How to Create a Japanese Press Paraphenalia Resource (The New York Tribune)

Karate is a system of combat, with three levels of logic. First is the kata, each move in the basic set of arm, leg, and cross, building into sets of one, two, and zilch, together all three known as nil, the pose. To practice, one performs a grunt, on each set learned, at least once, try a day, you’ll get it. After this, no further practice is needed, as this will ‘harm’ you, limit your osprey, your reach of weapons diametric girth into the enemy for a proximity kill. Particularly if you swim, that’s flamenco, relic form based on academic or game or sport, into basin combat form, a more advanced set, appropriate for Zazen.

Lotus Position, Zazen, is necessary to be practiced before age 11-12, 9 is ideal, later, and you are converting to pederasty, necessary for Islam. Islam makes you a drone for any Buddhist lowered into religious culpative form – each Buddhist mantra, contra, sura, or ben, turns you into a more psychotic, criminal, militant, compulsive, deadlier machine, in a triplicate inversion weave where the truth of the matter is determined through the stated phrase, being in opposite, however form apparent.

This is tested against the individual offering, unless the offering individual is also a Zazen. In which case, exchange will be offered, unless a Trappist, a Shinobi, one with a stretched palm on the right hand, between forefinger and thumb – this is a kill on the offering party, and the receiving party now has a counter of their own form in sublimation. A sublime is known as a submission posture, the practicioner known as a ninja, or gaijin if engaging in close range, to strip, unless it’s a lethal fighter, a crowman, a traps expert – they’ve performed a jutsu, a contract technique.

Atop this principle, is the second principle, the law, rule, and custom. The law, is an observed principle, that has feeds back into self in signal, otherwise it did not occur, and if signal is not recognized at having been cast, it has not been sent. A higher form, is the legislature, the penultimate, having a progressive established position or posture, known in circles as attorney’s power, such as in a ritual meant to avoid suicide from superstition, perhaps a tea ceremony, drinking ritual, or fear night, something scary to do when cornered or charged.

The first level of law, the weakest, sets rules, which are traps, to follow and therefore commit a crime, failing the principle of law signal by signaling to the law signal’s sender, establishing a second law, a progress measure, the way and manner that cops create legislative signals in public.

The second level of law, the stronger, creates customs, a neutral obedience of tilt, to establish in public, that diminishes into gai, falsely called homosexuality, actually a pederast, meaning you are outside your home, and not following the prior form, observed principle.

If you are in someone else’s home, and they set a custom, you do not follow it, or else you will use aikido, they have challenged you, and they are attempting to rape you, at any age, particularly a child practicing kendo, a bokken, attempting to strike you with a toy. This will transduce both of you, inducing psychosis in him, and a higher level of logic in you, called a kenden, a swordsmaster.

Whomever attempts to follow a custom next, in public, shall die of a suicide, before you move under, to guristu, a pawn’s master, a mastermind, making game’s play, impossible, on a board, guaranteeing a victory against whomever you play against, in their mind. This is how you become a game’s master, having the ability to slay anyone, that attempts to set a rule for you, placing them into a custom against the law of redress in area, putting them in a state of progress as a rulebreaker, to their own obeyed rule, a criminal, also known as a deviant, ‘scum’, the word for a sucking pipe.

Lead bullet, the martial arts term for a disembowel with the fist onto the wrist and then a shift with the right hand, onto their right arm, held by your left, can take any object out of their hand, with a submission posture on you, as if complying. Be careful, a firearm is meant to discharge if this happens, but not a pipe, the term for a rifling cartridge.

The third and highest level, is the strategem, the most basic form, having grasped the other two elements. You have self, the victim, having challenged the bully, the target, who has engaged a third person, the pawn, who has been bullied, and is viewing you, the victim. These terms, victim, bully, and pawn, originate in chess, but are used here, instead of their real terms in Japanese, shuresen (pawnsman), dumratsen (dumblefugue), and bilotusu (pawnsmaker), meaning you are a spearman, a cavalryman, and a samurai infantry.

You must challenge the dumratsen, to a spar, by voicing a concern, about the bilotusu’s treatment, when in falsehood, hence engaging in a gaije, a physical tournament. You must take the proper type of pin, you wish the dumratsen to be placed within, as you, the shurasen, in the mind of the viewing bilotsu. All three of you, are sacrificed. You will be beaten, to a pulp, the go command signal, once you have exhaled a weeze, shifting out of inversion stance, the preparatory you should always been in as a venture capitalist, while the dumratsen, has established dominance, to take the bilotsu, as the pair, the gumrucks (goblenutz).

At which point, you will disengage, and go along your way, while the bilotutsu, takes a blow from the dumratsen, the dumratsen, attempting to turn the bilotsu, into you, the shuresen, while he, is the bilotusu. This is the sidearm, called the cross, the yanki-switzchiz (a bail’s horn). A crybaby, is now, the target, the bully, and you didn’t care for the pawn, anyways, he was with the bully. Now you, have won, by creating a rules cross, for both of them, the victory, you, for having obeyed false custom, actually establishing law, in all three sets, with the crowning pinnacle of law, the ultimatum, in your mind, to destroy the secret partner, of the bully, which is the moileyhen (the girl’s dispatch), always behind a conflict challenge to a venture capitalist, an economist.

Having mastered these concepts, of karate and business, we can move on to the actual press paraphenalia. You need four quadrants of concept, a liberal, which indicates this is hedonistic, a conservative, which indicates this is based on statistics, a top, which indicates this is based on artistry, and a bottom, which indicates this is based on crime. These are then placed, into your rival engaged target of organization’s logic, for a quadrant of match, of four affiliated names, reserved for regions where these locations operate, the politics matching your aligned set of four. Now, you have your columns.

A small, non-labeled group segment must be created, with the individual columns of four, being layered, in a set of commentaries, your editorialists page. Each set, is upon a line of named command, with the non-labels, as your sections of interest, to be sparred upon, by a duel of two names set and segmented, from your editorialists. Each editorialist, will have an alias, from any stage of biography subject, only listed in the dewey decimel, anywhere you can find it, with a simple set of statistics of biography, and one specialty, at choice of the editorialist panel, that can be anything they want, intended to be absurd, by request of paper. Each set of three, will be the writer’s alias, for one author, with allowance in three columns, one per column. One, is empty, the pinnacle, the ultimatum. That is the one, therefore, that they will seek, stronger the more aliases they have built, until all three are fixed and rigged.

Now, anyone who reads your press dispatch, inside the labeled organization, will either break rule, set by your editorialists, based on their preferred figure, going psychotic, or follow a custom of progress, over continued authorship of editorialists, having a heart attack. Each psychosis inducing effect, will cause a stronger progress weight against the empty segment, which will be the imprint, upon whomever dies, in the press dispatch, based upon the region selected, then an S&P loss, a loss to newspaper investments and affiliates.

The end result of market commerce, is that regions will go blank, in the name of fanciful concepts in the names of historical figures, alive and dead, against the organization that the paper is labeled for, with ultimatums against the organization originating from itself, in progress concepts that will distribute to the bully to spread through to the karatekas, into venture capitalism by recruiting the pawns as the agents, while they then perform rules alignments into law at simultaneous quandry in singular principles of anti-custom against the organization. The end result, is a collective shout nil, a cypher, against the organization your paper is labeled as for organization.

The fifth segment, the jewel, is unlocked, that is the publication, of Your Capital.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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