INTERPOL Britain Internationale Media Assassins (Hollywood Industries)

Scotland Yard is a shell company, operating out of offices in Scotland, as a courier dispatch agency for Hollywoods, author assassins, that perform media kills for the Ministry of the Navy on various American and foreign media agents.   

Operating since the late 9th century in writer’s guilds, the name Hollywood applied in the 13th century for a famous operative, John Markham, they have been involved in everything from ramified warfare to field assassinations for the French Vichy Legion Counter-Resistance during WW2 as plant agents.  Tories by mark but rebellious by nature, they are selected for contrary profiles to the French Freemasons, the parent organization of the foe, The Church of Israel. 

The basic gild patent, of a Hollywood, is to assassinate a target in a media, political, or adversarial role, in some courier unit, such as Moriarty, Girl Friday, or Codename Dispatch, three political organizations operating in the 19th and 20th centuries, working in psychiatric reform, Haganah WW2 anti-prostitution police operations, and Hollywood media for cartoon and television, contra-theft of muscled materials by mail fraud agents, the latter a controversial operation headed up by Quantum units for the CIA.   

Hand to hand combat, driver’s assassinations, penman letters, field kills of CIA agents, cop muscles, prison commitments, incarcerations, overdoses, medical liaisons, banned martial arts forms and practices, terror acts, claims of litany and abuse, fraud of parental license, even beating of children and rape of minors, all things that have happened, in the drug fueled annals of Scotland Yard, the most tenacious and irregular agents of British frivolity to ever occur. 


Your standard agent must be well-read, a drunk driver or horseman, handsome cabby trained in the late ages and now standard automobile shift drive, capable of handling a high revolution “rev” engine, a “machine”, his deathbringer, or as we call it, “the handsome cabbage”, the gurney.  The target must be a “Watson”, or a “Watts”, taught a code slang slam to be considered a target individual, a homosexual of repute of fiction, for a “Matchlock”, a pirate’s knife.  A Moriarty is recruited once, by “Sherlock”, the Inspector, to avenge a dead MI-6 field agent or associate, if the field agent has been delivered through ECT, lobotomy, or panserectomy, removal of glandular, penile, or erectile function, or has otherwise been castrated.  The weapon of choice is a railroad spike, a slender rod, to be driven through the target’s skull casing, the ‘frame’, for the autopsy.  Moriarty, is of course, Scottish, performing the perfect ‘framed bondsman’, the autopsy through the plasticular reculum of the “victim”, the kill. 

Prior to deployment, Moriarty is determined to be Watson, a caseworker, and approached with an interesting case, an act of pen.  A show, made for the purpose, such as Matlock, Colombo, or Agatha Christie, perhaps even Murder She Wrote for a new Inspector to be recruited, is offered.  Watson, the potential ECT trauma medical agent, illegal in Britain’s culture since the middle period, is given the case to solve, to see if they can breach case through fictional and literary culture, by placing themselves as the murderer, and the victim as the target of antimony of revenge, to see whom has ordered the mission, therefore will protect them.  The answer, is always the lead hero on the show, and should they pass the test, they will become a Moriarty, deployed upon their mission of investigation into the death of an MI-6 field agent, particularly a Hollywood, a valuable asset and an MI-6 writer of many shows, particularly valuable. 

The Moriarty, on a successful kill, is guaranteed a series write-in on the present long-running daytime drama, as the hero, in case of chance misfortune to agent targeted, the old man has stabbed a block, and is found dead of hanging in his casket, his skull rammed through with rod, tire iron, ramming stone.  The skull will of course be placed on the mantle, outside a police station, for inspection, since this steak, is your dog.  It will be nailed in place with a cross, for the penitent, Matchlock, the Inspector, the culpable party, to be found, at the Deacon’s choir of course, or perhaps the Abbey, an old watering hole for retired spies.  Hollywood, Moriarty, Friday, and Dispatcher are all invited, except for the git, an old limey Jamaican, he knows where it is, he set it up, and he’s trying to sell it, to go back to the island. 

Many novels have been penned by Moriarty, just with ramming reck. 

National Lampoon: 

The antithesis to a common criminal of highest esprit, this is a man of indubitable passion.  He writes for media as well, but only in theory of crime, a criminologist that performs the basis of all shows of legerdemain, except for his, the National Lampoon movie, based on his past fallacy, a film to spot past failures before they can be recruited, for fitting the hero, a dead agent, always, dumped into the field on a plausible deniability mission, allowed back in if successful in providing the suspect case, never granted passage to the old Jamaican’s home, the abbey. 

The National Lampoon is selected for a nationalist cause they have espoused from childhood, perhaps without realizing it if falsely selected, then a movie or film must be made.  The National Lampoon is groomed, into a doctorate of histories, selected for homosexuality, if not homosexual, then ‘fag’ must be uttered, for apology, and if a racial slur is uttered, there has been a terrorist inducted into the Lampoons by a ‘lame’, a poor spy, the spy is homosexual, not the National Lampoon.   

A rogue agent is a Lampoon that was recruited by a lame, and is expected to serve his due course.  If he takes the lame to the ground, he has defected, he was using a grifter sequence or signal, and was a criminal or police officer or vigilante, and should be treated with all harsh course, meant to made a buffoon of in media, unless he cannot be discerned, then he shall die.  The worst National Lampoon is one that has been recruited as a Rose, the love of a Jewess in mutual betrothal, meaning an empire will fall, Britain’s, at the hand of the Roses, and the War of the Roses shall cause a household to fall, the house of the one attempting to recruit the Rose, the Flamenco. 

A National Lampoon facing a Flamenco, must be the other Rose’s murderer, and hence, we select the tard, a term meaning he is late to being a spy.  The woman, the Jewess, must be slain, by the tard, and then, the Flamenco’s secret, can be discerned, in a new series as a frame, a new Freemason stage-up to claim criminal of enemy.  If it cannot be done, the lame was the defector, and he was anyways, he was recruiting a National Lampoon.  The Flamenco that wins, is a Morningstar, someone who seems homosexual because he’s intelligent, meaning the lame, is an idiot, an envious moron of low blood, meant for the gutter and beer and heroin needles.  A lame never has the guts to kill himself, he’s Hitler, that means, he’s a proper National Lampoon. 

Girl Friday: 

The girls get out on Friday, the cops say.  The official MI-6 cop hunter unit, Girl Friday is a service specializing in the hunting and prey quarry murder of police officers, all uniformed badges of different services and countries.  Recruited from gangsters, each one with a certain fidelity to his state, instead of crime, they have to be comic book fans, mandatory, using Dick Tracy comics with frame of self as a singular villain, to see whose child identifies the father as Dick Tracy, if they are a badge, a uniformed officer. 

Requiring state clearance from Vice President or equivalent, the rulemaster, of an office of state, at the electorate level of highest majesty, a Girl Friday squad is a cop hunter detachment to be used when internal affairs, ATF, and the drug narcotics officers fail, when cop seizures cannot happen because a police force is beholden to state or nation-state outside of purview of the local government, or alternately, someone has slain a British agent holding a police officer’s duty.   

Girl Friday has a restaurant base of operation, recruiting falsely depositioned Haganah in terms of literary manifest, reading various works rejected by Muslims to appear Jewish to anti-Semites inside police forces, to breed anti-Semitism into the police for an electorate movement that covers the extraction of the Girl Friday hit team.  The marker is always the cop’s badge, a lobster salty dump boiled up in the restaurant by clammy faced Jews, and a yellow fedora, left on the cop’s doorstep after his death on Friday, badge closing day for patrol, so the rat, the kid, can find it, while the mother is at Saturday dressing day office.  Sunday, is a day of prayer: booze and clam cakes, kosher, for our Hebe friends. 

Codename Dispatch: 

Have you ever contemplated, a state within a state?  Just say they’re working for the target, and you’ve nailed it, a Quantum, a mathematical calculation that leads to a circling trap around the same variable set, in two different forms, always found in pairs of dice, leading to particularly meanings in nines, an old game term in Asshole, a fraternity game to spot sorority girls picking up leads with the dice variation, to get the hot score on the class to take to join the CIA, Codename Dispatch.  Is it the CIA?  We hope not, America. 

The most brilliant women, and the men who love them, join Codename Dispatch, hidden and vestiged inside a United Nations front body of office, with Russian Union Slavic ties opposing themselves as barrister agents, without degrees but with expert testimony contrary to national forces, in favor of destruction of their own operation positioned at.  The men, are the secret theory, and the women, are the written force.  They operate in pairs, Dispatchers, the lovely men of Codenames.  A codename, is what you call your lover, at the grace of night, in Japan, under cherry blossom trees. 

Once the man has identified his foe, in the enemy through barrister agent inside the Russian Union Slavic, the spot being performed based on an accepted confidence play in a suit of court through personal negotiation of the man, the woman prepares her media piece, a “little ditty”, a songbird’s lovesong, to make them all look “gay”, each woman involved loved by the man, on the particular notation of the enemy.  These are our most dangerous operatives, these women, all schoolteachers who couldn’t make it in the tax, the high finance world, where they dreamed to be, and on golden wings we fly.  All that’s left after the manuscript, is the dispatch, a drop of the codename, anywhere a schoolteacher might look.  Never the library, just a postal worker’s love and dream of making a movie.  She married a postman, after all. 


Your standard agent must be heterosexual, top, non-misogynistic, fitting the pattern of a male, late twenties for field deployment, teens for hygiene test of sexuality, middle school for prepubescent observation by psychiatric deployment term team, and friendship with pair partner of mercenary veteran family of proper armed forces.  They must be selected for skillset, by parent and choice of partner, for a minor villain, male or female, female in the case of females that prefer male culture, as a hidden agent, a narcissus’ bane, a recovery agent female.   

Each actor and actress, of a minor villain, has a homosexual player, theater thespian, heterosexual role, to spot a rapist, pederast, or misogynist, commonly called a fag in player’s logic, actually a field target kill for a murder at sport, empowered by state of training post-summation into field duties, to be murdered at will and at larceny, offending the British monarchy for siding with Freemason logic, considered a crime syndicate in British mutiny against Scottish gangs and the logic the Freemasons purvey on behalf of “queers”, police using Freemason logic. 

Once summated to a collegiate in joint pair, three murder attempts, all deliberately lethal and intentionally attempting to kill the Hollywood, must occur, two strikes to mark the authority role and the method of frame, and one 7, the holy number, to mark the nature of faith in opposition at present time of politics to the target, and a variation added unique to the Hollywood for the secondary minor villain, the lethal factor added to the agent for field kills, acts of murder under police criminal code, carried out at will against anyone who thinks your pair of actor sets is homosexual, cleared at will from method of ingress with pair, standard protocol and police procedure among the London Metropolitan Police Department and Canadian Mounted Patrol to field label any press, police, political, psychiatric, or labor agents as Nazi fascist, and deprive them of funding and international banking exchange, for attempting to incarcerate, harass, bully, or oppress the agents, even minorly in homophobia, at expense of housing, loss of property, and humiliation of family on contract.   

This determines the past major villain targeted, each major villain in a film marking a type of target in media, with Blofeld as a politician, a Goldeneye for an unauthorized Scotland Yard or a plausible deniability deployment of a Hollywood in the case of a traitor to the organization, a License to Kill in the case of a past field asset betraying, and the recently added Skyfall in the case of a Goldeneye or License to Kill used on a cleared Hollywood or Lucky, Lucky being an active Felix.   

Meanwhile, the agent submits a secondary profile for self as a major villain, the cover alias, each matching the 0, with the 7 being the confirmation, and a kill in a car bust being the final training test, evading without a police stop being clearance, a pullover to inspect damage being an immediate lethal rifle round to head, blamed on Moneypenny, the liability agent recruited for such a purpose, before being dumped, the rival faction in bed with the potential target. 

At this point, Hollywood coincedes with Lucky, paid for the ransom out of a media house, submitting his own profile with a promise of safety unless he invokes License to Kill and attempts a Scotland Yard as Bond, the frame, or a Goldeneye, if he attempts Hollywood, ever, precluding a Never Say Never Again, to avenge a field agent he lost, excluding Hollywood, saved for No Time to Die, planned for Agent Hollywood 007 Charlebois, for a field agent exclusionary contract on an act of rape against a prostitute named Jenna Silva, a daughter slave to a wife mother.   

The summation of the Hollywood’s contract, is the submission of self, as a final profile for a media kill, from cover coinciding with success, and if the mission was successful, the contract completes and the movie is aired, with the Hollywood expecting to attend and test his loyalty, by triggering the field kill of the villain at the end, to extract himself from the identified trap in his family he placed himself in at the behest of the senior agent, M, mother, the Queen of England.  

The only concern, is that Agent Hollywood 007 Charlebois, may be unkillable.  He’s a Yakuza. 

007 Movie Purposes: 

Casino Royale: You’ve tried to play the game of kings, you’re the Kim Family. 

Dr. No: A comic book author has been revealed to be against NASA, the science endowment for our future. 

From Russia With Love: You sent a rape victim in to do a woman’s job, and now, you’ve played chess. 

Goldfinger: You’re a big man of state, but you don’t know what a wedding ring is, to a woman. 

Thunderball: You’re a military commander, but it turns out you’re stoned. 

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: You’re a Scotland Yard’s wife and you snitched, your father is a disgraced royal title, are you a Freemason? 

Diamonds are Forever: You slipped a fake Scotland Yard frame in as an operative, bank fraud. 

You Only Live Twice: You’re a Buddhist performing unethical research into martial arts. 

Live and Let Die: You authorized a fake mission as M, you’re a civil rights activist that becomes a heroic martyr. 

Man with the Golden Gun: You played for sport, you go to an island prison. 

The Spy Who Loved Me: You’re a nihilist writer, but it turns out you’re a mama’s boy. 

Moonraker: You used a plot where you were a Nazi, and now you’re busted. 

For Your Eyes Only: You tried to make a dollar or a quid off our work, now you’re a war criminal by ancestry. 

Never Say Never Again: You lost a loyal agent and a friend, Felix, now it’s come time for you to be 007. 

Octopussy: You were a fine operative, but you got caught stealing. 

A View to a Kill: You betrayed your technical investor, you’re a genetic freak. 

The Living Daylights: You’re Batman, a comic book cop, you sell opium to Arabs. 

License to Kill: You were our lucky cat and you tried to go into business on your own, you got eaten by the sharks. 

Goldeneye: You used a movie without clearance, you’re a rogue MI-6 operative, not a 00, certainly. 

Tomorrow Never Dies: You’re our media contact and you betrayed us, you tried to start a war. 

The World Is Not Enough: Moneypenny got dumped and came back with a crazy plan, she works for Halliburton. 

Die Another Day: Desertion from duty, you ended up in a Red Corner. 

Casino Royale: You’re a games designer that wants to make money, you have a White’s Gentleman’s Club bet on you. 

Quantum of Solace: You sided with a burned operative, you’re the Antichrist. 

Skyfall: You used Goldeneye on a cleared Scotland Yard, you raped a woman. 

SPECTRE: You were a superb politician, a world leader, but you were spying on your own people. 

No Time to Die: You defected to another organization, you betrayed the Mossad. 

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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