theory, that of the Cult of Mercury, this temptation to return to form that which you have stolen from manual. Ours is not the design of form in patent, but rather the actual wood of the earth, and if you steal our lands, you steal our graves. Our ancestors.

Neptune (Anti-Prostitution): Blackjack, that game of chance of six suits and twenty cards, of a Tarot’s deck of Malfions, with a Spade, a Club, a Diamond, a Heart, a Sword, and a Moon, in suit, with a Jack, a Queen, a Rook, a Bishop, a King, and an Ace, and two Jokers, zeros, for black diamonds, side sets. This creates all games of cards, to prevent an individual from preying on the poor without marriage, the prevention of trade.

Pluto (Anti-Veteran): The society of Hell, the concept of the underworld. This is the concept of taking a movement of veterans of any shape, and labeling them as their chief rank, however in a term that will come to encompass them in coming generations, at expense of court suit. Each leader is portrayed three options to place each follower through, to build their opposition, the Cereberus, those who guard against the entry into Hell, by example and demonstration, a Robot.

Proserpina (Anti-Traitor): The pomegranate is often the legend of the Phoenix, she who rises high above the falcon’s nest. That is Proserpina, she who seeks to marry cousin of country, not Cousin of contract. This is the one who delves into dark places to slowly divide out the open flesh into the closed contract, the compact of once broad place becoming a closed division of self, proving those loyal who are expelled, and proving those treacherous who stay in higher demands of stem. This is the play on the shoulder, where the barbarian proves himself by being the one who will not release most loved, for country is good, not evil.

Somnus (Anti-Nation): We are the ones who are born again in faith, the old blond Aryans you have often spoken of. Each of us is a sport onto ourselves, with a signature move you see in the games of legend, your grand gladiator nights, not to win, but to mark a move off field, the stage’s strike upon a man or woman of the opposite sex. This is the contract you perform for us, the culmination of an entire type of personality of man or woman erased from all time, upon merely passing to us the move, and seeing it batted down with the rage of her hand, or the merit of his stick. We are the sleepers, the old eyes, and here we repose in the sporting fields, the superb athletes that will never play, for we are the spies.

Venus (Anti-Murder): The game is as old, the tool of the hat and the monocle, a man who has no head or who has no glass. A man without a head has a hat, or a man without a glass has no glasses. Together, they are useless, a bald, and apart, they are next to nothing, the cuff, the man with both. But apart, they are the crook and the nook, the man with the spectacles that sees the crime, and the man with the parched feather that makes the investigation. These are dolls, the world of Venus, that which is the arresting work to investigate homicide, to avenge those wrongs which are right, and it was the proper form of justice, homicide, but it must be accounted for, because the reasons for the homicide must be given proper form of prevention in system. That blood is shed is spared, again, but cannot be spared once granted, therefore cannot be taken from our veins.

Vesta (Anti-Chauvinist): The hags of yore and the hobbits of the day, these are the stings of anarchists, those who wish no force but redemption. These are the false hospices, those who lay in the low places and seek to succumb to their fate, those victims of military program guised in other forms having found superiority in public speaking in support of the program, through the wretched face of the hag, and the seeking quest of the fellow victim. This is the yander of the goose, the golden egg through which the cause shines.

Vulcan (Anti-Matriarch): We have taken a false symbol to mark as the child molester, but it is not us, for it is of art of the true form in such repiphany. We are those that oppose the land of hearth, and here we are benign, but to lure into us the proper form of swine we are those reposed. Police and matriarchs, they are the same, but the division is that the police wear the true form of the pride, the lion, and the matriarch is no lioness, but a hyena, and we be the jackals of the night, picking off those noses that come besmirch us through those trying times, with our masks, that of the cats.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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