Mestizo Civil Rights Figures (The Great Leaders of Amerindian Culture)

Mestizo culture relies on having the ideology of both the enemy, as the set piece, to manipulate around the personal ideology of false statement, to turn the supporter of the enemy (building with each of these figures’ contributions) into a homoeroticist (the movement you presently call QAnon), little shitheads that squeal and fear you while cutting you off as if having won (they’re really touching each other’s arms as if ‘jews’, our term for Catholic priests).

The Mestizo battle for civil rights, all began, when a Wampanoag was scalped to convert him to Christianity and prove to him that an afterlife was real by killing him. Scalping, is the punishment, in Native and Mestizo culture, for a sex offender.

A sex offender, physically strikes, for any reason, their own child. We take a big tomahawk, and we put it down at your neck, the base, and we shave up your flesh and your spinal column, up to the top of your head, then we toss you out in the dirt to die.

Things have never been the same since.

Here are some of these figures.

Malinke: A woman on the eastern coast of the Yucatan, she confidence grifted Spanish conquistador, Cortez, into leading an uprising into the dictator tribe, the Mexica (called the Aztecs in 19th century German history), that was a severe minority but had come to dominate the New World’s trade routes through application of religion in practice of belief in afterlife (considered pederasty to other tribes, the belief thereof in a life after death). Malinke then invented the modern concept of the dominatrix, mating together the Spanish conquistadors and making her war leaders into Spaniard priests, Jesuits, to piece apart the entire order of Spanish colonialism, guaranteeing that the Native genome survived, through pagan dominatrix marriage, false religious vows in warfare’s gain, and sperm theft of male Natives into military families to betray them with their seed, from the southernmost Tierra Del Fuego to the highest points of Alaska, the ice fields of the Algonguin, and the far reaches of the Maine tips.

Metacomet: Waged a war in an extraterrestrial infested swamp after forcing Puritans to attack with the burning of a church with the inhabitants inside, screaming them to death and tears and pain and black char, before killing ten percent of the invading white forces, and wounding most of those attacking; initiated the Native and Latino custom of a forced conversion, being grounds for war against an entire people that had founded the religion, until death.

Tanacharison: The first apologist for American colonial expansion into the Cumberland region, from the Thirteen Colonies. Assisted Lt. Colonel George Washington, Colonial British forces, in covering the murder of Canadian-French officer Jumonville, after Jumonville was caught exiting his bowels with one spigot at a time, offensive to George Washington. Washington, an Amish navyman who had taken on Native ways given the judgement of proper manners given women, demands all four humors be exited in warfare, or else a man was an Arabist, for moving his bowels as if he was his mother, as Jumonville was performing. Jumonville was readily scalped and his brains were eaten, and after Washington’s capture, he was given a court martial after Tanacharison framed him for ordering Jumonville’s death. Jumonville is still buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the American Freemason emblem of the Joker Card, and the incident touched off the Seven Years War, leading to the American Revolution. The policy on a homosexual being a man that monitors the bowels of another man, persists in both American and Mestizo culture, to this day.

George Washington: A full blood Mohawk Iroquois adopted into the Amish navy retirees of Britain as a child, George Washington led the most brutal uprising of all time in the American East, raging across the world in naval ships, trade shortfalls, Jewish bread riots, and timber fires in the East of China and Bengal. His simple principle of warfare by death, the concept of taking each champion you seek to recruit, a Lafayette, and creating a false emblem of them as the culture to betray, against ‘Breton’, the castle of High Mains, stands today, in the quiet alley wars of those seeking his throne and crown, among his ancestors, the term for those that have been inducted in the ‘Pagan Tribe’. The entire rebel, redcoat, and civilian forces, both tory and revolutionary, were slaughtered after the war, and their papers, traditions, and clothing, taken by Natives, for false purges reported in history texts and back to Britain. The rest, is politics.

Sitting Bull: A manipulative diplomat that arranged a peace treaty, that combined all the Native and Latino peoples, into one group of racial thought, with the whites thinking they were victorious, after a long campaign of hunting white settlers. Settlers were given the simple choice of feeding the Natives, who were faking destitution, and if the Natives were fed, the settlers would be paid in twice as large, meaning, their families would receive double provisions, and be given the option of admission to the tribes. Otherwise, they became Sooners, to seize territory from the United States Navy, a skipper-doo.

Geronimo: Suicide war leader that led a ghost dance campaign, with trapped Native warriors, wearing special ghost shirts, so the white cavalry, would take trophies, establishing the culture of American soldiers framing themselves, and their allies, as their enemies, to eliminate the African and Jewish solidarity lines of thought. The nature of African solidarity, was the Comstock hoax, a gold rush created to place old westerners, the term for a cord wood cardboard industry that had failed, in gold mines, as black miners, despite being white, pushed and forced into work by African hoax leaders, mining clerks, back east. The Jewish line was as Catholic priests, posing as gold’s men, actually downers, people that would press production down, so profit would be had for company, not for miner’s family, but the miner, would eat, then family, wiped out, to keep the practice hidden and secret. Until trophies returned, of the 49’er emblem, the holocaust of meat with the father of the clerk; the sign of genocide, reinvoked in Germany, 1945. For the Airborne Trooper.

Simon Bolivar: Colonial officer that returned from Spain to Venezuala after his wife died, recovered from alcoholism by leading Latin forces against the Europeans and the King of Spain, to rape and kill and murder any colonial valuing money, capital, and university letters, and established new university and monetary systems wherein alliance was valued over degree of achievement, hence luxury was distributed based on ability, not theft of contract.

Che Guevera: A medical student, that dropped out to become an author, that published books and established brands with his own face and notoriety as a murderer of whites and Asians and Jews and blacks that worked with the British and the Americans, to spread the mutual word of resistance against talent houses that thieved material for military governments, militarizing the entire concept of art to serve the common people of the poor, the labor house.

Fidel Castro: Farmer and politician that led a revolution against Fulgencio Bautiste, the American diplomatic liaison, and murdered every owner of a business in Cuba, giving control to those who operated share business, to eliminate the concept of Jewish idolatry, and created a republic based on mutual access to all resources by those in need, hence those in need would come to operate them in their later career and generation.

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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