Political Economics Primer

Role and Gender of Government: Role theory, and gender theory, are separated, in terminology, despite birth role and preference orientation and aversions being the same among two types of category, the role of the government function and the individual being placed in the government function. This way, predatory personalities, are limited from interaction in government, and must pursue the private sector, even in government functions that are traditionally viewed as private sector, however are supplemented by government backing in terms of finance. In other words, it is complex, narrowing to simple in terms of application, the necessary application to prevent pedophiles (predatory personalities, corrupt figures) from taking power in a locality of system (the interactions of individuals).

Role Male: These are roles wherein an authority regime is taken into account, of status befitting the function of ‘God’; this is the topic terminology of being able to publish a definitive fiction, as opposed to fact of function, role female.

Heterosexual: Regarding family care of latent incestual drives of fact, the terminology for mating in intermingling trees of logic, not actually mating in terms of marriage, since this is role, not actual individual sexuality.

Bisexual: The terminology for limiting function over time to limited returns, a business or firm venture wherein the topic eventually terminates from play or display, a limited run of a good or a series product wherein the neutrality of the epic is a display of parlance (the term for a speaking product, the slang being a catchphrase for marketing).

Gay: The term for an administration of fact or quantity of meaning, wherein this guided force of friction is removed from being and anything can be performed through the major main artery or brand of instruction inside the classifiers (profile) of two-types, with additions made inside the knowledge of the repugnance of power.

Transgender: The terminology for an enforcement of official power, as a killing intent, taking the form of a woman without actually being the role of authority, instead being the reputable soul of fact of what lives and what dies, but instead as the function of penultimate judgement, the ultimate judgement lying in whatever ‘bow’, the bowing urn, is in your hands, the term and topic of murder being a male transgender role function.

Homophobic: The function of boundary of good, wherein we cannot use these goods, in certain places, and must instead use them, in other certain places, outdoors versus indoors being the commonest but simplest, the most logical being ages, and the hardest being the complex simplicities of medicine, facts among dozens of what is needed for instinct of logic’s labor for health.

Transphobic: The act of avoiding the murder of another individual, the lifesaving grace of God, that being the power and authority to save someone as a binder of family, a man who passes judgement upon the soul of a man or woman, or alternately, a doctor that takes it upon themselves to reduce mobility to increase longevity. A role male gender aversion for someone who finds a cheat.

Homosexual: The concept of disliking pestilence, particularly smoke, bugs, or mice, for athletics, the prime function of learning physical task in repetition. Without this, we would be living in filth and ripe for disease, the role method often failed by men in their twenties, and resumed in their sixties, inside individual gender, but not role gender, wherein this is quarried and quantified out by economics of individual gender females, often family, rarely caretakers, if rich or otherwise on sultried poor loan.

Androgynous: The art of the blade, actual knifed combat of self-defense in the home or theater or broadways, the place to defend the self when combat arises. The ultimate tool for use of self, the hand blade, the role model androgynous is how one defends when denied a basic implement of self by the government, a ‘cop’, actually a local loansome, an individual male homosexual often, actually a role model, someone who has violated political economics theory, therefore a pederast, a corrupt predator. The role model, must be struck down, as an anathema, to proper protection of community.

Role Female: The fact of reality determined by role female gender, a definitive account offered from taking fake objects of status or determination, and applying them to fact as if to change the world. These are acts that come out of understanding the intuitive and intrinsic nature and architecture of things, from making a very complex form of ideological term, and simplifying it into a basic formula, multiple formulae necessary to create a work of product for produce as a gentried individual, for business or government firm or venture capital.

Heterosexual: The culpability of motherhood, of applying one’s own maternity in past failsafes to other individuals, to encourage them to perform the same error, therefore to seduce, and the individual will attempt to succeed where the woman has failed, particularly within fatal error of last word of the woman, the expungement of the seed of the meaning of the role female individual into the witness of the dying, the ultimate impregnation by womanhood of the meaning of a role female heterosexual’s life into a future leader.

Gender Neutral: The sexuality of love, the term for a temporary state where one desires to have family, linked with the drive to ejaculate seminal fluids or achieve a nervous system state of temporary post-shock, the being of self found within success of nervous discharge of fluid glands used for post-lobotomy of realizing how many bodily functions have misfired. This is a necessity of the flaw of Creation, however found within the belief in perfection, perhaps Intelligent Design if you’ve mastered a particular sexual move, and wish to advertise.

Lesbian: The produce of propaganda and information for use by audit services, such as police or media. This is a brand necessitating the separation of display from content, with a layer of meaning below the display allowing for an articulation of predicament in produce, to place a culture inside the consumer to perform a certain function once consuming the material.

Tranny: The female’s epithet for self, applied to you, her rival and foe, in a beating of type and of sort, the bad influence of herself placed as a witch in warning to harsh ideals that you are not wanted, but the role female requires something in particular from you. Should you prematurely separate from the role female tranny position, it will be at the cost of your health, from overactivity, instead of rest, from resuming course with due inspiration provided from your temporary congress partner. It is placing you, the subjugant, as them, so they can recover from a long bout of illness, and you become, for a while, the same, violent beatings encouraged.

Dyke: The role female theory exchange of barter token, such as currency for sex, where both are prostitutes and both are clients, and for one night, you can both be princes and princesses, kings and queens, having shared a chastened drink, whether it be a meal at the bar for company, or a night of coitus on an advertisement you find in the london’s troller. This is practice followed by espionage, as opposed by the terrorist, rape, wherein the person paying, is not offered your conversation, whatever it may be. That would be highway robbery, sir.

Homoerotic: The horrifying fact of being met with someone you were once interested in, but they are now someone that you are terrified of, a trade of act to continue potentially for the rest of your life. This is the signal, that both of you, don’t have real careers, and are born for a life of crime. You have addictions, and they are ruining your lives, and while this was what drew you all together, regardless of what individual genders and orientations you are, this is what’s going to destroy all of you, until you pull together and pursue lives as professional gangsters, then getting jobs for some police service probably, in an office, like the real police do.

Shaped: This role female woman is shaped like a pear, because they figured out how to be lazy young, due to a piece of media fiction that doomed them for listening. They are the one you call the clown, the jester, or alternately, the wildcard. They have one unsightly feature about their body, they always hated as a child, and it’s still there, but the rest of them, individual male or individual female, got hot, and now, they’re into interracial sex. This is your man or woman, that specializes in cultural study.

Ginger Pixie Cut: The paranoia of having hair that you watch, the role female ginger pixie cut is someone that wants to have what they believe is the opposite sexuality’s hair, or another gender, or something queer or weird or gay, but they actually figured out an aborginal form of fashion or style, from simple observation of their ideal build. This is for a hand-to-hand fighter, someone who could easily be victorious in any fight, from practicing a form of style known as martial arts, the simple posture and obsession with a trio of exercises, and a single sitting posture, each exercise simulating a posture, and the sitting posture being the primary unit, with the fifth addition, being a genome of a lie, passed down in the family; the family style the family is legendary for, rarely displayed in print unless removed from the world.

Individual Male: The fact of being born with pectorus, gluteous maximus, testicles, and a phallus, empowered with ejaculate. When removed of the ovums shaft, the individual becomes a bivarious male, capable of higher acts of intellect, lower acts of sport.

Heterosexual: The act of being safe for consumption by children of view.

Bisexual: The act of engaging in sexuality of bestial form with women, and striking men as if bladder’s toys, as children’s act of renege upon form of knowledge.

Homosexual: The act of striking women as if in self-defense, but only went not struck.

Transgender Male-to-Female: The act of murder of a female, in close shorn combat, unless Buddhist, special class of Zen behavior from sitting posture, then in which case, the woman is slain as if the killer, is another female, a theft of her insolents.

Polyamorous: The act of misogyny, seeing women of the evening, also known as masturbation to a partner pictured in the mind.

Individual Female: The fact of being born with a boson, mammaries posterior, ovariums, and a vaginal cavity, plus womb and phallus engorged upon self with glustes ejaculate available upon spinal rupture discharge of athleticum, the removal of the clitoris mons, capable of lower acts of feline grace, higher acts of post partum love of child engendered through depression of husband contact.

Heterosexual: The act of maternity of caring for husband, not child.

Bisexual: The act of caring for child, not husband, or testicular glands enfulled, teabagging, a charming date with the ladies upon sunday’s eve (the knitting club, in other words, for assassination of those not charming lads and those ladies affiliated).

Homosexual: The act of cavorting in waste of financial resource of self provided by state post-particulum (after being granted by parent through divorce of self from finance of property, one single time).

Transgender Female-to-Male: A woman who has been raped by victim of self.

Misandrystic: A woman who has been chosen against beauty by having a competitor or rival prior to pursuit of a man.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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