Project: Gear (There’s Been a Disturbance, Sir Kenobi)

The culture of mercenary at arms, dates back centuries before Christ, officially tracked on register since the Alpha, Yeshua of Nazarene, the one you call Jesus, prizefighter. Each particular family (including the Charlebois direct descent, broad and varied, 10 BC, Crete, an illegal line, a mate between mentor and female student) is begun by a mentor in a new form, from a male teacher, the seneschal, to the female student, the mistress. After this, the mistress marries elsewhere, unless a witch, she sells the training method of particular type, creating a thieves’ form, a peking, or a guild. Some people called guilds, merchant halls, but they are actually mercantile districts, populated by mobs (throngs of people).

You have, at core concept, a military art, a martial art, a combat art, a game, and an academic, culminating at a trade, the major advantage to the concept, running through all five. Each form, has the easiest to master, the academic, moving back, into the military art, unless taught by wedlock, a family form, this beginning in two points, the martial art and game, for the center form, the combat art. This applies the military and academic together, as a pincer, an officer of arms, also known a sergeant of “boot” (tracking manifesto, such as this one, form not included, personal and private).

We have, second, the kant, the internal speaking frequency of each member of the same family, which is how people within the same form, recognize each other. Each kant to individual, is unique, with particular classifiers, of different types.

First, is the simple form, the family, namely, how the own name of preference, relates to support roles offered to the other recognized family.

Second, is the friend form, the pair, with a set of dual roles, one at the non-preferred alignment of the self in the axis, the concept of fiction parallel, actually a relation of mutual need, and the other role indicating a potential kill if betrayed, the form to be placed within in, also the form of advice needed and gained behind the shade – the shadow of kin relying upon the rival form set type (a carpentry term for a loggins, a building crescendo art before a fort where one enters).

Third, is the enemy form, the alignment with self in terms of direct mutual necessity to act, with the higher form, the actual hidden threat in terms of their potential deadly nature when taken into the mutual necessity of competition and the spectrum analysis (the type of force brought to bear to potentially kill).

Fourth, is the burn form, the flip around into the new form, the material to develop the art with, one’s own personal form, in case a friend is betrayed, always at fault to develop a new art, unless it would be lethal, then you did it ‘putz’.

Fifth, is the intelligence source, the jabber, that’s a neutral indicator of a flip lever, into an aligned shape of unpredictable nature (always unique, by myth a friend fatale, actually the associate of an enemy already defeated, hence the new one is registered as an intelligence source).

Sixth, is the narcotics man, the combination of government audit authority, foreign envoy of parish silent garment, and media access for enforcement of shape, this one taking the form of a diminuitive but deadly ally in own shape as family, however placed outside of type in similar print as the potential destruction in case engaging.

Seventh and final, is the reference set for the child, the bastard, always the way with the child of a spy, some compendium of source that is recognized, even in dearest and deepest wedlock, as the child’s first dagger, the finger prick of blood for an angel before he or she falls and bloods in grit and fear and hate and pain.

Continuing past the kant, is the set of three, the broad novice’s set, for membership in a local network, a mercenary guild. These are workman’s societies, you spotted a hack indicating you were not criminal, but you marked as criminal and inquired, setting your specialty of counteraction for instruction. Christ snuck in, he invented a new one, and he went on the big ‘T’, riding the subway.

The set of three, works in a set of five possible actions, with three pairs, in a ring. There’s a spy, with a pair, a merchant, with a case and an egg, and a cop, with a smoke and beer. Moving to the self, this is thinking. Moving down to man, this is a fight. Moving down to a woman, this is a rejection. Moving to the right, this is a kill. Moving to the left, this is a contract. All of these, cross all barriers, even childhood or transgender status. You are always a mercenary, and you always act this way.

The spy, offered to self, is the spread knees at all times. The spy, moving to man, is a combination blow. The spy, moving to woman, is the offer of a parting gift. The spy, moving to a kill, is the flirt as a woman, to a thief. The spy, moving to a contract, is the sight of a potential informant.

The merchant, offered to self, is a consumption of wares before rotten. The spy, moving to a man, is the destruction of own goods before sale. The spy, moving to a woman, is the offer of phony weapons as trade of merchant secondary need. The spy, moving to a kill, is the surveil of a territory and then the marker of eating a meal. The spy, moving to contract, is placing items of vast import and containment, with singular elements that go foul, and futz the suitcase.

The cop, offered to self, is a smoke haze and a full belly of liquid of any type. The cop, moving to a man, is the snitch tip for dealing in unwarranted wares. The cop, moving to a woman, is the mark of territory through recreation with pungent odor and enjoying of recreational outdoorsmanship. The cop, moving to the kill, is a smoke and a drink with the family, to report issues of concern. The cop, moving to the contract, is the placement of two women across the self and the bureau, to cause an affair.

Then, you have your linguistic name, with two forms, the unspoken truth until crime is adopted as a generalized from of audited fraud, called contract labor, and your false name, your jamaica, your dubloon, a false side. This is a coin that appears as your emperor when held, your nation of origin and therefore technique style, and disappeared from the hand when turned around, invisible, your pirate’s cove – the false pronunciation. The former, is a spy, and the latter, is a hustler. Together, they indicate what you deal in, in terms of your item of theft from the dishonest. (Charlebois, in English, is a Bourbon, a whale’s tail, the French royal family, and Charlebois, in French, is a Lennox, a grove of elm trees, the English royal family – together, a wedding ring – we’re cane fighters, only engaging in a stick fight, to reveal a rig bet with our more personal and complex forms from wedlock).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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