Virology and Evolution (Ladies and Germs)

We can understand evolution, as the most superior form of life, being the simplest, each mutation degrading the structure of adaptation and therefore, spreading the form of life through a mutation that makes the individual organism weaker and therefore more liable to spread.  But, what causes this?

A virus, is the simplest and earliest form of life, and propagates by invading a nucleus, overwriting DNA, taking over the cell of the bacteria, then causing an explosion of more viruses, to other organisms.  This is the structure of a man (virus), a woman (DNA), a cell (house), a nucleus (bedroom), and a beast of burden (mitochrondria).  Every life form on Earth, has built from here, since the virus, is the earliest beginning.  Since the virus spreads more, when weaker, and creates more duplicates when in a more complex life form, hence the DNA is more complex and will have an easier time infiltrating the cell wall, and will attempt to move to larger structures, the natural pattern is the more mutated the virus is, and the more therefore poorly designed, the more there will be, the more the virus will spread – to larger and larger biomes.

Can you see the human pattern?

We can view some viruses as parasites, like smallpox.  We can view some viruses as symbiotes, like rhinovirus.  We can view some viruses as non-functional symbiotes, like Ebola.  Smallpox, a standard reticulum (it enlarges and infests), lives to proliferate, and kills anything that it comes across, spreading from dead animals, large life forms of much weaker and larger variety – cured by inducing symbiosis, cowpox, which results in autism in the host if the host becomes infected by smallpox.  Rhinovirus, a mutable, enhances the immune systems, of most animals surviving.  Ebola, is a pair of viruses, a fever, herpes and boot rash, however it has no function to our particular species, humans.

The purpose of virology, is not to cure or treat viruses (this is the work of medicine), but rather to classify various game theories that can be gleaned from the behavior of a virus in a culture, with a catalyst to spread the virus within various preexisting forms of organism inside the culture, be it a petri dish or a lab specimen.  We can then observe how the virus acts, at the most basic level of all our existence, to create new structures.

Such as the Navy Corpsman, the rhinovirus, the humble combat medic.  A common cold.

Can a cold become a fever?  The test of medicine is to take a single virus, and turn it into a fever, but not in the viral form – a doctor takes a man with a broken bone, and splints the bone, turning him into a fever, a vampire. 

Basic observation of natural patterns are how doctors, with the instinct for correlating biological events to structures employed by humanity, are how all human structure has been erected, from anthrax inspiring the city after observation of dying cows, to watching how HIV outbreaks work to create modern computer internet hubs.

The natural next stage is the laboratory stafe study of these structures, microbes, to make further innovations, should we be able to ascertain the source.

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