Resource Economics Primer Guide

Support Commodities Listing: 

A commodity, is a composite good, guaranteed on contract to be produced by labor, through ownership of unionized view of public, in pagan Roman style.  The pagan Roman style guaranteed synchronicity of labor, avoiding support commodity being overconsumed, and poverty resulting, in production of commodities, goods and labor, aggregates of ledger to payment, and contracts of logistics to employee.  This is the power of the courts in an area, empowering the government to keep criminals in check, criminals being those who wish to follow marks of ledger of body and region, inducing homosexuality except for themselves in denial.  This is the women’s matriarchy, opposed to male chauvinism, the belief in rape of all that seek a child other than theirs, a lesser form of life, an insect, studies produced contrary by lesbians – those women who have experimented with anal sex; that being, the joy of defecation on a pedophile, a Muslim. 

Corporate and Sales: Dividends from Decreasing Residuals 

Homes and Projects: Annuities upon Labor Return 

Water and Power: Support of Community Upkeep and Residents 

Sewage and Mains: Influx of Capital into Community 

Improvements, Housing, Schools, Cops 

Upkeeps: Journalists, Artists, Maintenance 

Sports Team: Two Cycle, Major Investment, One Cycle, Government Investment 

Linkages: Corporate and Sales into Homes and Projects, Homes and Projects into Corporate and Sales, Sewage and Mains into Homes and Projects, Homes and Projects into Water and Power. 

Definitions of Terms: 

Corporate: An individual dealing in the commodities necessary for labor contracts of consumer supply. 

Sales: An individual dealing in the commodities necessary for propagation of women’s information. 

Homes: An individual living in a region for increase of family tradition in culumnate with combined interest. 

Projects: An individual dealing in the gentrification of the community in false interest of self, actually group community survival. 

Water: The basic survival need, the cleanliness of the wetlands, the group term for the bedrock table of the plantlife that provides greens, the safety of feet and animals for hunt and mutual growth. 

Power: The basic ideal for energy to produce transport, in the terms of those living in doors being safe at night for work the next day in providing meals. 

Sewage: The concept of transflux of items out of community no longer necessary for reasons of defecation of waste, the ideal of a human’s society in production of calorie burning fat (energy). 

Mains: The major drives and avenues of a community kept safe by commonwealth agents, those advised in national task force. 

Dividends: The return of period-measured cycles of investment of reckless investment back to the community’s treasury fund. 

Residuals: The profit in terms of gain off of decrease of a property of rival interest, that of a community harm. 

Annuities: The daily and recreational pay for the upkeep of production facilities, from profit measured over necessary rehabilitation. 

Labor: The term in concept used for the services contracts of guarantee to employer, the maintained stimulus of a community’s basic right to live. 

Return: The term in concept for the payment to the employee from combined contract, inversed in terms of sales in terms of consideration without tax from consequence of good. 

Support: The maintained level of living arrangement, from the love of life, the term from women and men temporarily induced into wedge (homosexuality for a woman). 

Community: The basic concept of non-awareness of self, when moving about an area, when not learning (psychosis). 

Upkeep: The term for profit derived and placed into past stimulus, for repeated profit in the next quarter, exact measurement, on the sun, therefore the season, the harvest. 

Residents: Those residing in a community for evaluated tax upon ownership of property by virtue of providing to their fellows. 

Influx: The term of the safe monitoring of legal audit movement into a community of potential tangibles. 

Capital: Anything that can be non-monetized, then transferred to wealth, the concept of vice of human behavior. 

Improvements: The time audit term for maintenance that increases over spread of generation. 

Housing: The location for a recreational grid devoid of consideration of development. 

Cops: The term of public workers entrusted with sanitation of the public good. 

Schools: The term for longterm investment in the economic growth of the community through mutual cooperation. 

Journalists: Information agents empowered to change the community through report of events. 

Artists: Culture agents empowered to change the community through recording of obsolete data. 

Maintenance: Evaluation agents empowered to change the community through reporting of impossible metrics. 

Sports Teams: The linkage for the three major upkeeps from supply of support commodity in ownership of team, with two on cycle for the major investment, and one on cycle for the lesser investment with military commodity, to maintain safe consumption and safe influx; this avoids price hikes and paucity from market runs, hence the community doesn’t become untenable.  The government investment, is the off-market, that favored to win, the necessity for reform, to assist the missing asset in the market. 

Linkage: Improvements is linked to Housing to improve happiness of citizens, thus production.  Housing is linked to Improvements to provide research into future improvements, thus gain in market.  Housing is linked to Schools to provide basic table of investment, thus improvement.  Cops are linked into Housing to provide safety of goods incoming, for monitoring. 

Strategies for the Four Players:

Improvements: Use of a personal strategy when not in favor, aligned with the traditional business strategy.

Housing: Falsification of dishonesty when not in favor, signaled to partner players in competition.

Schools: Communications with others to lower rank in financial well-worth (listed in order, with repeat to top) when not in favor, otherwise a signal to group that self is in need of aid.

Cops: Secondary game played before play when not in favor, others numbers and accounts lost are cheated in favor of honest play of hands observance.

Monopoly: Attempting to win. Then, the team moves down south, and you lose the labor, the three support groups redline into the same synchronicity, too much support is sold, price goes up, tax goes up, and God dies. George W. Bush, moves to Mexico. God is Dead.

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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