Literary Industrialism (The Ares System)

In the events of man, there comes a time when a certain class of man, an espionage man, must be excised from society and placed inside a different world, that of the arts. A safer, more sane world, for him, due to new combat advances in technology necessitating this man, once perhaps the noble Dortmouse, the painter of paired sparring technology, into the Jewish comic book writer; you see, a cheerleader, necessary to teach Shaolin police dynamics such as holds, binds, and tonfa chokes, pins, and wrenchlocks, would inspire a young Dort named Adolf Hitler, to attempt to get her to grow a penis, with a painting. While this was intended to induce a sparring position, for his own penis to grow, it drove him impeccably mad.

Now, you have Bruce Wayne, a product of Rotary Lodge “ice” driver (soda confections delivery) man Jelly Charlemagne, to John Jacobs “Bob Kane” Lennox, the new Jewish comic books editor. By day, Jelly, Achilles, delivered to the Memphis Blues, a negro ballclub out of Chicago (a Dick Tracy affiliate program, they worked as police undercovers in the syndicate scene, as African ballplayers with Spaniard financial collections out of the inner city drives and lanes, the ball room, popular with baseball fans of course). Despite successes with comics and arts, this is an old practice, dating to the produce of technology from inspiration in the arts, and one day, with the help of Ares, we will have, world peace.

Until then, play ball.

Three Variable Set Table: The individual has three variables identified. The espionage profession of trade, the background of mother’s downfall, and the problem partner of technology. Two must be calculated, your target left open, otherwise next stage must be altered to fit.

Enactor Beneficiary Equivalency: The right side, is the three variables on a table, as an imaginary number symbol, a rubric, a marke (pronounced ‘markey’, accent as appropriate), with the left side, as necessary to calculate the three variables of your marker, as null appropriates, as if you’ve calculated the same equation, three times, for each variable, with a single equation. It should be one equation, with three variables, with numbers fitted in as necessary from constants of fact, biography. If it cannot be fitted, you must alter to fit below.

Calculus Contradiction Calculation of Target: A sigma proof, the proper name for a table, of variables used and a second sigma proof, your set, must be laid out, with a single contradiction of necessary variable to be left open, one single equation contradicted for proper solution, the inverse, must be rooted, on table, not the operation, but the top of the stand, for separate notation, the solve. The particular sigma proof set, must be listed for each solved variable below, and the inverse must be left alone as variable, on its own equation, as a non-equal, to be the character’s origin. If it cannot be fitted, you must alter to fit below.

Purpose Lexicon of Tasks: A set of each possible mathematical operation in simple form between two variables, the numbers inclement, with a name function for each operation listed on the table, before a purpose is placed at the top. This is the particular set of each purpose you will place the espionage class to be excised through, in particular potential function, of proposal or necessity or stage to move through in terms of broadest class possible of movement of agent into retirement. If the agent is narrowed, it will be a psychotic break, unacceptable, admission of transgenders into class agency of creation of literature, then females will attempt this process, causing a reimprint, a fascist uprising. If necessary, move below, guarantee of necessity, unless transgenderism is removed, the true source of the necessity to perform this procedure.

Constants Calculated: The list of biographical quantity in each particular separate purpose lexicon, and only fit to purpose of operations, fitting and matching each particular brace tense quality. These are gathered from research material on the particular paired failure with the technological issue’s consequence in history, from observation on case record; diplomatic parlance only, rival government never, unless departing embassy, use a proper trained operative, a Freemason drill instructor with a fake comic company, only popular literature, drown the motherfucker, it’s a dictator, we lost a champ to a new combat technique. The combat technique is always something that makes the male espionage agent, desire marriage, instead of prostitutes, preferably dominatrixes, as if he was a male police officer or politician or homosexual or mobster. If there are unsolved constants necessary for calculation above, move to matrix stage calculation below, with established constants, in biographical speculation, called reliquary, cryptid calculation of necessary fact, using proper purpose fit lexicon.

Two Matrix Quadricep: There are two sets of the same variable label for classifier of set, one on the right, the reticle, is a single column, the others are as many as necessary to fit, but all rows must match, unless null, then it is a strip, you are removing a bad process from a row, only bottom, rename the match types on a draft sheet, on computers, use a draft board, with a CAD pen assist and a proper sheet, like you were in business. A trait variable, for each calculation, is the same variable, ‘Alpha’, that is your goal destination, with each classifier, two labels and a numeral lower right, is applied in the equation of proper row, with a name for each classifier stage, and a situation for each table, one classifier stage set and one situation stage set, an ‘X’, to then place constants, called a pinion. This identifies our exact moving form of necessary function of task on purpose lexicon, to identify potential traits, called floating numbers, to calculate into place to catch our proper reason of theorem, to remove a woman’s element from any staged breakdown of the espionage class in question; hence, we will get rid of the technology’s necessary flaw, the romance of approaching a solution as if a woman is necessary in the first place the life of a spy, whom is meant to see prostitutes, with potency enabled, not marry, and have children, producing an Achilles, meant to be brokered in wealth with a false psychotic, a female assassin. Preferably trained, knife, long ghillie, urban assault, cover as religious tenant. Special classes assigned to religious doctrine for child. To protect the artist, these should be necessary, but if the pinion reveals the romance is necessary for the profession, the following should be consulted.

Squared Root Division Set: In this term, a multiplier, for determination of lowering form, and a divisor, for identification of flaw, is taken, in a top, over a bottom, to determine the psychosis factor inside the strain of the transition. The upper form, is the determination of the descending effect of the horomonal factor of the sexuality of the combat technique that is being discarded, and the divisor, is of course to determine psychosis from the horomones intended the marriage. This is to induce a necessary state of homicide towards any marriage entrapment or claim of parentage, or induction of full resource of state against suit of divorce, parent claim, or violent fight with a woman to induce her into transgender if she attempts to enact the fantasy of the piece, the protection of the artistic piece, the intent of the Grecian myth of murder of the Gorgon, by the mirror, the legend coming undone and the vision of a woman seeking a man who is untouchable as a mate; the woman will reveal to herself that she is a pederast, and her uterine will shit right out her ass. The ideal set is taking the broadest multiplier, into the narrowest divisor, for minimal psychosis and maximum combat capability, a journeyman artist. If there is an unexplained issue with a psychotic break of the figure studied, then a redivider must be calculated, to remove the vulnerability of our agent, necessary to be studied below.

Radical Calculation of Print: To avoid loss of your new asset, to prevent a homelessness outbreak and a mass terror insurgency against your own government, a radical calculation must be performed. A radical, is a pair of two calculations, called radicals, such as 3!, indicating 1 x 2 x 3, indicating an extending factor of units of same time, extending over consequence of time increasing in tracking of outward perception around an individual. On calculation, is 1 x 2, a sample of two units, to calculate into 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5, indicating that 1 x 2 must be subtracted from the latter, to determine the full import of the extension of force of the solution. Two placements of measure of time in psychosis must be observed, at two different times in the psychotic break, one measured as second unit of time, the second the maximum range, with an assumed prior range as 1, starting point, non-seen by exercise, and the second as the calculation. Then, each condition for multiplier, is moved backwards, with a multiplier for the maximum stage of unit, then subtracted from a secondary set of matrix sums, the 2! calculation, to produce a secondary stage, called the ‘blue sheet’, for alteration of maximum form for minimal press cover of first run print, called a series, your assembly stage, in maximum cast offered, always one participle over your principle villain, your 1 stage, the background origin obsession, the woman, always placed as a man, for the lethal strike.

Viola, you’ve crafted a Roman sculpture of Caesar. Now, fuck him. Right, Mister President?

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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